Roushzar system, Devoid region. On the 28th of January at 6:14 EVE Standard Time, a battle erupted in the system between forces belonging to the Amarr militia and Shoot First [SFQAL], leading to a long confrontation lasting more than an hour.

The entire affair began when Amarr militia forces, supported by elements of the Caldari militia such as Templis CALSF [CALSF] (for the article they will be referred to as Amarr militia), sought to take ownership of the system from the Minmatar militia. With the system’s infrastructure hub vulnerable, the Amarr militia organized an estimated 15 pilot Vexor Navy Issue cruiser fleet. A Nyx supercarrier was also prepared to join the operation, as its firepower would significantly hasten the system’s downfall.

However, before they could deploy the Nyx, a Minmatar militia Phoenix dreadnought warped to the structure. The dreadnought equipped with high-angle weapons was able to target the small cruisers and started bombarding them. To counter it, the Nyx jumped into the system at a safe spot before warping to a ping above the infrastructure hub, deploying fighters and sending them against the dreadnought.

Before the fighters could make short work of the dreadnought, a Shoot First Tengu strategic cruiser uncloaked next to the Nyx and lit a cynosural beacon. The alliance had been notified by the Minmatar militia about the Amarr militia plans and expected them to bring in capitals. A supercarrier though was a much better catch. Thus, while the Amarr militia was busy organizing its bash, Shoot First organized a quick drop fleet estimated at 20 pilots mostly in dreadnoughts, Rorqual industrial capital ships configured to act as heavy tackle, and some support ships like heavy interdictors and others. This force materialized next to the unsuspecting supercarrier.

Reacting quickly, the Amarr militia sub-capital force warped to the cynosural beacon to engage the few Shoot First sub-capitals, in particular, the heavy interdictor. In the meantime, the Nyx had already been aligned to the sun and initiated warp, as Shoot First was unable to get enough points on it to overcome its warp engine strength. Undeterred, Shoot First followed the Nyx to the sun with their capital ships, missing it by a narrow margin as it managed to warp again to a friendly citadel in the system.

Determined to catch the supercarrier, the Shoot First capitals warped to the citadel in question, an Astrahus, attempting to bump the ship away and break its tether. However, the pilot positioned their ship to prevent that, abandoning their fighters as well and waiting for their aggression timer to run out to safely log off. The Amarr militia for its part followed the Shoot First capitals, starting a brawl on the citadel. With the aid of the citadel, the Amarr militia pinned down part of the Shoot First capitals while frantically calling for reinforcements.

The Amarr militia had RekkingCrew’s aid, the supercapital hunting group that haunts the Derelik region. The group had members in the original fleet, and they called their friends, quickly assembling 14 dreadnoughts and moving them in range of the system while a few pilots also joined in sub-capital ships thanks to a wormhole. This forced the Amarr militia to keep Shoot First occupied until the dreadnoughts were in position. Shoot First though, had little interest in remaining on the battlefield. Deprived of a Nyx kill, the alliance decided to extract its capital force, bringing in a trio of combat carriers to thin the swarming cruisers while jumping out dreadnoughts when possible.

Regardless, the Amarr militia persisted, sending pilots to re-ship next door. First to Megathron battleships and next to Zealot heavy assault cruisers as losses continued to mount. The ragtag fleet focused its fire on killing fighters, as they were able to apply full damage to the sub-capitals while trying to keep as many capital ships tackled. Finally, RekkingCrew was ready to drop, and a cynosural beacon was lit up amidst the Shoot First remaining capitals.

The RekkingCrew dreadnoughts materialized on the field and entered their siege cycles, targeting first the force auxiliary and combat carriers before moving on to their hostile counterparts. Shoot First quickly rallied its forces and had its remaining dreadnoughts return fire, turning the fight into a capital brawl. The call was made for those Shoot First dreadnoughts that extracted to return to the field, as well as for more pilots to join the fleet and bring more capitals to the fight.

While RekkingCrew held the initial advantage, Shoot First managed to turn the tide of the battle, burning down dreadnought after dreadnought even while bleeding a few in return as the exchange continued. As more and more dreadnoughts returned to the field, RekkingCrew was slowly overwhelmed, their dreadnoughts destroyed faster than their opposition’s. Finally, with Shoot First reinforcements streaming in, RekkingCrew had no choice but to concede the field, enabling its three remaining dreadnoughts to escape the slaughter.

The Amarr militia though was still far from throwing in the towel and continued to fight. Shoot First though wanted to extract its remaining capital ships. Its fleet already swelling to around 30 pilots, it chose to bring in a small Bhaalgorn battleship squadron with Guardian logistics cruisers serving as its logistics wing. This fleet was supposed to push back the Amarr militia and allow the remaining capital ships to extract safely. A new cynosural beacon was lit up to allow the ships to bridge in when things went awry.

Realizing the new cynosural beacon would bring further reinforcements, the Amarr militia quickly targeted and destroyed the ship lighting it. With the ship suddenly destroyed while the reinforcements were still bridging in, the beacon disappeared causing some of the Shoot First sub-capital ships to land at the sun instead of at the battlefield. Worse yet, most of the ships landing at the sun belonged to the logistics wing of Shoot First. The Amarr militia seized on the opportunity and destroyed one of the Shoot First Guardians, netting a Bhaalgorn next as well as the other logistics ships which were forced to warp in and thus were easy prey for the defenders.

Shoot First managed to stem the bleeding thanks to its force auxiliaries but by then the battle had gone on for more than an hour, and its pilots were exhausted. Deciding on a tactical retreat, Shoot First managed to extract most of its remaining capitals, leaving one tackled dreadnought as a distraction while the rest of its fleet escaped. With that dreadnought destroyed, the Amarr militia had control of the field, effectively winning the battle.

All told the battle lasted 71 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 80 pilots during the peak of the fighting.

Battle report for the Roushzar system can be found here.

Amarr militia and its allies lost 44 ships including 11 dreadnoughts, 4 battleships, 4 heavy assault cruisers and 8 cruisers for a total of 27.36 billion ISK damage.
Shoot First lost 23 ships including 8 dreadnoughts, 2 combat carriers, 1 force auxiliary, 1 Rorqual and a Bhaalgorn battleship for a total of 35.47 billion ISK damage.