DK-FXK system, Pure Blind region. On the 14th of February at 22:10 EVE Standard Time, a capital brawl flared up in the system between French ConneXion. [FXR] and United Federation of Conifers [.UFC.].

The battle was instigated by French ConneXion, which had been running entosis operations in the region against United Federation of Conifers. A French ConneXion Drake was busy hacking a territorial claim unit in the ION-FG system when it was tackled by a United Federation of Conifers hunter. A single dreadnought materialized next to it and quickly dispatched it.

French ConneXion attempted to hunt the dreadnought but it managed to escape. Still spoiling for a fight, the alliance organized a couple of combat carriers and dropped them in the DK-FXK system at 500 kilometers from a United Federation of Conifers Raitaru engineering complex. The combat carriers deployed fighters and began attacking the structure, hoping to gain the attention of its owners.

United Federation of Conifers did take notice and brought three combat carriers of its own to the structure. These combat carriers landed on the structure and were tasked with space superiority; eliminating hostile fighters thus negating damage to the structure. Seeing this, French ConneXion pulled a 15 pilot Vexor Navy Issue fleet from reinforcing third-party structures in the region and brought it to the system in an attempt to bump the hostile combat carriers out of tether range. In the meantime, several dreadnoughts were prepared in reserve to drop on the enemy capital ships.

United Federation of Conifers realized French ConneXion was looking for a fight and prepared an appropriate response. Several allies were contacted and capital ships brought into the standing fleet. A high angle weapon dreadnought also came to the field in order to deal with the French ConneXion cruisers as well as draw their capital escalations.

Draw it did, as French ConneXion lit a cynosural beacon near the hostile capitals and brought in its dreadnoughts. Before they could engage, another cynosural beacon lit up next to them, this time belonging to United Federation of Conifers which heralded the arrival of its dreadnoughts. Both sides entered siege cycles and started bombarding each other at close range, signalling the start of the fight.

The battle proved to be a costly affair for both sides as dreadnoughts were traded back and forth between them. More and more dreadnoughts kept deploying to the field, either through existing cynosural beacons or new ones as the ships carrying them were quickly dispatched. For each dreadnought lost, a new one came to replace it, entering siege cycle and continuing the fight in its place. This went on for a few minutes but ultimately, United Federation of Conifers managed to bring more capital ships to the field, overwhelming the remaining French ConneXion dreadnoughts.

With their dreadnoughts destroyed and their own ships suffering losses, the French ConneXion cruisers and combat carriers retreated from the system, leaving United Federation of Conifers in control of the field. With the enemy gone, the alliance and its allies set to loot and salvage what they could of the field while extracting their remaining assets, thus bringing an end to the battle.

Battle report for the DK-FXK system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 28 minutes, with time dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 70 pilots total.

Due to the sporadic nature of the fight and the constant reinforcements, exact numbers of either fleet are unknown. Estimates given by either side put French ConneXion forces at around 30 pilots and United Federation of Conifers at around 35 pilots, though the latter had a clear advantage in capitals.

French ConneXion lost 21 ships including 1 combat carrier, 12 dreadnoughts and 5 cruisers for a total of 29.79 billion ISK damage.
United Federation of Conifers lost 15 ships including 1 combat carrier and 9 dreadnoughts for a total of 21.4 billion ISK damage.


Featured Image Credit: CCP