Siseide system, Heimatar region. On the 2nd of February at 20:54 EVE Standard Time, forces belonging to Shadow Cartel [SHDWC] clashed with several fleets in the system, leading to a capital brawl in the neighboring system of Amamake.

The battle was instigated by Spectre Fleet. The NPSI (Not Purple Shoot It) organization was forming its weekly large fleet, gathering a 70 pilot Raven battleship fleet. Its fleet commander wanted to use the event in order to repay Shadow Cartel for several previous fights in which the alliance had flagrantly used its capital assets with impunity. Contacting Did he say Jump [DHSJ], The Weekend Warriors [WKEND] and Two Maidens One Chalice [TMOCC], the four hatched a plan to bait Shadow Cartel’s capitals into the open.

The Raven fleet made its way down to Siseide while The Weekend Warriors and Iron Armada [FLEEP] formed a joint Sleipnir command ship\Muninn heavy assault cruiser fleet numbering 40 pilots. The force used a wormhole to arrive in the area and waited for the Raven fleet to engage Shadow Cartel. Did he say Jump in the meantime formed a couple of squadrons of combat carriers as well as a similar number of dreadnoughts with other local residents such as Two Maidens One Chalice. Lastly, a bait combat carrier had also been prepared to hopefully force an escalation.

The Raven fleet arrived to the system without trouble and set up on the Amamake gate, waiting for Shadow Cartel to form a response fleet. Shadow Cartel for its part managed to form a 60 pilot Legion strategic cruiser fleet and warped to the waiting battleships, the two fleets engaging each other at point blank range.

The start of the battle saw both sides trading evenly in mainline ships. However as time wore on, the battleships were gaining an edge over the strategic cruisers. Thanks to their torpedo launchers and the close proximity, they were able to volley the strategic cruisers. Things weren’t helped by the arrival of the joint Sleipnir\Muninn fleet which warped at medium range of the engagement, targeting the strategic cruisers and adding further pressure on the Shadow Cartel logistics wing.

At the same time, Spectre Fleet lit a cynosural beacon and brought its bait combat carrier to the field, however Shadow Cartel ignored it, keeping it tackled but concentrating on the hostile battleships. As losses mounted, Shadow Cartel began to align out of the field. Realizing Shadow Cartel was not going to escalate with capitals and was perhaps seeking to withdraw, Did he say Jump came in with its combat carrier squadrons. The two squadrons materialized near the Amamake gate and launched fighters.

Having suffered heavy losses and with hostiles outnumbering and outgunning them completely, Shadow Cartel chose to concede the field. That said, the alliance was far from conceding the battle and simply reformed its fleet, choosing to reship to Leshak battleships and bring in its own capitals. Its fleet swelled to 80 pilots as the battleships sought to re-engage the Raven fleet.

While Shadow Cartel was reforming, Did he say Jump withdrew its capital force in order to drop it again when hostilities restarted. The joint Sleipnir\Muninn fleet also chose to re-position, so as not to be caught by Shadow Cartel forces when the fight resumed. The Raven fleet itself jumped into the Amamake system and set up on the Siseide gate to wait for Shadow Cartel’s return. This was done in order to allow Shadow Cartel to jump in its capital ships, as Spectre Fleet believed the fact the previous round was in the alliance’s staging system hampered its ability to deploy capitals.

Shadow Cartel didn’t jump directly into the waiting Raven fleet, instead taking a detour and then warping at close range of the hostile battleships, starting the second round of fighting. The alliance brought in two force auxiliaries at the start to act as logistics wing, brawling with the Raven fleet again. Both the Sleipnir\Muninn fleet and Did he say Jump joined the fray early on, Did he say Jump lighting a beacon at medium range of the brawling battleships and bringing back its combat carrier squadrons. The Sleipnir\Muninn warped in at range as well, adding its firepower to the mix.

This time Shadow Cartel quickly lit its own cynosural beacon, allowing its dreadnought squadrons to take the field. Nearly two squadrons of dreadnoughts materialized near the Raven fleet. However before they could start opening fire on the Did he say Jump combat carriers, a new cynosural beacon lit up near the Shadow Cartel fleet. Through it jumped the Did he say Jump and other local residents’ two dreadnought squadrons. The two sides squared off in a point blank capital brawl.

Each side had its dreadnoughts enter siege cycles and target their hostile counterparts. Shadow Cartel suffered a few dreadnought losses but repaid them twice over, destroying most of the Did he say Jump dreadnoughts in the process. The Shadow Cartel sub capitals lent their firepower to their dreadnoughts, effectively burning through the hostile capitals quickly. However the Raven and Sleipnir\Muninn fleets didn’t focus their fire on the hostile dreadnoughts, instead choosing to target the Shadow Cartel battleships. Battleship after battleship was brought down by artillery fire and torpedo barrages, decimating much of the sub capital support of Shadow Cartel.

With most of the Did he say Jump dreadnoughts destroyed, Shadow Cartel had its own dreadnoughts finish their siege cycles and align out. It then had its capital fleet warp out of the field and back again, landing on top of the Did he say Jump combat carriers. Did he say Jump saw this coming and had most of its remaining capital ships aligned. Once the dreadnoughts landed among them, most of the combat carriers and their force auxiliaries warped out, leaving only a handful of ships behind that were either tackled or late to warp out. The Shadow Cartel dreadnoughts made short work of them.

With the hostile capitals either dead or gone, the Shadow Cartel fleet was free to focus once again on the Raven fleet. By this point, much of the Shadow Cartel sub capital force had been thoroughly destroyed. Yet with the dreadnoughts free to engage and somewhat in range of the fight, Shadow Cartel was able to apply damage to the Raven fleet. Raven after Raven simply vaporized under the dreadnoughts’ guns. While the Raven and Sleipnir\Muninn fleets were still able to inflict some losses on the Shadow Cartel sub capitals, with the number of mainline ships dwindling fast and the Shadow Cartel force auxiliaries still on the field, it didn’t take long for Shadow Cartel to finally stabilize and soak the incoming damage. Realizing further fighting was meaningless, the few remaining ships of the Raven fleet beat a hasty retreat, followed by the Sleipnir\Muninn fleet. This left Shadow Cartel in command of the field, having won the second round decidedly.

The battle from the perspective of the Shadow Cartel fleet

Battle report for the Siseide and Amamake systems can be found here.

All told the battle on its two parts lasted 30 minutes, with Time Dilation not reported and the systems hosting approximately 200 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Shadow Cartel lost 80 ships in the fighting, including but not limited to 6 dreadnoughts, 33 battleships and 18 strategic cruisers for a total of 82.01 billion ISK damage.
Spectre Fleet, The Weekend Warriors, Iron Armada, Did he say Jump and other combatants lost a combined 128 ships including but not limited to 14 dreadnoughts, 2 force auxiliaries, 1 combat carrier and 34 battleships for a total of 56.31 billion ISK damage.