1-1I53 system, Providence region. On the 27th of January at 8:52 EVE Standard Time, Providence Bloc forces managed to destroy WAFFLES. [N0MAD] Revenant and Wyvern supercarriers.

The Revenant in question had been hunting ships in the Providence region alongside a sister ship for a couple of months. Thus it was no surprise that the region’s residents would seek to strike back against them. The plan was to use a Raven battleship as bait for the ships, then drop on them using a mix of capital and supercapital ships. Both a Raven and an interdictor had been prepared in the 1-1I53 system, each equipped with a cynosural beacon in order to spring the trap.

The Raven itself started clearing sites in space while the interdictor held back, waiting for a signal. In the meantime, Providence Bloc started assembling pilots for the actual killing fleet, pulling around 30 pilots which included a supercapital squadron, a capital squadron and more interdictors, heavy interdictors and other assorted subcapitals.

However, before the fleet could properly organize, intel networks flared up with sightings of a known hunter character used by the Revenants. This led Providence Bloc to frantically organize its fleet, getting everyone in range of the system as well as getting a titan bridge ready. As preparations were underway, the hunter in an interceptor found the Raven in a site and tackled it, lighting its cynosural beacon.

A slightly shorter BR was produced by reddit user u/Edibleghost

Into the system jumped a Revenant and a Wyvern, rather than the second Revenant Providence Bloc expected, as well as a Nidhoggur combat carrier. As the ships launched their fighters, the Providence Bloc interdictor warped to the site, launched its own interdiction probe trapping the ships and lit its cynosural beacon. Into the field materialized the Providence Bloc subcapital squadron. Interdictors raced to launch secondary interdiction probes while heavy interdictors used focused scripts to tackle the actual ships. The Raven then lit its own beacon to let the Providence Bloc capital force through.

The WAFFLES. supercarriers didn’t panic and focused their fighters on destroying the ships carrying the cynosural beacons. They then started to target tackle ships as they attempted to clear the interdiction probes but to no avail. With the capitals in, many of them dreadnoughts, they had little chance of survival. Even worse, the capitals lit their own cynosural beacon to let through the super carriers which sealed the WAFFLES’ ships’ fate. The Providence Bloc supercarriers launched their own fighter bombers that quickly overwhelmed the shields of both hostile ships. Without their shields, the vessels lost their remaining hit points rapidly, resulting in their ultimate destruction.

The only ship from the drop to escape was the Nidhoggur, which managed to burn away from the hostile fleet, outrunning a Hel super carrier that attempted to keep tackle on it. Free of tackle, the combat carrier managed to flee the slaughter, leaving Providence Bloc to loot the field and take stock of its losses.

With the field under their control, Providence Bloc forces extracted, leaving 5 sub capitals dead for 1.36 billion ISK loss in exchange for 2 WAFFLES. super carriers worth a combined 145.2 billion in ISK damage.

A battle report can be found here.


Featured image credit: razorien