The past week has supplied more than enough videos from around New Eden. From ambient videos, fake trailers and some hilarious or tense PvP moments, these are my top picks:

EVE Online – Botting Nyx Killed by Everything EVE

Sometimes, its the small things in life that give us pleasure, like seeing a botter die in their shiny ship.

Solo AB Tormentor vs Confessor + 2 Ceptor Backup (Eve Online) by MrExcess – Gaming and Nerdery

Short, concise and to the point: the title says it all.

Eve Online: Retri & Wolf PVP by Sixty Ever

A great compilation of several battles involving Retribution and Wolf assault frigates. The action starts solo, turns duo and finally ramps up to… 4 pilots against the blob.

Punching Pandas for Fun and Profit (Feat. Goku Fleet) by AshDoesStuff

Who doesn’t like punching pandas? Well zoo keepers for starters, but in this video a small stealth bomber fleet fights Fraternity’s super capitals with surprising results.

INIT Feb 2019 move op by Bongalonga

I don’t usually get a choice on cinematic move op videos but I did this time and thought to go with this, if only for the hilarity factor.

Eve online – Eye of the Kaaiger by Jokastis

Small gang shenanigans.

STRAT OP by Phelden Wrex

Just a normal day in Test Alliance Please Ignore.

[EVE Online] Licence to Roam – Trailer (Cinematic) by BitRecoil

A nice cinematic recruitment video for a new alliance to close out this round up. All the luck for these brave capsuleers on their new endeavors.

Do you have any videos that either you have made or watched that you think are particularly good? If so, please feel free to submit them to me on either Twitter (@SalivanHarddin), Gmail ( or via in-game mail (Salivan Harddin). Until next week!