Siseide system, Heimatar region. On the 17th of February at 14:20 EVE Standard Time, the second battle for Siseide began as Snuffed Out [B B C] forces once again confronted Siege Green. [SGGRN] and its allies.

The second battle was fought over an Azbel engineering complex belonging to Siege Green which had been previously reinforced by Snuffed Out forces. Snuffed Out mustered a 120 pilot Machariel battleship fleet with force auxiliary support and a full dreadnought wing. Once again Snuff had the chance to set up first, with their battleships landing at 50 kilometers from the structure with a lone force auxiliary, while a second triage was positioned 50 kilometers off. Finally, half a squadron of dreadnoughts completed a triangle, shoring up Snuffed Out’s position.

Against this, Siege Green and their myriad of allies including Shoot First. [SFQAL], Shadow Cartel [SHDWC], Did he say Jump [DHSJ] and House of Serenity. [H0S.] gathered a 160 pilot Leshak battleship fleet with force auxiliaries in tow and a dreadnought wing of their own to counter Snuffed Out. The fleet waited for Snuffed Out to enter the system before undocking and warping to the Snuffed Out battleships, landing 20 kilometers from them with their own battleship fleet, force auxiliaries and a squadron of dreadnoughts.

The two forces opened fire, fighting at point blank range. Snuffed Out was able to destroy a few battleships early on while Siege Green focused on the hostile capitals. After a few moments of back and forth Snuffed Out decided to drop more dreadnoughts on the field, lighting a cynosural beacon and bringing in reserve dreadnoughts. Siege Green reacted by warping in more dreadnoughts as both sides concentrated fire on each others’ capitals.

For a few minutes, the battle turned into a full capital engagement. Both sides focused most of their firepower on hostile dreadnoughts, bringing a dozen down within a couple of minutes. However Siege Green had the numerical advantage and were able to inflict more capital losses on Snuffed Out. Realizing that the enemy once again had the capital advantage, Snuffed Out gave the order for the surviving capital ships to discontinue siege cycles and warp off or jump out rather than risk a complete annihilation of their dreadnought force.

At first it seemed like this battle would become a repeat of the previous one when Pandemic Horde [REKTD] and The Initiative [INIT.] intervened. Pandemic Horde brought a 100 pilot stealth bomber fleet for the purpose of acting as a third party, with one of their roaming gangs having stumbled on the previous day’s fighting and in anticipation of a similar affair for the Azbel. The Initiative had a 200 pilot Stuka fleet; a mixture of stealth bombers carrying bombs, Kikimora destroyers, command destroyers and a healthy backing of logistics frigates. Unlike Pandemic Horde, the Initiative had formed for their usual hunting operations when they were contacted by Snuffed Out.

Jumping on the opportunity, the Initiative accepted the request and waited for the signal before jumping into the system and entering the fray. The two stealth bomber fleets entered the battle targeting hostile dreadnoughts and battleships. However Pandemic Horde was easily ejected by Snuffed Out and the Initiative, and with their fleet commander removed from the field, Horde were forced to withdraw. The Initiative targeted the many Siege Green battleships, their stealth bombers’ torpedoes proving deadly at such short ranges.

Snuffed Out used the opportunity to re-position, warping their fleet to a perch and warping back in at medium range (50 kilometers) of the Siege Green battleships. In the meantime Siege Green was busy extracting their own dreadnoughts while attempting to thin the stealth bombers’ ranks. They managed to inflict some damage but lost many battleships in the process. The Initiative took care to destroy support battleships like the Vindicator whose stasis webifiers poised a clear threat to the fleet. This further weakened Siege Green’s ability to effectively counter the fast moving frigates and destroyers.

With Snuffed Out back in the fight, the pressure on Siege Green’s logistics wing became unbearable and losses mounted. Snuffed Out chose to push their advantage, lighting another cynosural beacon to bring forth another dreadnought squadron to destroy Siege Green’s force auxiliaries and a few lingering capitals it had on the field. The new dreadnoughts entered siege cycles and targeted Siege Green’s capital ships, opening fire. Siege Green brought back their own dreadnoughts, rekindling the dreadnought brawl.

Siege Green may have lost the sub capital advantage, but their dreadnought superiority was undisputed and they were easily able to dispatch Snuffed Out’s capitals. This forced Snuffed Out to once again bounce or risk losing their force auxiliaries, thus breaking their logistics backbone. The Initiative remained to harass Siege Green, their stealth bombers even snagging a few dreadnought kills in the process.

For the second time, Snuffed Out re-positioned on the grid, their battleships landing once more at 50 kilometers from the Siege Green fleet, and further away from their dreadnoughts so as to protect their force auxiliaries. Siege Green was again busy extracting their dreadnoughts, with their sub capital fleet suffering major losses yet remaining in the fight. Their fleet commanders were prepared to once again counter Snuffed Out’s attempts to drop dreadnoughts. The fight seemed far from over.

However, things changed when Siege Green scouts noticed Snuffed Out super capitals logging in and starting to move towards the battlefield. Unable to contest Snuffed Out’s super capital superiority, Siege Green saw the writing on the wall and decided to withdraw, their remaining battleships and capitals warping back to safe citadels in the system. This left Snuffed Out and the Initiative in control of the field. The two fleets busied themselves hunting down stragglers and looting the field before extracting themselves, having won the battle.

Yet in all the excitement the Azbel itself had all but been forgotten, leaving the structure to exit its reinforced mode, initiate and finish its self repair cycle uncontested. In effect, Siege Green managed to secure a strategic victory even though they lost the battle.

The battle from the perspective of the Siege Green battleship fleet.

The battle from the perspective of the Initiative Stuka fleet.

The battle report for the Siseide system can be found here.

All told the battle raged for 49 minutes with Time Dilation being a constant, fluctuating throughout the fight. It reached at one point a peak of 30%. The system itself hosted nearly 650 pilots at the height of the fighting.

Snuffed Out and the Initiative lost a combined 153 ships including but not limited to 24 dreadnoughts, 3 force auxiliaries, 12 battleships and 54 stealth bombers for a total of 108.28 billion ISK damage.

Siege Green and allies lost a combined 103 ships including 1 combat carrier, 1 force auxiliary, 19 dreadnoughts and 49 battleships for a total of 109.29 billion ISK damage.

Featured image credit: Razorien