At approximately 2340 EVE time on February 18th, a Legacy SIG known as Dino Kommando Spezialkräfte, along with support from other entities, engaged Winter Coalition forces over the shield portion of a Tatara Refinery. The structure is owned by Bright Side of Death and located in NSBE-L, Scalding Pass, and the ensuing fight is a continuation of recent skirmishes taking place between BSOD and Winter Co in the area.

DKS and friends formed a 70 man Ishtar/Guardian fleet with bomber and carrier support, while Winter Coalition formed a similarly sized fleet of Eagles/Basilisks, also with capital support. Winter Coalition began bashing the shields of the BSOD Tatara at approximately 2330 with their Eagle fleet as well as two Revelations and two Thanatos. Though this was a shield timer which could be attacked at any time, DKS caught wind of the operation and was prepared beforehand.

As DKS warped on field, the Eagle fleet warped off and the Thanatos’ cynoed out, however the two Revelations were still in siege and were not able to escape. DKS Ishtars started to attack the first Revelation. Despite being active tanked, the Revelation was not able to successfully tank the incoming damage from the Ishtar fleet. As it reached low armor, the Winter Coalition Eagle fleet warped back on grid to attempt to salvage the fight.

DKS then cynoed in several carriers and force auxiliaries to turn the fight in their favour, and managed to kill two Basilisks, a Hecate, a Scythe and an Eagle before Winter Co elected to leave the field. The Revelation was left to die to the Ishtar/Carrier fleet and the shields of the Tatara repaired.

DKS then got word of an inbound 40 man Skill Urself Loki fleet which had come to reinforce Winter Coalition. Facing overwhelming forces, DKS sounded the retreat, jumping out their capital forces and heading back to Legacy space at best speed. However, as NSBE-L is a dead end system in a long group of pipe systems, a significant portion of the Ishtar fleet was destroyed. In the end, DKS lost three Ashimmus, 11 Ishtars, one Legion, and one Guardian.

At the end of the engagement, DKS forces lost 7.19 billion ISK, for an ISK efficiency of 48.6%, while Winter Coalition/Skill Urself lost 6.79 billion ISK for an ISK efficiency of 51.4%. Combined losses total at 14.66 billion ISK.

Featured image credit: Razorien