The Discourse – Caldari State Successfully Fights CONCORD Demands, Drifter Threat Remains

The Discourse is syndicated by New Eden Report.

Guardian’s Gala isn’t the only attraction for this season! Semiki plotline continues with a sensational turn as Ishukone CEO Mens Rappola steps in to overturn a CONCORD officer’s asset seizure order. Meanwhile, as per the warnings, the drifter activity in the region steps up as numerous Drifter patrols start to appear in the system. Ishukone Watch reinforces the Zainou station with a standing fleet as capsuleers take care of the unwanted guests.


  • Hosts: Cyrillian Voth
  • ARC Logo: Noene Drops
  • Title Animation: Corrin Mor
  • Montage: Jaret Victorian
  • Sound Editing: Cyrillian Voth
  • Camerawork: Jaret Victorian
  • Script: Makoto Priano, Cyrillian Voth
  • Eve Online: CCP Games