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  • An Update on the Skill urself/Legacy conflict
  • Perimeter Keepstar Update
  • Test Move Op Goes Awry in Lowsec


An Update on the Skill Urself/Legacy conflict

Back by popular demand, there has been a lot of skirmishing going on back and forth between the two groups. On January 25, a skirmish broke out between skill urself, who was supported by Scourge, and Legacy, who also had support from the Drone Regions Federation. The fight originated on an Astrahus that was anchoring in the system of ZMV9-A in Tenerifis. Skill/Scourge forces formed Munnins and Machariel’s while Legacy was in Ferox’s with the DRF support fleet in Ishtars. Legacy and the DRF support fleet were able to win the objective, destroying the Astrahus at 2205, about 45 minutes after the fighting broke out. The butcher’s bill for this particular engagement stands at 26b ISK total lost. Skill Urself/Scourge lost 17.78b in the attempt to defend the onlining Astrahus.

On January 27, the groups clashed again, this time in the system of Y-FZN5 in Immensea. The fight went down over a skill urself Astrahus that was coming out of reinforcement in the system. Legacy formed in Feroxes and the DRF formed in Ishtars to support, while skill urself and Scourge formed Nightmares to defend the structure. Despite having a significant numbers advantage over the defenders, Legacy could not maintain the attack on the structure and decided to withdraw from the field. Skill urself, however, had other plans for this Ferox fleet. With sabres already on the outgate the Legacy fleet would take, they deployed bubbles to catch the fleet, preventing them from simply landing and jumping through. They then proceeded to light a cyno and drop an Erebus on the Ferox fleet, who boson’d the fleet. A video of this particular battle was captured by NER’s Adan Dimaloun, which you can see here. After the dust settled over 33b ISK had been lost. Legacy lost 31 billion ISK in the attempt to reinforce the structure and extract.

The most recent engagement occurred on the January 29, when fighting broke out in the system of DDI-B7 in Impass over a pair of tackled Legacy Rorqual mining vessels. Skill Urself landed initial tackle in Lokis and Legacy Coalition responded by lighting a cyno. While members were instructed to only jump in carriers, there were some…. trigger happy individuals who proceeded to jump their supers in as well. Skill urself then proceeded to light a cyno of their own and countered these supers with a dread bomb and an additional Munnin support fleet. With very little Fax support to mitigate any incoming damage from the dreads, eight supers that jumped along with 12 carriers were dispatched with relative ease. The two tackled Rorquals followed shortly thereafter. The fight in total lasted about 51 minutes, with Legacy losing 147b ISK, including the two Rorquals. Skill lost just over 500m ISK  exclusively in sabres and their cyno Atron that unleashed the trap. It is understood by NER that Legacy knew that the Skill Urself fleet was around and about, but did not put two and two together until it was too late. This has been a great conflict to report on, the content has been great and the fights even greater. Stay tuned, NER will be posting in-depth analysis of some of these battles in the near future. We will keep you in the loop as the situation progresses between the groups in this conflict.


Perimeter Keepstar Update

On January 26th, Northern Coalition and Pandemic Horde set out in Feroxes and proceeded to reinforce the Keepstar owned by TEST in the system of Perimeter in the Forge. Test undocked their fleet of Dominixes and Nestors to defend the structure. The structure was able to be successfully reinforced, with the defenders losing about 21.5b ISK in the defence effort. The armour timer was set to come out on the 28th, around 1700 Eve time.

However, Pandemic Horde and Northern Coalition used this opportunity to reinforce the faction Fortizar that Test had dropped in Oijanen, allowing the Keepstar in Perimeter to repair without any fight. NER will inform you as things develop in both these systems.


TEST Move Op Goes Awry in Lowsec

On January 30th. around 0110 Eve time in the system of Hrober in Molden Heath, Test Alliance Please Ignore lost an Avatar titan and a Nyx to Snuffed Out forces during a move op. It is understood by NER that there was some level of miscommunication present, as Test thought they were safe to move through the region without issue. However, Snuff saw it as an opportunity to drop since there are no formal arrangements between the two groups. While Test did reach out to Snuff to make sure they were friendly during this move op, it is believed that Snuff thought this was in regards to a conflict that was going down in the nearby system of Amamake. So shortly after entering the system, Snuff took the opportunity and dropped on Test, dropping 35 Titans (including 3 faction titans), 7 supercarriers, and 19 dreadnaughts on the Test Fleet. The fight lasted about 32 minutes, with over 123b ISK lost. Test lost 119b ISK in the move op. In a comment to NER, an unnamed Test FC had this to say:

“I guess we never trust Snuff again.”

Local news:


Red Alliance Set to Leave Period Basis:

One of the least reported stories right now is mass transfer of sov in Period Basis from Red Alliance to Goonswarm Federation. It is understood by NER that Red Alliance wanted to move out of the region and sold it off to goons. They are anticipated to be moving into the region of Curse.

Kids With Guns Loses its Sov in Feythabolis and Omist

Due to failing to pay Test Alliance Please Ignore, Kids with Guns Alliance will be losing control of their sov in Feythabolis. Reasons for the failure of payment from Kids With Guns is unknown at this time. However, some believe this may be tied to a CCP announcement that they were going to take away botting ISK from groups. This may have led to Kids With Guns being unable to pay their bill to Test.

Kill of the Week

This kill goes to the pilot Vendetta568, who lost his Erebus in Pure Blind in the system of A8I-C5 on January 29. It is understood by NER that this was meant to be a bridging titan for a Darkness fleet that was going to come over to contest an Astra armour timer. After the cyno was lit, rather than bridge the subcapital fleet, the pilot accidentally jumped his titan into the system. The locals were quick to respond, tackling the titan and rage pinging for assistance. Iron Armada and Free Range Chikuns were able to rage log in alts. Darkness was quick to try and mitigate the damage, warping a Maller onto the grid, which proceeded to light a cyno of its own to bring through 4 dreads and a couple fax. While they were able to bring in some additional support, the effort was too little too late, with the titan dying around 0541 eve time. The total ISK lost for the skirmish stands at over 150b ISK, 130b of which was lost by Darkness in their effort to save their Titan. Making matters worse, sources informed NER that this titan was brand spanking new, approximately 8 days old when it died. That is what makes it NER’s “Kill of the Week”.


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