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  • Tri Faces Uphill Battle In Pureblind
  • Keepstar Down in Perrigen Falls, Free for All fight
  • Elo Knight announces intent to run for CSM
  • Freeport Fortizar Successfully Anchors in Providence


Tri Faces Uphill Battle in Pure Blind

On January 22nd, around 19:00 eve time, a fight broke out in the system of EC-P8R between Triumvirate and Old School. Tri had shipped into Machariels and were trying to grind down an Old School Azbel in the system. Old School had, however, had unusual plans to defend their structure. Using interdictors to prevent the Tri fleet from being able to warp off the grid, they lit a cyno and dropped an Erebus class Titan on the grid. This allowed them to immediately boson the trapped Tri Machariels. While a few were able to escape via a boosher, a good portion of the Mach fleet had died.


Tri, however, kept the Erebus bubbled, and started to Tri to form up to dread bomb the Titan with the Mach fleet in support. Unfortunately for them, the reformed Mach fleet did not have much better success than the first. During the battle, they warped into their own bubbles on grid with the Old School Titan, who proceeded to boson the fleet for a second time. A video from the Titan pilots POV can be found here.


Unfortunately, Tri’s bad day in Pure Blind was not getting any better, with their staging Fortizar coming out of final timer. This citadel was destroyed about an hour later. Old School went from the defensive to the offensive for this engagement, joining Initiative, Northern Coalition, and Snuffed Out who also showed up to kill the Fortizar. Tri lost a total of 57b ISK between the two engagements, 35b of which was dedicated to the Machariels that were Boson’d. This day is just a greater compilation of the hardships Tri has faced since leaving Insmother a couple months ago. NER will keep you updated as the situation in Pure Blind progresses.


Keepstar Down in Perrigen Falls, Free For All Fight Breaks Out

On January 23rd, in the system of MTO-O2 in Perrigen Falls, a Keepstar belonging to UAGs was destroyed by….well who didn’t whore on this thing? Fraternity, Ranger Regiment, Goonswarm Federation, Northern Coalition, Pandemic Legion, Brothers of Tangra, Pan Intergalactic Business Community, Da Imbalance, the list goes on and on. It is understood by NER that this Keepstar used to belong to a renter and then was somehow transferred to a goon who was using the citadel to drop on the population in the region. The Keepstar was getting pounded by the numerous capitals on grid. All the other parties who showed up seemed to use the opportunity to whore on the dying Keepstar while simultaneously engaging in a subcapital free for all. The value of the Keepstar was only 176b isk, but over 222b isk was destroyed.*


*unfortunately because you guys turned that battle into such a cluster fuck, I can not parse out all the different parties far enough to accurately represent how much each faction lost.


Elo Knight Announces Intent to Run for CSM

On January 22nd, Elo Knight announced on a Reddit post that he would run for CSM in the upcoming cycle. His stated issues of focus are going to be on botting and on improving the quality of life in larger fleet battles. NER will keep you apprised as other people declare for the CSM elections. Best of luck to you Elo in your endeavors.


Freeport Fortizar Successfully Anchors in Providence

On the 23rd of January, a freeport Fortizar was successfully anchored in the system of 9UY4-H in Providence by The Network. Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) originally planned to form a HML Cerberus fleet to kill the structure, but then swapped into carriers with some Machariels to support. Seeing that caps had been committed from CVA, Tactical Supremacy decided to enter the fold with their supercapitals. However, that particular system in Providence is jammed, so TIKLE decided to use an adjacent system that was not jammed in order to cyno in their super capitals. Once the anchored bubbles were cleared, TIKLE and friends were able to keep the CVA caps bubbled. Landing 100km off, they then proceeded to nuke as many CVA caps as possible. The butcher’s bill for the battle stands at roughly 51b ISK total lost. CVA lost 44 billion ISK in the attempt to destroy the structure. In a comment to NER, Alekseyev Karrde, the CEO of Capitalist Army, who the freeport Fortizar being anchored belongs to had this to say:


“The Providence Black Market is now open for business in 9UY. Providence has historically been a destination for small gang PVP and this deployment honors that tradition. We’ll supporting alliances and pilots with easy access to replacement ships, drones, and ammo for the most fun per second possible in one of EVE’s coolest regions. This kind of positive disruption of the status quo to connect players with content is what The Network is all about, and any corps or pilots that feel the same are invited to be a part of it.”


Notable Losses

We had previously made a comment here regarding some of the fittings used by TEST. It has come to our attention that this was a particularly biased statement and have such removed it. Apologies from NER.



Reminder: Tickets have started going on sale for the different Eve meets for the Eve World Tour 2019. Be sure to visit the website and check for ticket availability for the Eve meet of your choice, tickets will sell fast! We look forward to hearing all about your experiences at the Eve World Tour 2019, so make sure to get your tickets sooner than later!


On January 23rd, in a post to the eve forum, CCP Karkur announced a number of quality of life updates being launched onto SISI for testing purposes. You can find the full list of what is being added to the test server here.


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