Report – Sotiyo Final Timer Succesfully Defended in L-TLFU

Video by Gentle Towel
Footage by Adan Dimaloun
Writing by Theodred Alabel
Narration by Zendane


On Valentines Day, fighting broke out in The Kalevala Expanse in the system of L-TLFU over a final timer of a sotiyo. Panfam formed an Apoc and Megathron fleet, supported by combat carriers to defend the structure.

Shortly before the repair timer started, the Imperium entered system with an eagle fleet and an additional jackdaw fleet in support. TEST Alliance Please Ignore entered the system in Munnins to assist the Imperium shortly after the timer came out.

The fight lasted over an hour and a half, with TIDI being reported as low as 10%. A total of 16b isk was destroyed in the battle, with the defenders able to successfully defend the structure from being destroyed.*

New Eden Report will keep you informed as the situation in The Kalevala Expanse continues to develop…

*Correction: the total destroyed during this fight was 71b, with 15b lost by the defenders and 56b lost by the attackers.