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  • Breaking News: Quiet War in Etherium Reach Coming to a Close
  • Breaking News: Multiple Quote Alliance Capitals Killed in Insmother
  • LAZERHAWKS Loses Multiple Supercapitals in Etherium Reach
  • Update on skill urself and Legacy/DRF Conflict
  • Scourge. Alliance Disbanding
  • Local news
  • CCP Announces AT Hiatus, February Update Changes


Breaking News: Quiet War in Etherium Reach Coming to a Close

In a mail sent to Unspoken Alliance executive 3Tears, he was informed that Prothean Alliance had made a decision to leave the region of Etherium Reach. This marks the end of a war that had lasted for over a year and a half. Prothean are expected to leave the region within the next couple of weeks, NER will keep you updated as we find out where they move to.

Breaking News: Multiple Quote Alliance Capitals Killed in Insmother

On February 13th around 06:04 EVE time, in the system of MOCW-2 in Insmother, fighting broke out between Ranger Regiment and Quote Alliance. Ranger Regiment had tackled a couple of Rorqual mining vessels in the system, and Quote Alliance member corp All Models are 18 years old responded by bringing in 3 Nyx supercarriers and multiple FAXes to support their tackled Rorquals.

However, this response proved to be a bad decision, as Ranger Regiment had formed a fleet of more than 90 Ishtars, which were able to kill the supercarrier fighters with relative ease. All in all, the fight lasted just over 110 minutes, with over 80b ISK destroyed.  Notably, the defenders lost 2 Rorquals, 2 Nyx supercarriers, and 4 FAXes. One of the Nyx pilots had a full high grade slave head, while one of the rorquals had a mid grade slave head in.

LAZERHAWKS Loses Multiple Supercapitals in Etherium Reach

On Feb 12th, around 0900 EVE time, fighting broke out in the system of IRD-HU between LAZERHAWKS, Prothean Alliance, Pandemic Horde, Pandemic Legion, and Northern Coalition. Prothean initially dropped dreads on a small fleet of tech 3 cruisers and Leshaks from LAZERHAWKS. LAZERHAWKS proceeded to use a toon named “Titan Escalation” to light a cyno from their Malediction, dropping… unsurprisingly, a Titan, along with 4 Nyx supercarriers. It was at this moment the trap was sprung.

An additional cyno was lit, bringing in a dreadbomb from PanFam entities along with combat carrier support. The life of the battle was, as Thomas Hobbes would say, “nasty, brutish and short”, lasting only 22 minutes. The titan and three of the four Nyx’s that dropped were killed, and what remaining subcapital fleet remained was also dispatched in short order. After the carnage was over, over 180b ISK was lost, 177b of which consisted of dead LAZERHAWKS supercapitals. While Prothean Alliance may be leaving the region, they are making sure they are closing this chapter with a bang.

Update on skill urself and Legacy/DRF conflict:

On February 9th, fighting broke out in the system of Y-FZ5N in Immensea. There were two different objectives going on: one fight was over an anchoring raitaru from skill urself in the system, the second was an IHub node event for Y-FZ5N, owned by skill urself, that needed to be defended an hour later. Skill urself and Scourge. formed up approximately 260 people in Nightmares with Minokawa FAX support as well as a Munnin support fleet and a bomber wing. Legacy Voltron, XIX and RAZOR Alliance formed up nearly 900 people, utilizing a Ferox doctrine, a Munnin doctrine, a Ishtar doctrine as well as some token sniper nagas.

In a rare break from their typical reddit/media blackout during active campaigns, capqu shared his views on how the battle went down in a post to reddit, stating the battle was “one of the best he has had in a long time”. The Raitaru was lost, however the IHub was saved, so not all objectives were lost for the defending forces. Over 86b ISK was lost in the fight, 49b isk of which belonged with Legacy Voltron and its allies. Over 36b ISK was lost by skill urself, scourge and its allies in the defending effort.

