Arzad system, Devoid region. On the 16th of February at 3:34 EVE Standard Time, Snuffed Out [B B C] forces were massacred by a makeshift coalition of low security residents and the Imperium.

The chain of events that led to the demise of Snuffed Out’s fleet began in the neighboring system of Sifilar. There, a small Gila cruiser fleet belonging to Did he say Jump [DHSJ] was engaging local Amarr militia forces over an Astrahus citadel. The Gila fleet was able to destroy most of the defenders who chose to bring an armor battleship fleet to the fight, but was stopped by a Templis CALSF [CALSF] Gila fleet that came to reinforce them.

The two Gila fleets squared off for a fight, each bringing force auxiliaries to the field to supplement logistics cruiser losses. In the end, Did he say Jump brought in dreadnoughts to get rid of the hostile force auxiliary and win the fight.

Both sides were unaware that Snuffed Out scouts had spotted the fight, including the capital escalation and prepared to drop on the combatants. The alliance had a 35 pilot combat carrier fleet looking for a fight. Seeing the two sides fighting and bringing in capitals, Snuffed Out decided to go through and jump in. A cynosural beacon lit up near the Did he say Jump capitals, heralding the arrival of the Snuffed Out combat carrier fleet.

The combat carriers made short work of one of the remaining Minokawa force auxiliaries on the field, but Did he say Jump had already managed to withdraw most of its capital ships. Then, instead of jumping its capital force back to its staging system, Snuffed Out decided to take gates, warping to the Arzad gate in the system with its combat carriers and a few remaining dreadnoughts. Did he say Jump, Templis CALSF and the Amarr militia decided to follow the capital ships, all four fleets landing on the gate and jumping through at the same time.

Did he say Jump, Templis CALSF and the Amarr militia realized what situation they were in and decided to cooperate. Did he say Jump tackled the Snuffed Out combat carriers, soon joined by Templis CALSF and the Amarr militia which brought countless Punisher frigates to tackle the hostile combat carriers and pin them down. At the same time, several groups in range of the system were contacted for further assistance including RekkingCrew, Siege Green. [SGGRN] and other local entities.

For half an hour, the various sub capital fleets held down the Snuffed Out combat carriers, shooting down fighters and even destroying one of the Snuffed Out dreadnoughts. Snuffed Out responded by bringing more force auxiliaries to the field and assembling a dreadnought force, correctly assuming a capital escalation was on the cards. While hordes of tackle frigates and destroyers were fed to the combat carriers, Did he say Jump, Templis CALSF and the Amarr militia managed to keep most of the Snuffed Out capital force pinned down on the Sifilar gate.

They were further reinforced by a roaming Imperium Jackdaw tactical destroyer fleet and a small Siege Green Nightmare battleship fleet which bridged to the grid to further aid in the annihilation of enemy fighters. At the same time, almost two squadrons of dreadnoughts joined various fleets in preparation for the drop, some moving in range of the system while others simply waiting for the order.

Finally the makeshift coalition had enough dreadnoughts prepared, as well as cynosural beacons ready to light up for the capital ships to jump through. A few cynosural beacons lit up around the besieged Snuffed Out combat carriers, heralding their doom. Snuffed Out attempted to retaliate, bringing its own squadron of dreadnoughts to the field.

The two sides squared off, dreadnoughts entering siege cycles and bombarding one another. The makeshift coalition proved to have the upper hand, its sub capital fleets having destroyed most of the Snuffed Out fighters during the long wait, thus negating their damage completely. Add to it the combined firepower of the assembled sub capitals and the greater number of dreadnoughts it possessed, and it was able to quickly overwhelm the meager opposition Snuffed Out tried to muster.

The Snuffed Out dreadnoughts went down first, able to inflict some losses on their hostile counterparts but hardly enough to stem the tide. With the dreadnoughts destroyed, came the turn of the force auxiliaries and the combat carriers. Half of them were ripped apart by the hostile force, the rest able to escape the unfolding disaster. With the Snuffed Out fleet annihilated, the various combatants chose to withdraw without further incident, having destroyed their mutual enemy.

The capital escalation in Arzad from the perspective of the Did he say Jump Gila fleet

Battle report for the Arzad system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted an hour, with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting 325 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Due to re-ships and the various fleets operating in the system, numbers are difficult to come by. However, according to various sources, Siege Green fielded a total of 50 pilots, including capital ships. Did he say Jump had approximately 45 pilots including capital assets. Templis CALSF and its allies had a joint 30 pilot Gila fleet. Imperium Jackdaw fleet is estimated at 100 pilots and RekkingCrew supplied 15 more pilots in Ishtar heavy assault cruisers. Amarr militia is believed to have had approximately 40 pilots as well in total.

Snuffed Out lost 20 ships, including 11 dreadnoughts, 2 force auxiliaries and 7 combat carriers for a total of 51.85 billion ISK damage.
The makeshift coalition lost a total of 88 ships including but not limited to 3 dreadnoughts, 1 heavy assault cruiser, 5 cruisers, 10 tactical destroyers, 16 destroyers and 30 frigates for a total of 13.53 billion ISK damage.