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  • TEST’s Geminate campaign slows after major brawl
  • Skill urself deploys against French Connextion and Legacy
  • Quiet War rages on
  • Bat Country to leave Pandemic Legion

TEST’S Geminate Campaign slows after major brawl

On January 10th, Test Alliance Please Ignore military lead Progodlegend announced that TEST would start a military campaign against Pandemic Horde. Progod stated that the main objective was to ramp up the pressure on Pandemic Horde. Particularly, Progod noted that he wanted capsuleers death clones in use on this op. This enables players to respawn in a staging system, thus enabling them to reship and get back into battle quicker. This is believed to be a more effective deployment than a traditional jump clone style deployment, which limits the attacker typically to one major op a day. Fighting in Geminate is has been ongoing for some time, with a TEST deployment in Oijanen in the final weeks of 2018, as per our previous reports.

A significant battle took place on Wednesday the 16th at around 1000 UTC in L4X-FH, Geminate.* Attacking forces including TEST and the Imperium, lost over 630b in dreads vs 120b by defending Northern forces. Following this battle, TEST Military Lead Vily issued a statement on Thursday 17th indicating ‘a change in tempo’ relating to the Geminate campaign.*

*A more detailed report focusing on this campaign/battle will be published shortly. If you have any info or would like to submit an AAR, please get in touch.

Skill uself deploys against French ConneXion and Legacy:

Skill urself was recently spotted moving portions of their supercapital fleet into the system of FR46-E in Detorid. It is understood by NER that Fraternity, the Chinese alliance residents of the region, dropped the fortizar in the system and transferred it over to Skill urself. Skill urself is allegedly deploying to the system to attack residents in Immensea as well as initiating a campaign against the alliance French ConneXion. FXR are understood to have reneged on a prior arrangement with Skill and managed to find themselves on Skill’s naughty list.

Fraternity opportunistically dropped the fortizar while TEST were deployed to Geminate, leaving Legacy to contend with Skill urself’s fleets for the time being. It remains to be seen if TEST will consider this action a violation of their NIP (Non-Invasion Pact) with Fraternity, and what consequences will stem from the events that unfold. NER will keep you updated as the situation progresses in Immensea.

Quiet War Rages On: Azbel Dies in Brawl in Etherium Reach

On January 10th, in the system of XB-9U2, a fight broke out over a final timer of an Azbel. Scourge, assisted by Etherium Breach, formed up Nightmares to attack an Azbel coming out of reinforcement in a final timer. No Value and Prothean Alliance formed up in Typhoons to defend the structure. The defenders dropped some dreads to assist their Typhoon fleet, which was struggling against the attacking forces. The attackers counter dropped with a dread of their own as well as a Ragnarok. The defenders were unable to recover and push off the attackers, leading to the destruction of the Azbel in system. Over 40 billion isk was lost in the battle, with the attackers losing about 7 billion isk, while the defenders lost over 33 billion isk in the attempt to defend the structure.

Breaking News: Bat Country set to leave Pandemic Legion

In a post to the PL forums, Hedliner informed the general membership that Bat Country’s CEO was stepping down, with longtime member Kismeteer stepping up to the helm to lead the corporation. In a corresponding move, the corporation decided to it was in its best interest to leave Pandemic Legion, pursuing other options. This would be the eighth corporation to leave Pandemic Legion in a span of about four months dating back to September. As of this writing, Bat Country is reportedly still weighing their options as to where they will go next, and NER will keep you informed as the situation unfolds.

Local news:

Syndicate Brawl Erupts: Dreadnoughts Down

On the 17th of January, around 0358 eve time, a fight broke out between NullSechnaya Sholupen and Rote Kapelle against Iron Armada, Free Range Chikuns, and Intergalactic Space Hobos. Intergalactic Space Hobos and Confederations of the void, reached out to Iron Armada and Free Range Chikuns for assistance in counter dropping other Syndicate locals as well as Nullsechnaya Sholupen. The groups were able to assist when 3 structure timers came out within a 2 hour window. On the last structures attempt to repair in Y9G-KS NullSechnaya Sholupen dropped dreads, and a counter drop ensued. Over 34 billion isk was lost in the fight, with Nullsechnaya Sholupen and friends losing over 30 billion in dreads and Leshaks.

Notable Ship Losses

A very expensive lesson to learn, capsuleer Izashi Grauspeer lost a 22 billion isk Malediction on January 9th. Notably, his wreck contained two BPO’s in its cargo, one a Nyx Supercarrior BPO, the second a Phoenix Dreadnaught BPO. He died in the most unceremonious of ways, to a couple of smart bombing Machariels.

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