Between the hours of 2100 and 2300 EVE time on January 25th, military action took place between the Legacy Voltron coalition, supported by the ex-Drone Region Federation alliances XIX and RZR, against the skill urself/Scourge. alliances. The objective was the anchoring timer of a SkillU Astrahus in Tenerifis in the RAZOR Alliance system of ZMV9-A, on the border of Immensea. This was one of many offensive actions taken by SkillU and Scourge in the Tenerifis/Immensea area in the past several weeks.

SkillU/Scourge brought a Muninn and Machariel fleet respectively, while Legacy brought a Ferox fleet assisted by DRF in an Ishtar fleet. SkillU/Scourge was outnumbered 524 to 160 by defending Legacy/DRF forces.

The four fleets engaged as the Astrahus came out of invulnerability at approximately 2115, with a small number of DRF Nagas pausing the repair from long range. Several Legacy tackle ships were the first casualties of the fight, and a Legacy Ferox was the first main DPS ship to go down, the victim of a bomber wing of SkillU, which would cause Legacy to lose several more ships during the fight and be an annoyance in the side of Legacy and DRF, causing several tactical fleet repositionings to occur.

After the initial bombing run, Legacy engaged SkillU, killing a Scimitar right off the bat, while trading a Ferox which was lost to Scourge after another bombing run by SkillU took place, during which Legacy repositioned again while killing one bomber in the process. Legacy warped down once again, engaging SkillU and managing to kill a Muninn, Basilisk, and Huginn while trading three more Feroxes.

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SkillU then landed a very successful bombing run on Legacy, taking out seven Feroxes and a few support frigates. At this point in time, the DRF Ishtar fleet and Scourge Machariel fleet had engaged each other. DRF had taken minimal losses during this engagement while taking down three Basilisks, two Huginns, and 15 Machariels.

Legacy reengaged SkillU, and lost six Feroxes but managed to take out SkillU’s command Loki. Then SkillU landed another wildly successful bombing run, managing to take out 12 Feroxes with just bombs alone, and a Huginn with the support of their Muninn fleet, while only losing one Muninn themselves in the process. After repositioning Legacy found themselves at the mercy of yet another SkillU bombing run, losing another five Feroxes in exchange for a SkillU Sabre. In the meantime DRF had managed to take out a Scourge Vulture and Machariel.

After the fleet had repositioned, Legacy once again pressed down upon the SkillU fleet, taking out two Huginns and a Scimitar while losing three Feroxes and a Lachesis to another SkillU bombing run combined with the SkillU Muninns. The DRF Ishtar fleet then tried to engage the Muninns but did not have much success, losing an Oneiros and Guardian in the process while their anti-support wing managed to kill a Sabre.

Legacy then traded a Scimitar, Ferox, Basilisk, and several support frigates to SkillU Muninns and yet another bombing run, for a SkillU Loki, Huginn, and Muninn. SkillU/Scourge then gave the call to fall back, wrapping up their losses with two additional Scourge Machariels being caught by Legacy in the neighboring system of Y-FZ5N.  

With the fight wrapping up, both Legacy and DRF brought everything down upon the Astrahus, which had been slowly whittled down throughout the fight by the aforementioned DRF Nagas. The Astrahus went down at 2205, 45 minutes after the fighting had begun.

Legacy and DRF lost 125 ships totaling to 8.12 bil ISK in losses, including 41 Feroxes, while SkillU and Scourge lost 79 ships totalling to 17.78 bil in losses, including 18 Machariels. Overall there were 695 players involved, 204 ships lost, and 26.69 bil in losses for both sides. Legacy/DRF achieved the tactical objective of destroying their enemy’s anchoring staging Astrahus, while SkillU/Scourge, though they lost the objective, showed their competence in being able to fight outnumbered.

The full BR can be found here.


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