Siseide system, Heimatar region. On the 27th of February at 12:01 EVE Standard Time, Snuffed Out [B B C] clashed once again with Siege Green. [SGGRN] and its allies in the system.

The war in low security space between Snuffed Out and a coalition of alliances led by Siege Green continues unabated. Though after the first two battles of Siseide the fighting had been contained mostly to skirmishes, on Wednesday it erupted again into a major conflagration. For the third time, Snuffed Out forces lay siege to Siege Green’s main staging system.

The structures the two sides fought over were a Tatara refinery and an Azbel engineering complex. Both structures were set to exit their final reinforcement timer. Snuffed Out assembled a 109 pilot Machariel battleship fleet with force auxiliary support. As had become custom, the fleet arrived first in the system, setting up 50 kilometers away from the structure while bringing a couple of force auxiliaries further away.

Siege Green and its allies including Shoot First. [SFAQL] and Shadow Cartel [SHDWC] formed a 140-pilot Leshak battleship fleet with force auxiliary support. The fleet warped on top of the Snuffed Out fleet, with both sides deciding to engage in a close-range brawl.

Snuffed Out immediately brought five dreadnoughts to help deal with the hostile battleships. With the addition of the dreadnoughts, the combined firepower was enough to burn through the Siege Green hulls, inflicting a constant stream of losses on the defenders. This was not helped by the arrival of a 150 pilot Harpy assault frigate fleet belonging to the Imperium. Snuffed Out had previously requested the aid of the Imperium in the fight, believing Siege Green and its allies would seek aid from other null security space entities in the defense of the structures.

The Harpy fleet landed near the Siege Green battleships and added its firepower to the mix, keeping a close range to the hostile battleships. Pummeled from both sides, the logistics wing of Siege Green was unable to cope with the firepower and contain the bleeding. Siege Green however, chose to focus its firepower on the Snuffed Out capitals, having prepared a few long-range dreadnoughts of its own to shoot at their hostile counterparts from relative safety. In the meantime, the Tatara’s point defense systems were utilized against the Harpy fleet, inflicting many losses throughout of the fight.

After the arrival of the Imperium, Northern Coalition. [NC.] joined in as well. The alliance had made contact with Siege Green’s allies looking for action and, when it learned of the timer, offered its help. Siege Green accepted and the alliance hastily assembled a 40 pilot Ishtar heavy assault cruiser fleet. The force waited for Snuffed Out and the Imperium to engage Siege Green before entering the system and warping in to aid the defenders. However, landing at close range of the combatants, Northern Coalition found itself the target of the two attacking fleets. In rapid succession, its logistics wing was destroyed, forcing the fleet to merge into Siege Green’s so as to receive remote repairs from the force auxiliaries it had deployed on the field.

Northern Coalition added its firepower to the mix, and together with the Siege Green battleships and dreadnoughts were able to destroy Snuffed Out’s dreadnoughts. With the hostile dreadnoughts gone, Siege Green’s own capitals were free to focus their fire on Snuffed Out’s force auxiliaries. This forced Snuffed Out to bring in force auxiliary after force auxiliary to the field as they were constantly destroyed by Siege Green’s dreadnoughts. Siege Green took advantage of this and started focusing on hostile battleships, inflicting some losses on the Snuffed Out fleet. That said, it kept bleeding ships as well, the trade between the two sides finally equalizing for a short time.

Northern Coalition in the meantime maneuvered closer to the Tatara itself, drawing in the Imperium fleet. It was losing ships to Snuffed Out and Imperium guns, though the Tatara was able to inflict some losses in return, hitting the Harpy fleet’s logistic wing in particular.

With losses mounting, Snuffed Out decided to bring in more dreadnoughts to deal with Siege Green’s fleet. Eight new dreadnoughts jumped into the battlefield, entered siege cycles and started targeting the defenders. One of the Siege Green dreadnoughts was also caught in the crossfire, brought down by its hostile counterparts as they materialized close enough to hit it. Siege Green switched targets again to the new arrivals, its remaining dreadnoughts concentrating their firepower on the attackers’ capitals alongside the battleships.

Siege Green was able to destroy the new batch of dreadnoughts, but at a high cost. Throughout the exchange, Snuffed Out was able to keep chewing through mainline battleships, thinning the fleet’s ranks. Though pilots were able to reship due to the system serving as Siege Green’s staging, it still reduced the fleet’s effective firepower. Northern Coalition was in a bad shape as well, with more than half of its fleet destroyed by the attackers. This forced the alliance to withdraw, leaving Siege Green and its local allies to continue to fight on their own.

During the fight, the Tatara was able to initiate self repair and slowly inched towards its completion. However, with only a couple of minutes left to spare, Snuffed Out fleet commanders realized this and had their fleet devote some of its firepower to keep the repair cycle paused and slowly chew through the structure’s enormous amount of hull hit points. With Siege Green forces battered and bruised but still enjoying the anti-capital umbrella that the structure provided, along with the long range dreadnoughts, Snuffed Out decided to get rid of the Tatara first before concentrating on the fight itself.

Thus the battleship fleet concentrated its firepower on the structure itself, slowly eating through its hull until it finally exploded. With the destruction of the Tatara, Siege Green lost both the objective and a significant portion of its anti-capital firepower. Having suffered significant losses throughout the battle, and with rumors of Snuffed Out super capitals logging in as well, the alliance decided to retreat and leave the field to the attackers.

Having destroyed the Tatara, Snuffed Out and the Imperium once again concentrated their firepower on the defenders. Tackling and dispatching stragglers, the two fleets were able to snag a couple of Siege Green’s dreadnoughts and a force auxiliary. Before they could turn their attention to the Azbel though, a small Pandemic Horde [REKTD] Jackdaw tactical destroyer fleet arrived in the system. Once again, Pandemic Horde had spotted the activity in the system and came in an attempt to third party. However with the fighting already done, the two attacking fleet had little difficulty ejecting the tactical destroyers from the grid, dispatching three dozen ships in rapid succession.

With Pandemic Horde retreating as well, Snuffed Out and the Imperium destroyed the Azbel, thus securing both objectives before extracting as well, bringing an end to the fight.

The battle from the perspective of the Snuffed Out battleship fleet.

Battle report for the Siseide system can be found here.

All told, the battle lasted 53 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting 440 people at the peak of the fighting

Siege Green and its allies lost a combined 113 ships including but not limited to 3 dreadnoughts, 1 force auxiliary, 30 battleships and 14 heavy assault cruisers for a total of 84.14 billion ISK damage.
Snuffed Out and the Imperium lost a combined 110 ships including but not limited to 10 dreadnoughts, 9 force auxiliaries, 20 battleships and 5 assault frigates for a total of 81.78 billion ISK damage.


Featured image credit: razorien