R-2R0G system, Pure Blind region. On the 13th of March at 21:26 EVE Standard Time a battle took place over an anchoring Astrahus.

The fighting in the Pure Blind region continues as local residents resist Triumvirate [TRI]’s invasion, drawing the attention of other groups in search of content. This led to a slew of timers on the evening of March 13th which included two anchoring citadels as well as several territorial claim units and infrastructure hubs.

The locals are known as the Pure Blind Madness (PBM) coalition and include alliances such as Banderlogs Alliance [.RU], French ConneXion [FXR] and Old Sch00l [OLDS]. PBM formed a 130 pilot Hurricane battlecruiser fleet to contest a Triumvirate Astrahus anchoring in their staging system of 5ZXX-K. Triumvirate and friends were unable to counter the Hurricane fleet, and the structure was destroyed with minimal losses.

Using this momentum, the fleet proceeded to contest several systems via entosis warfare, destroying a couple of territorial claim units and an infrastructure hub while reinforcing more hostile infrastructure. After this, the fleet moved to the R-2R0G system to destroy the last structure, an Astrahus deployed by The Weekend Warriors [WKEND].

However at this point, the PBM fleet had somewhat shrunk in size. Two hours of constant entosis work with little opposition had caused some pilots to retire for the night, leaving the Hurricane fleet at 80 pilots. Regardless, the fleet continued, planning to destroy the Astrahus before standing down. Thus PBM entered the system and set up near the Astrahus as they waited for it to become vulnerable to open fire.

The Weekend Warriors saw this reduction in their enemy’s size and decided to defend the structure; forming a 40 pilot Nightmare battleship fleet with Free Range Chikuns [ORGNC]. The fleet relied on force auxiliary support and a capital squadron of combat carriers and high angle weapons dreadnoughts to counter PBM’s numerical superiority. A scout lit a cynosural beacon on a perch above the Astrahus and the PBM battlecruisers, allowing the battleships to bridge in with two force auxiliaries.

The Weekend Warriors planned to bring in their capital support near the structure but the PBM fleet reacted quickly, warping to the lit beacon and landing at 30 kilometers off the battleships and opening fire. Reacting quickly, The Weekend Warriors brought in the rest of their fleet and the two sides exchanged fire. The Nightmares – with the aid of the dreadnoughts and the combat carriers’ fighters – were able to dispatch battlecruisers left and right. However PBM had trouble breaking through the force auxiliaries’ remote repairs, and were forced instead to focus on clearing tackle ships.

The Hurricane fleet hastily burned away from the defenders, warping to a tactical in order to regroup before warping back in at the same range as before to restart the fight. Yet once again, the battleships managed to weather the Hurricanes’ artillery barrages, causing the fleet to take more losses as The Weekend Warriors and Free Range Chikuns returned fire.

Retreating again, the PBM fleet warped to a tactical before warping to the Astrahus which started to online. Deciding to further escalate but being mindful of Triumvirate’s scouts, the coalition chose to organize a dreadnought squadron to destroy The Weekend Warriors’ capital support.

The Weekend Warriors were not waiting idly. Their fleet waited for the dreadnoughts to end their siege cycles before aligning to the Hurricane fleet for a warp in. This was slightly delayed by PBM interdictors, which deployed warp disruption probes to buy time for their side to assemble capitals.

Finally clear of the warp disruption probes, the fleet warped at 40 kilometers from the Hurricane fleet and resumed the fight for a third time. This time, PBM were ready to escalate and had a force recon uncloak to light a cynosural beacon near The Weekend Warriors’ capitals. The ship was quickly disposed of and a backup had to be hastily brought to the field, allowing the PBM capitals to materialize on the field. The dreadnoughts entered siege cycles and targeted their counterparts, their capital armaments easily overwhelming their brethren whose high angle weapons proved inadequate in capital warfare.

The battle seemed to turn to PBM’s favor but for a moment. As their dreadnoughts started bringing down The Weekend Warriors capitals a quickly organized response of properly fitted dreadnoughts, escalated the fight into a capital brawl. The two sides exchanged blows, with The Weekend Warriors quickly catching up in capital kills and even starting to overwhelm the PBM capitals.

PBM’s fate was sealed when Triumvirate chose to intervene. The alliance had spotted the capital buildup in PBM’s staging system and quickly assembled a 40 pilot capital force, including combat carriers and nearly three squadrons of dreadnoughts. The fleet contacted The Weekend Warriors while burning a cynosural beacon to the system, lighting it near the PBM capitals and bringing in even more reinforcements for The Weekend Warriors.

With the Triumvirate capital fleet in, the battle was pretty much over. Outnumbered and outgunned, most of the surviving PBM capital ships were quickly brought down by the combined Triumvirate/Weekend Warrior force. The two fleets then turned their attention to the Hurricane fleet which, seeing the demise of their capital force, chose to retreat. Thus, Triumvirate and The Weekend Warriors proceeded to clear the grid of the few remaining hostiles, enabling the Astrahus to online and claim the objective, as well as battlefield victory.

With the battle won, both fleets extracted their capital forces, bringing an end to the fighting.

The battle from the perspective of the Pure Blind Madness fleet. R-2R0G portion begins at the 6:04 mark

Battle report for the R-2R0G system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 29 minutes with the system hosting an estimated 200 pilots at the peak of the fighting and Time Dilation not reported.

Pure Blind Madness lost 52 ships including 10 dreadnoughts, 2 combat carriers and 22 battlecruisers for a total of 31.45 billion ISK damage.

The Weekend Warriors, Free Range Chikuns and Triumvirate lost a combined 21 ships including 6 dreadnoughts for a total of 16.04 billion ISK damage.

Featured image credit: Razorien