Gademam system, Kor Azor region. On the 2nd of February at 16:21 EVE Standard Time, a battle erupted in the system between two lowsec coalitions.

The battle was fought over a Raitaru engineering complex belonging to Domain Research and Mining Inst. [ART0N] which had been reinforced by No Forks Given [SPORK]. The alliance had managed to push it into its final reinforcement mode, meaning Domain Research and Mining Inst. had to defend it or possibly lose the structure.

Domain Research and Mining Inst and its allies League 0f Grumpy 0ld Farts [L0G0F] and Removal [RM] mustered approximately 60 pilots in two fleets, one of Typhoon battleships and one of Armageddon battleships. Both fleets had force auxiliaries for logistics as well as a dreadnought squadron in case of an escalation. Furthermore, the Imperium had also been notified and had assembled an estimated 100-pilot Hurricane battlecruiser fleet to aid the defenders.

Against this, the alliances White Sky. [W.SKY], W.R.A.T.H. We recycle all the Hightech [WRATH], No Forks Given, Shoot First. [SFAQL] and Vastly Outnumbered [N-1] gathered an 80-pilot fleet which included Bhaalgorn battleships, several combat carriers and force auxiliaries and three full squadrons of dreadnoughts. This force had assembled to destroy Domain Research and Mining’s capital force, with the act of reinforcing the Raitaru simply designed to provoke the defenders to show up.

Domain Research and Mining and its allies were ready first (except the Imperium which was still on its way), prepared to intercept the hostiles as they made their way into the system. However, the attackers caught wind of this and decided to bridge into the system directly, cynoing in the subcapital portion of their fleet 80 kilometers off the Raitaru. The defenders saw this and quickly warped to the lit cynosural beacon, landing on top of the hostile battleships.

The engagement started in earnest, both sides opting for a point-blank brawl. At the start, the defenders managed to chew through the Bhaalgorn battleships with relative ease, their own force auxiliary keeping their ships alive. The attackers quickly reacted, bringing a force auxiliary of their own as well as a few dreadnoughts to get rid of the defenders’. The dreadnoughts made short work of the ship, depriving the defenders of their logistics backbone.

Before the attackers could press the advantage, the defenders lit a cynosural beacon and jumped in their entire dreadnought contingent. The attackers, having planned for this exact moment, brought their entire capital force to the field. Domain Research and Mining Inst. and its allies found themselves quickly outnumbered and outgunned by the attackers’ dreadnought force.

It didn’t take long for the attackers’ dreadnoughts to dispatch their hostile counterparts. The defenders attempted to return fire, even managing to inflict some losses, but the firepower arrayed against them proved too formidable, with many dreadnoughts destroyed in a matter of seconds. With the defending dreadnoughts gone, the attackers turned their capital guns on the battleships, destroying many of them.

Though most of the defending fleet had been eliminated, the Imperium finally arrived at the system, warped to the attackers at medium range and opened fire. The attackers returned fire, destroying many battlecruisers but losing more and more subcapitals in the process. The Hurricane fleet may have exchanged several mainline ships for each battleship it wiped off the field, but it had the advantage of numbers.

The attackers, having achieved their primary objective, prepared to extract their capital assets. Dreadnoughts were told to disengage siege cycles and, once they had cleared, to jump out. The subcapitals remained to give them cover, forcing them to exchange fire with the Hurricane fleet. Having already suffered losses at the start of the fight, the attackers’ subcapital force situation was getting more dire by the minute.

The Imperium continued to hammer at the attackers, keeping its range while tackling what it could. Yet, after a few minutes of fighting and with their anchor webbed completely, the Hurricane fleet was forced to re-position, giving the attackers a brief window to extract their capital ships. Most of the attackers’ surviving capital ships used this reprieve to jump out safely, with only a single dreadnought getting tackled and later unceremoniously destroyed. The defenders for their part also reshipped with whatever ships they could muster and returned to the field with the Imperium in order to annihilate the attackers.

With no capital support and severely outnumbered, the attackers’ battleship fleet stood no chance. Already battered and bruised from previous rounds, it was quickly dispatched by the remaining defenders, only a few ships managing to escape the slaughter. With the attackers finally gone, the defenders took control of the field. With the Raitaru itself mostly ignored throughout the fight, it managed to initiate and finish its self repair cycle, thus securing it for the defenders and achieving their goal, though in a costly manner. Thus the battle of Gademam came to an end.

The battle from the perspective of the attackers’ capital force.

A battle report for the Gademam system can be found here.

All told, the battle lasted 27 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting 230 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Domain Research and Mining Inst. and its myriad of allies lost a combined 99 ships including but not limited to 11 dreadnoughts, 3 force auxiliaries, 4 combat carriers, 36 battleships and 16 battlecruisers for a grand total of 51.92 billion ISK.
The attackers lost a combined 37 ships including 5 dreadnoughts and 22 battleships for a total of 23.79 billion ISK.