DDI-B7 system, Impass region. On the 29th of January at 19:43 EVE Standard time, Legacy coalition supercarriers were massacred by the combined forces of Scourge. [URGE.] and skill urself [INGME].

The trap had been set by the two alliances after Inner Hell [-INHE], the wormhole corporation, had several run-ins with Legacy forces on its roams. Every time Inner Hell tackled Rorqual industrial capital ships, Legacy would form and drop supercapitals on its gangs with impunity. Since Inner Hell and Scourge have close relations, the two conspired together to take advantage of the fact, with Scourge’s ally skill urself joining in on the scheme.

In order to quickly destroy any super capitals thrown their way, Scourge and skill urself moved 70 dreadnoughts into range of the region. Once the dreadnoughts were in place, a combined Loki strategic cruiser/Muninn heavy assault cruiser fleet was assembled, numbering 170 pilots. A bridging titan had also been secured for the operation. With the preparations in place, Inner Hell brought 30 more pilots in strategic cruisers to serve as bait, bringing overall sub capital numbers to the region of 200.

The Inner Hell gang made its way to Impass, scouring systems in search of prey. In DDI-B7, they found a Rorqual mining in a site. The gang quickly swooped in on it, with interdictors pinning it down with warp disruption probes while the strategic cruisers opened fire and slowly chipped away at the capital ship’s shields. All were waiting for Legacy to make its move.

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As predicted, Legacy hastily assembled a mixed capital/supercapital fleet, estimated at 30 pilots. An interceptor was rushed into the system and warped to the site at a perch above the fray. It lit a cynosural beacon which allowed eight supercarriers, three dreadnoughts, a force auxiliary, a Rorqual and 16 combat carriers to enter the system. The supercarriers and combat carriers quickly launched fighters, intending to engage the Inner Hell gang and swiftly dispatch it.

It was at that moment the ships’ fate was sealed. Inner Hell quickly warped interdictors to the Legacy fleet, covering it with warp disruption probes. Two ships equipped with cynosural beacons warped to the new arrivals, one at 20 kilometers and the other at a 100 and lit their own beacons for their fleet. Scourge/skill urself dreadnoughts materialized next to the Legacy fleet while the sub capitals bridged further away, bringing more interdictors with them.

The Scourge/skill urself dreadnoughts entered siege cycles and started clearing the field of all Legacy capitals and supercapitals. With inadequate support, the supercarriers melted under the dreadnoughts’ guns. At the same time, the subcapitals were busy clearing fighters and whatever subcapitals Legacy had on the field. After the eight supercarriers were quickly destroyed, the DPS switched onto the capitals. Combat carriers, dreadnoughts and the force auxiliary all came under attack from the Scourge/skill urself fleet.

However, with the dreadnoughts’ siege cycle up, Scourge/skill urself decided to withdraw its capital ships while allowing the sub capitals to finish the job. This was done due to reports of Legacy organizing a new response fleet to the Scourge/skill urself capitals. Not wishing to risk further confrontation, the dreadnoughts jumped out of the system and started the long trek to friendly territory. In the meantime, the Loki\Muninn fleet continued to destroy the stranded Legacy capitals, though the rate of destruction had considerably slowed down with the loss of the dreadnoughts.

Legacy however, was not the only one looking for the Scourge/skill urself dreadnoughts. Legion of xXDEATHXx [X.I.X] had also been alerted by the fight and was on the prowl for the Scourge/skill urself capitals. Its scouts managed to snag a couple of stragglers, forcing the Muninn portion of the Scourge/skill urself fleet to leave DDI-B7 as well in order to free the tackled capitals. At this point, most of the Legacy capital ships had been destroyed with only four combat carriers and one dreadnought managing to escape as the last Rorqual remained pinned down but defiant.

With their firepower further diminished, Scourge\skill urself found themselves unable to break the shields of the Rorqual. The tackled dreadnought in the meantime, freed by the Muninn fleet, chose to jump back to DDI-B7 and lend its firepower to the remaining fleet. Materializing once again, the dreadnought engaged its siege cycle for the second time and helped destroy the last Rorqual. With the Rorqual destroyed, the Loki fleet, alongside the dreadnought, beat a hasty retreat, leaving behind a field of Legacy wrecks. Without further complications, the entire fleet made its way back home, bringing an end to the entire operation.

According to sources in Legacy coalition, the Scourge/skill urself dreadnoughts had been spotted a couple of hours before the trap was sprung, however it seems the fleet commander in charge was unaware of it. The sources further elaborated, claiming that the supercarriers were not supposed to jump through but did so against orders, resulting in their eventual destruction. From Scourge/skill urself it was stated that the entire operation was orchestrated by Tyd Drakken, who brought his experience from Snuffed Out [B B C] into good use.

Battle report for the DDI-B7 system can be found here.

All told, the the entire affair was 66 minutes long, with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 350 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Legacy suffered the brunt of the losses; 8 super carriers, 12 combat carriers, 2 dreadnoughts, 2 Rorquals and a force auxiliary for a grand total of 197.91 billion ISK damage.
Scourge, skill urself and Inner Hell lost a combined 10 ships, mostly interdictors for 666 million ISK damage.