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  • “The Replicator Effect” Pays Dividends in Branch
  • The stage is set for the fight for The Kalevala Expanse
  • Skill Urself and Legacy Clash in Immensea & Insmother


“The Replicator Effect” Pays Dividends in Branch

Ranger Regiment’s sovereignty has been subject to cloaky camping in recent days by replicator, a multiboxing player previously thought to be banned. That thought proved to be wishful thinking, as he tirelessly camped the sov every day, killing their ratters with near impunity. Ranger Regiment sov in Branch is notably active for ratting, one of the most heavily utilized regions in the entirety of New Eden next to Delve. When cloaky camped, the use of heavier assets for ratting and mining is something most people would caution against. Nonetheless, Ranger Regiment member KINGS4 MAGIC was spotted Boson ratting in an Avatar by replicator, using one of the best -1 sec ratting systems in the game.

When he first set up in the region, replicator had offered RR ratting licenses “for 50% off for a limited time only”. Seeing the opportunity to make an example of RR krabs by killing their ratting Titan, the planning commenced. Replicator reached out to Black Legion…, offering them a Titan killmail, to which they reacted by moving quietly and preparing to kill the Titan quickly. The hunting team waited for the right moment to spring the trap, which would be the window after the Titan had used his Bosonic Field Generator, forcing him to remain on the grid for a fixed amount of time. Seizing the moment, replicator lit his cyno, allowing for dictors to get bridged in, which promptly went on to bubble the Titan. The subcap fleet followed shortly thereafter, dropping mobile cyno inhibitors immediately. As the name suggests, when one is deployed, if it successfully anchors, it prevents the lighting of a cyno within 100km of the deployable.

Ranger Regiment’s trapped Titan was quick to respond, lighting a cyno of his own, enabling his brethren to respond in an attempt to save his life. High Angle Weapon (HAW) dreads jumped in, trying to push subcaps off the field, but were unsuccessful, and these dreads died shortly thereafter. Ranger Regiment also bridged in subcaps and brought in FAXs from their Keepstar system to try and assist, however these subcaps met a similar fate. With the mobile cyno inhibitors staying online and Ranger Regiment unable to kill them, they were unable to save the Titan, with the ship dying around 03:11 eve time. The total butcher’s bill stands at over 140b isk lost in the battle, with Ranger Regiment losing 133.4b isk total in the attempt to save their tackled Titan. In a comment to NER, replicator said “My offer for 50% off ratting licenses has ended”. A video detailing the battle can be found here.


Stage is Set for Fight in the Kalevala Expanse

In a ping sent out to the beans, the Pandemic Horde Partisans SIG announced a restaging into The Kalevala Expanse region. Their goal is to try and defend the region from attackers as well as recover any lost sov while removing any hostile infrastructure in the region. However, with TEST’s anticipated deployment into the region as well as the existing Imperium entities that are there, skirmishes are bound to unfold in the coming days. NER will monitor the region and inform you as the situation develops.


Skill Urself and Legacy Clash in Immensea

In our last report, NER mentioned that skill urself have deployed to FR46-E in Detorid. Since moving into their new staging system, skirmishes have broken out between the two groups. Back in January 17th, the groups first got into a fight in the system of Y-FZ5N, with skill urself and Scourge. forming up Machariels and Munnins against a combined Jackdaw, Harpy, and Bomber fleet. This result ended in a very one-sided affair, with about 10b isk total destroyed, and Legacy losing 9b in the process.

The second engagement came on the 21st of January in the systems of 0TYR-T & SN9-3Z between skill urself and Legacy coalition. The fight broke out over an anchoring Astrahus that was found in the system of SN9-3Z. This time, Legacy formed up Eagles while Skill formed up Nightmares. Different battle, different system, but the same end result. Skill escalated with Dreads in the process, ensuring the Astra would die. The butcher’s bill for the conflict stands at over 25b isk lost, with Legacy losing 24b in the process, including the structure.

Local news:

Cyno has been lit, Rest in Peace Capsuleer

Back on December 30th, Eve online lost a very dynamic player in the game, Mindful Visteen. He was viewed as a great veteran player always willing to help when people when they needed it. Philippe was asked to make something to remember him by, so he 3D printed a stratios model and shared the result on reddit. Thank you for the excellent work, Philippe, in remembering a great person.

Notable Losses

On the 19th of January, Advanced Deep Space Industries lost a Marginis faction fortizar in high sec to PIRAT and Ballistic Influence. The structure was valued at over 55b isk, and it was the just the second of its kind to die in High Security Space.


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Featured image credit: Adan Dimaloun