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  • Pandemic Horde defends final Soytio timer
  • New Coalition forming in Tenerifis
  • Massive brawl in Siseide unfolds

Pandemic Horde defends final Soytio timer

On February 14th at around 03:00 EVE time, in the system of L-TLFU in the Kalevala Expanse, fighting broke out between Panfam and Imperial Legacy. Goonswarm Federation had put a Pandemic Horde renter Sotiyo into its final reinforce cycle.

Horde responded by forming a 256 man fleet of Baltecs and a 155 man Capital fleet to defend the structure. Black Legion formed a Jackdaw fleet to assist Pandemic Horde in the defence effort. The Imperium formed multiple fleets: Cerberus, Eagles, and Jackdaws to attack the structure. TEST Alliance Please Ignore formed a Munnin fleet to assist Imperium forces on the timer.

Dead Coalition and skill urself showed up to third party in bombers. Fighting lasted about an hour and a half, with tidi being reported as low as 10%. Pandemic Horde was able to successfully defend the repair timer.

A total of over 71b ISK was destroyed in the battle, over 56b of which was lost by attacking forces in their attempt to destroy the Sotiyo. New Eden Report initially covered the battle in a video release*, and will continue to keep you informed as the situation in the Kalevala Expanse continues to unfold.

Special thanks to NER writer Buffy Ofkadur for reporting on this battle.

* In our video report released on the 17th, we were made aware of the inaccuracy of the total isk lost in the battle over the sotiyo. This was primarily due to a br reporting glitch and we sincerely apologize and have rectified it in this report. Thanks to u/hamsterjam88 who pointed it out initially.

New Coalition forming in Tenerifis:

In an SOTA announcement released to reddit on the 16th, Red Alliance announced that they would be moving to Tenerifis and forming a coalition with Legion of xXDEATHXx, Dangerous Voltage, and Siberian Squads. No name has yet been decided on this coalition. New Eden Report will inform you as more information on this coalition is revealed.

Massive brawl in Siseide unfolds

On February 17th, fighting broke out in the system of Siseide between Siege Green and Snuffed Out. Snuffed Out seemingly went on a campaign to target Siege Green infrastructure, and Siseide serves as the staging system for Siege Green. Siege Green is one of the major opponents of Snuffed Out in the area and one of the only alliances able to successfully contend with them in the AUTZ, as Snuffed out is primarily an EUTZ alliance.

Snuffed Out formed machariels with capital support while Siege Green and allies formed up a leshak and bhaalgorn fleet with dreads on standby. Fighting broke out on an Azbel in the system between Snuff and Siege Green. Eventually, The Initiative came in to support Snuff in stuka bombers. This drew out Pandemic Horde who also came in bombers. Both sides decided to escalate to a full fledged dread brawl. With both INIT and Snuff on the field, the Siege Green and allies sub capital fleet could no longer hold the field and elected to retreat. Reports that Snuffed Out was logging titans in only expedited this decision. When the dust settled, over 218b ISK had been destroyed.

Stay tuned for an in depth analysis battle report from New Eden Report’s Salivan Harddin on this conflict!

Local news:

First Caedes in 2019 destroyed

On February 15th Anveri Vestigo, a former Triumvirate Alliance Tournament AT captain, lost his Caedes alliance tournament ship in Pynekastoh. The loss is displayed on zkill valued at 121b ISK, however the total value is likely significantly higher as the fit included abyssal mods. This was only the 7th Caedes to ever be lost on TQ, and is the 1st in 2019.*

Gin Wuncler, the Jaguar pilot involved in the destruction of the Caedes, had this to say regarding the encounter:

We noticed the Caedes earlier in the night baiting with a rifter, but he wanted none of our Enyo when we baited with him. Our operation began with an intensive intel and planning phase that involved Gori saying “Hey, that Caedes is back in the small”. I then triggered our elaborate trap by telling our drunk derptron pilot “just get your ass in there.” He got scrammed  by the rifter, and I slid in shortly behind. The Rifter dropped scram on the atron and whiffed while switching to me allowing me to burn to the Caedes and get scram/web. Gori was about a system out and came in to provide the DPS to finish off the Caedes, and grab secondary, which was critical since I was basically out of cap at that point. We also had a Burst that got in late and put reps on me (although I don’t think I would’ve gone down anyways).

*Special thanks to NER writers CaseyLP and Buffy ofkadur on getting us the details behind this Caedes loss of the year.

Frank the Bank Strikes Again – Vehement down in Catch

On Valentines Day, Frank the Bank decided to show his love for EVE by taking a Vehement faction dreadnought into the system of V-3YG7 in Catch. Unfortunately for Frank, when he went to siege up, he realized that he did not have any stront in his fuel bay, thus preventing him from sieging. He attempted to jump out of the system, but was unsuccessful. Frank eventually lost his faction dread at 18:33 EVE time – valued at approximately 31b ISK – to a Brave fleet. This was the 27th Vehement lost in the history of the game, and the 5th of 2019 alone. This is not the first incident of this type for Frank – he previously lost a Ragnarok when he did not have enough isotopes to use the doomsday module. Third time’s the charm though, right?

Detorid: Fraternity Feeds to The Initiative

On February 16th, in the system of SLVP-D, fighting broke out between Winter Coalition and The Initiative. The Initiative formed up a stuka bomber fleet with Kikimora triglavian destroyers in support. WinterCo initially formed up a Jackdaw fleet, however, this fleet was simply wiped off the field by the attacking forces, forcing them to reship into tech one destroyers. WinterCo proceeded to escalate further, dropping carriers and FAXes onto the field. This effort to push off the Initiative fleet did little to change the grid, as they proceeded to kill 3 of the faxes that dropped. Fraternity elected to drop the hammer at this point, dropping 35 titans and over 50 supercarriers onto the grid, including a Vendetta faction supercarrier.

After the dust had settled, over 61b ISK had been destroyed, 40b of which was lost by WinterCo entities in their attempt to push off the attacking forces.

Featured Kill

On February 14th, Star Frontiers capsuleer Ryan Ludus found his Valentine in the form of an Pan Intergalactic Business Community renter, who left his XLSMA in a pos that was unfueled. Seizing the opportunity, he proceeded to kill the XLSMA, which came in valued at just over 18b ISK, because there was a Hel supercarrier stored inside. Unfortunately the loot fairy said no and nothing was dropped. However,the fact that he was able to kill the XLSMA without any trouble in an assault frigate of all things is what makes it the featured kill.


The Winter Summit of CSM 13 is expected to commence on Monday 18th. New Eden Report will keep you informed with any information as it becomes available.*

On February 12th, CCP Falcon released an article entitled CCPlease – When Memes Become Reality. The article outlined the purpose of the program which will essentially serve as a status update for the quality of life and feature improvements that CCP is working on.

Back on February 11th, CCP Falcon released an article detailing the situation with the local chat. ‘In the coming weeks’ CCP will be issuing 500k unallocated sp compensation to any account that was Omega as of March 20th 2018, when the switch first went live. In a change from a January blog in which CCP indicated that the chat system would be reverted back to the old system, Falcon confirmed that the new system will remain in operation as recent updates appear to have resolved stability issues.

*Thanks to NER Writer Buffy Ofkadur for gathering the information related to CCP.

That’s the news in New Eden. Thanks for reading.

Featured image credit: Adan Dimaloun