2018 was rife with conflict, and luckily for you the NER media crew was there to capture a lot of it. Here we have a collection of NER videos that were produced over 2018, spanning from May 20th to August 8th. This isn’t meant to be a list of the biggest battles of 2018, it’s meant to showcase the best of what we have made as team over the year of 2018.

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C-LTXS – May 20th

The battle of C-LTXS saw several groups joining forces to ambush DRF capitals that were evacuating out of the region of Insmother. All of the footage in this video is thanks to youtube users FindQuest and KilmachRus Gaming.

4-GB14 – July 9th

On the 9th of July the Eastern Allies reinforced the shield of the TEST Keepstar in 4-GB14. Within a few minutes of the timer starting, over 1000 ships from both sides were engaged. Opposition from Legacy was limited, and even in intense TiDi, the keepstar was reinforced.

DW-T2I & 9UY4-H – July 14th

In DW-T2I, Fade, Imperium forces squared off with Northern Bloc forces composed of Circle-Of-Two [CO2], Northern Coalition. [NC], Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG) coalition and Pandemic Horde [REKTD]. The Imperium attempted to push Circle-Of-Two’s Keepstar into its second reinforcement timer but due to the system’s cynosural jammer was unable to jump its fleets into the system. Not wishing to brave the Northern blockade set up on its only remaining point of entry, Imperium forces stood down, allowing the structure to self repair.

In 9UY4-H in Providence, ProviBloc attempted to online a Keepstar of its own. The coalition had its own system cynosural jammer cycling when PURPLE HELMETED WARRIORS [PHEW] and Honorable Third Party [HTP] attempted to incapacitate it to open the system for future attack. ProviBloc responded quickly, dispatching the hostile dreadnought force but were unable to save the jammer. Afterwards only a couple of small sub-capital fleets attempted to contest the timer but were easily dispatched by the defenders, allowing the Keepstar to online without further issues.

UALX-3 – July 19th

On July 17th, Legacy Coalition member Warped Intentions began the anchoring of a Keepstar class citadel. This was followed by an assault on the structure by the North-Eastern Bloc, the assault party mostly consisting of titan-class vessels. Special thanks to MacCloud and NER’s own Gentle Towel for providing us with fantastic footage.

X47L-Q Pt I – Augusy 1st

Roughly a combined 540+ titans were put into play by Imperium and Northern forces, as well as roughly 510+ supercarriers. A total of 10 trillion ISK was destroyed in this battle making it the largest in EVE Online history. Special thanks to DaOpa, MacCloud, & blobiscoming for providing us with footage.

X47L-Q Pt II – August 8th

On August 8th 2018 in the system of X47L-Q, a supercapital battle resulted in roughly 2.3 trillion ISK destroyed & a Northern Bloc Keepstar down. The stage was set for this action in a engagement on the 1st of August, which saw the reinforcement of the Keepstar’s armour and the destruction of ~10 trillion ISK in assets. Unlike that first action over the Keepstar, Legacy & Pandemic Legion pre-moved the majority of their super wings from the south to aid their allies. Legacy supported the Imperium. Pandemic Legion rejoined their friends in the Northern Bloc. The servers were under DDoS attack during the fight which made disconnects frequent during the fight. In the end the keepstar was destroyed.

2018 Compilation