J7YR-1 system, Branch region. On the 24th of February at 14:41 EVE Standard Time, a Siberian Squads [SB-SQ] Ragnarok titan was nabbed by Inner Hell [-INHE].

Inner Hell had been dipping in and out of wormholes, roaming with a 65 pilot Drekavac battlecruiser fleet for a couple of hours. This force had been on a killing spree, destroying a Nyx super carrier in the Outer Passage region before popping up in the Esoteria region to nab a combat carrier. After being chased out of the region by a Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] super capital force, the fleet moved to Branch to resume the hunt.

It didn’t take long for the fleet to locate a target, a combat carrier caught traveling via gates. The fleet swooped in on the ship, interdictors launching warp disruptor probes to pin it down on the AH-B84 gate while the battlecruisers opened fire with their disintegrators. It didn’t take long for the fleet to burn through the ship’s hull, destroying it. However before the fleet could continue on its way in search for more prey, scouts reported a titan landing on the other side of the gate.

With no time to lose, the fleet had the interdictors ready to pin down the titan while a frantic search to secure a cynosural beacon and dreadnoughts was made. The titan jumped through the gate and attempted to fire its boson field generator, missing most of the Inner Hell fleet which managed to burn away from the blast zone except a single Loki strategic cruiser. With its doomsday weapon spent, the Drekavac fleet swooped on the titan, interdictors pinning it down like the combat carrier before it while the battlecruisers opened fire, slowly chipping away at its massive shields.

It didn’t take long for Inner Hell to secure a dreadnought squadron and a cynosural beacon. A ship carrying the cynosural generator entered the system, lighting the beacon for the dreadnoughts, remnants of a previous deployment finally seeing use. With the beacon up, the dreadnoughts jumped into the system, landing near the titan and entering siege cycles. Once in siege, the dreadnoughts opened fire, bombarding the behemoth at close range while the battlecruisers circled around its massive hull, pumping as much damage as they could.

Siberian Squads quickly assembled a rescue fleet of super carriers and force auxiliaries and rushed their own cynosural beacon to the field. A Falcon force recon cruiser uncloaked near the combatants, lighting a cynosural beacon to let through Siberian Squads reinforcements including a full squadron of super carriers, a squadron of force auxiliaries and a couple of squadrons of combat carriers as well as a handful of dreadnoughts. The force auxiliaries entered triage mode in order to transfer shields to the Ragnarok while the rest of the fleet deployed fighters and prepared to destroy the immobile Inner Hell dreadnoughts.

However, the reinforcements fleet had arrived too late. The Inner Hell dreadnoughts managed to strip the titan of its shields and were half way through its armor when the first force auxiliaries landed. By the time they could lock the titan, the ship had bled most of its hull, leading to its destruction. With the titan destroyed, Siberian Squads turned the full attention of its fleet on the dreadnoughts. All ten were quickly brought down by the super carriers’ fighter bombers, though not before they took down a force auxiliary and a combat carrier with them.

With the dreadnoughts destroyed, the swarm of fighters now targeted the battlecruisers. Massively outgunned and with no ability to truly fight the super carrier force, Inner Hell chose to escape. Using its embedded command destroyers, the fleet teleported itself away from the fighter swarm allowing most of the ships to flee the system with the titan’s loot in their cargo holds.

Dispatching a couple of stragglers, Siberian Squads was left in control of the field, and the wreck of the Ragnarok while Inner Hell made it safely back home, concluding another fruitful roam.

The Inner Hell roam, with the battle starting at 3:58.

Battle report for the J7YR-1 system can be found here.

All told, the battle lasted 9 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 150 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Siberian Squads lost 5 ships in the fighting including 1 titan, 1 force auxiliary, 2 combat carriers and a force recon cruiser for a total of 79.94 billion ISK damage.

Inner Hell lost 15 ships, including 10 dreadnoughts and 1 battlecruiser for a total of 27.57 billion ISK damage.

Writer’s note: Siberian Squads have been approached for a comment but did not reply by the time of the article’s publishing.

Featured image credit: Razorien