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  • An update on skill urself and Legacy/DRF conflict
  • An update on the Quiet War
  • Brawl breaks out in Syndicate

An update on skill urself and Legacy/DRF conflict:

On January 31st at around 17:45 UTC fighting broke out in the system of OP-U0Q in Tenerifis XIX and skill urself over a jump bridge timer. XIX and Razor Alliance formed up in Ishtars while skill urself and Scourge formed up in Nightmares. The structure was successfully defended, with the fight lasting for about 57 minutes. Just over 37b ISK was lost in the fight. XIX and Razor lost 17.7b ISK in the defense of the Jump Bridge while skill and Scourge forces lost 19.6b ISK in the attack effort.

The two groups clashed again a few days later in the system of 46DP-O in Tenerifis over a final timer of a XIX owned Fortizar in the system. XIX and Razor formed in Ishtars, supported by Legacy who were in Eagles and Jackdaws. Skill urself and Scourge formed a nightmare fleet to contest the timer. The two fleets met and engaged on the T6GY-Y gate in 46DP-O. A bloody battle ensued, with over 25b ISK lost. The defenders were able to successfully protect the Fortizar through its repair timer, however, they lost the ISK war for the battle, losing nearly 16b of the 25b total lost.

Most recently, on February 7th, the groups clashed again in the system of Y-FZ5N over an anchoring skill urself Raitaru in the system. XIX formed in Ishtars, supported by TEST in Munnins and Legacy in Eagles, totalling over 500 pilots strong. Skill urself and Scourge formed a nightmare fleet, with 4 Minokawa FAX logi support on grid for just over 160 pilots. The fight proceeded to go on for about 70 minutes, with the nightmares snagging a few eagles and Munnins, however, with XIX and Legacy’s DPS fleets struggling to break the faxes, dreadnaughts were brought in to burn the logi ships down. The anchoring structure, a Raitaru, was lost around 19:47 eve time. After the dust had settled, over 43b ISK was destroyed, 33.8b of which was lost by the defenders.

This most recent conflict brings the combined ISK toll for the campaign thus far to an approximated half a trillion isk, with Legacy and their allies losing a large percentage of that chunk despite their advantageous numbers. New Eden Report will continue to keep you apprised as the campaign continues to unfold.

An update on the Quiet War in Etherium Reach:

The region of Etherium Reach has evolved into a melting pot of entities clashing in numerous engagements in the region, notably with the arrival of a TEST sig in LXQ2 coupled with a sig from Tactical Supremacy in the region as well. Lazerhawks, in an effort to gain more sov in the region, launched an offensive for control of the SLYP-5 constellation. This offensive action was met with little resistance, with Lazerhawks taking over most of the sov in the constellation.

That said, Prothean Alliance and No Value have not simply bent the knee in spite of pressure from varying entities. On the 3rd of February in the system of L-ZJLN, the groups clashed against a TIKLE Nightmare fleet with a Goonswarm Jackdaw support fleet over a Fortizar reinforcement timer. Prothean and No Value were defending with a Typhoon fleet, however, they escalated further, dropping a titan on the grid. Coupled with intel coming in of a 50 man Horde Ferox fleet, the attackers decided to withdraw, allowing the Fortizar to repair. A total of 8b ISK was lost in the fight, 7b ISK of which was lost by the attackers. In a corresponding move, the Prothean alliance continued to manipulate sov timers, setting them to the Russian timezone to account for the new Aussie presence in the region.

Finally, on the 4th of February, a logistics Fortizar owned by Half Emotional in the system of LXQ2-T was destroyed by Imperium forces. This Fortizar served as a major logistics hub for Brothers of Tangra and Prothean Alliance for moving goods in and out of the region. Its destruction delivers a logistical blow to both the Prothean alliance as well as Brothers of Tangra renters. New Eden Report will keep you informed as the situation continues to unfold in Etherium Reach.

Brawl breaks out in Syndicate

On the 3rd of February, a fight broke out in the system of Y9G-KS in the region of Syndicate between Imperium backed forces and Intergalactic Space Hobos, who were being supported by Snuffed Out over an anchoring Fortizar in the system. Intergalactic Space Hobos sought to destroy the Fortizar to prevent it from being used as a forward operating base in range of its own staging system. The attackers used combat carriers as well as dreadnaughts to successfully push off the defenders, successfully killing the Fortizar at 04:02 Eve time. The fight lasted about 67 minutes, with over 164b ISK total lost. Of that total, the defenders lost nearly 130b ISK. An in-depth analysis of this battle was recently written-up by NER’s Salivan Harddin.

Local news:

Oijanen: Multiple Fortizars down

Between February 5 and 6th, TEST Alliance Please Ignore lost 3 Fortizars, all in the system of Oijanen. Losing the Fortizars comes as little surprise, given TEST’s withdrawal from the region. One of the Fortizars lost was a Draccous Faction Fortizar, valued at about 36b ISK. All the Fortizars came in valued at around 63b ISK.


On January 31st, fighting broke out in the system of Amamake over a Fortizar final timer owned by Did he say Jump. A first-person account on a Reddit post describes the situation quite nicely the events leading up to and during the battle. It is quite a good read and I recommend it if you have not heard about this battle yet. Pandemic Horde and Northern Coalition entered into local and seeing the situation, elected to help the defenders push off the attackers. A total of approximately 13b ISK was lost in the battle, 8.69b ISK of that was lost in the attempt to destroy the Fortizar by attackers.

Featured Kill:

On February 4th, in the system of Upt in Khanid, Trimalchio Cuniculus lost a 75b ISK Ark to LowSechnaya Sholupen. Inside this Ark was over 70 Excavator mining drones (over 54k m3 in his cargo was exclusively in excavators) as well as some plastic wraps, meaning the true value of the loss mail could well exceed that value. LSH dropped a couple Ragnaroks as well as some supers and a dreadnought to finish the jump freighter off.

Alliance or corp movements

Triumvirate has lost two corps in the past couple of weeks. Capital Fusion and United Warriors both left the alliance and joined Pandemic Horde shortly thereafter. The alliance has lost 4 corporations in the span of a month. New Eden Report will keep you informed of any other major corp or alliance movements as they unfold.


In an article post on February 1st, CCP Falcon shed some light on some of the first skins that would be coming over to the Tranquility server from the Serenity server; this is something they had mentioned would happen during EVE Vegas.

The new launcher for the Eve client was released on February 7th. Following a brief beta-test, the launcher has gone live and feedback has been mixed from players. The ability to group accounts has been well received, but the layout has not (in particular the prominence of adverts), and the short space from beta testing to launch has been questioned. The feedback on the official eve forums can be found here.

On February 7th, in an article to the Eve website, CCP Falcon gave a quick update to the overview changes that would be associated with the cynosural fields.

Eve World Tour tickets for the Sydney event are now on sale, be sure to pick up your tickets, as they are selling fast! Don’t forget to check the website to see when tickets go on sale for the Eve World Tour location of your choice! If you are going, let NER know, we hope to see you there!

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