Scourge. Alliance Disbanding

In a further twist to the conflict in Immensea, skill urself’s strategic partner Scourge. announced that it would be disbanding effective immediately. Citing internal differences, the Russian-speaking alliance made preparations to move their assets into lowsec, with some of the alliance rumoured to join skill urself as a new corp. This puts an end to over two years of intense activity in the Southern theatre, as well as casting doubt on skill urself’s ability to continue its current campaign against Legacy/DRF in Immensea.

Local news:

Deklein: GoTG Rorq Down to Black Legion

On February 9th around 03:00 EVE time, in the system of DKUK-G in Deklein, a Solyaris Chtonium Rorqual was tackled by a Black Legion Munnin fleet. GoTG forces responded to try and save the tackled Rorqual, forming a Munnin fleet of their own. Unfortunately, that response fleet did not have the intended result, as they proceeded to die to the attacking Black Legion forces. The Rorqual died around 03:23 EVE time. The fight lasted about 25 minutes, with over 20b ISK lost. 19B ISK of that was lost by GoTG between the value or the Rorqual and the defense fleet brought in an attempt to save it.

Scalding Pass: WinterCo Fleet Feels the Heat Killing an Athanor

On February 11th, in the system of ZFJH-T in Scalding Pass, a fight broke out between WinterCo forces and Bright Side of Death over an Athanor refinery structures final timer. WinterCo formed up in Eagles while Bright Side of Death formed up in Machariels, with support from TEST Alliance Please Ignore, who formed an Ishtar fleet.

WinterCo showed up to the timer in force, committing combat carriers and dreadnoughts to the field. Bright Side of Death countered this dread bomb and capital escalation with a dreadbomb of their own. The Athanor died about 19 minutes into the fighting, the rest of the time was spent with the two forces clashing. WinterCo was able to extract some of their capitals and withdraw from the field.

The fight lasted about 49 minutes, with over 91.3b ISK destroyed. WinterCo was able to kill the athanor refinery, however losing over 67b ISK in the attempt to a kill a refinery that was only valued at about 3b ISK seems like a steep price to pay. New Eden Report will keep you informed as the conflict between WinterCo and Bright Side of Death continues to unfold in Scalding Pass.

Pure Blind: Anchoring Astrahus Sparks Brawl

On February 8th in the system of EWOK-K in Pure Blind, a fight broke out between Old Sch00l, Snuffed Out, Triumvirate and Combat Wombat over an anchoring Astrahus in the system. Triumvirate formed a Loki fleet, while Suffed Out primarily formed up in Nightmares. As the battle progressed, Triumvirate escalated by dropping HAW dreadnoughts onto the grid. Snuffed Out was quick to respond, counter dropping with anti-capital fit dreadnoughts of their own. With the TRI dreads no longer a concern, the attacking forces were able to kill the anchoring astrahus at 23:07 EVE time. The butcher’s bill for the battle stands at just over 21b ISK, 15.6b of which was lost by Triumvirate.

JSpace: J124504 – Dreadnought Brawl

On February 9th, wormhole J124504 a fight broke out between Lazerhawks, Hard Knocks Citizens and ATTENTION WH0RES. The fight only lasted about 18 minutes, with over 88b ISK destroyed. Of note, all the phoenix’s lost by ATTENTION WHORES, and Critically Disrupted had officer reactor control unit mods fit to their Phoenix’s.

Featured Kill:

On February 11th, in the system of Vlillirier in Placid, vov4ik top4ik lost an Erebus titan to Snuffed Out. The Titan came in valued at 88b ISK, with 3 different prop mods on his Titan (2 different MWD and an AB).  

Alliance or Corp Movements:

Higher than Everest left Pandemic Legion today to join skill urself. The corporation brings just over 150 characters to the alliance, with numerous supercapital- and titan-capable pilots.

CCP Announces AT Hiatus, February Update Changes

CCP Falcon wrote an article on February 12th, highlighting some of the changes that are being released with the February Update.

The Guardian Gala event was launched on February 12th, some of the basic things capsuleers can earn are cerebral accelerators,skins, faction and deadspace mods. The event runs until February 25.

On February 13th, CCP Falcon posted an update regarding this year’s Alliance Tournament, which will be put on pause to allow the developer team focus on “ improving quality of life” in the game, as well as hosting the 2019 World Tour.

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