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NPSI Spotlight Interview: FUN Inc – Even Better With Friends [EBWF]


NPSI is not some underground capsuleers club with secret handshakes, nods or winks. 

NSPI is not for l337 pilots with a gazillion skillpoints.

NPSI is here – for everyone.

For many, NPSI introduces capsuleers to PVP, and a whole different spectrum of opportunities within EVE online. Like it or not, NPSI is growing, and is here to stay.

NPSI – or Not Purple Shoot It – quite simply, is fleeting up with the mentality of “if you’re not with me, you’re against me”.

Broadly speaking, in EVE, this means that anyone in your fleet (who by default appear as Purple on your overview & brackets) is your friend, and everything else is a valid target.

There are a number of big-name NPSI groups out there. In this new series of articles called “NPSI: Community Spotlight”, we talk to some of the larger, more established NPSI groups. These organisations engage in large fleet warfare, cloaky high-value target hunter gangs, and those that provide newbro friendly content. In addition to established groups there are new and recent additions to the NPSI fold that provide first class small gang content, and those starting out on the NPSI pathway in setting up an NPSI group.

This series is by no means a be-all-and-end-all of the content available out there – it is a representative selection of a group of entities that are recognisable in the NSPI world. If you would like your group to be featured in this segment, please join the NER Discord and contact the writer or an editor.

Our first NPSI Spotlight interview is with keacte of F.U.N. Inc./Even Better With Friends [EBWF].

1. Tell me a bit about your time in EVE Online?

I started playing EVE online in around 2004. I got into EVE via my girlfriend whose brother played EVE & thought that we would like it. My first impressions of EVE were that it was a beautiful world. Not just to look at, but the music, the atmosphere – I loved everything about EVE.

I did the usual things at the start – mining, ratting, missioning, and it soon became a dull, and it wasn’t until around 2005, when I got talking to a close friend at work, when I mentioned EVE online to him and he started playing too.

Roll on 6 or so months, and he was seeing a very different side of EVE – something that I had never appreciated even existed. His name was Rasql and he was one of the European Directors of Agony Unleashed.

After a couple of years of me playing, Rasql suggested that I come on a PVPU Basic Class – it sounded brilliant – and it was. Since then I have become hooked on PVP, and specifically small gang PVP.

I’ve eventually joined a corp called Ghost in the Machine [-GIM-] and focussed on behind enemy lines cloaky weasel guerrilla warfare tactics.

After a fantastic year or so, [-GIM-] sadly went on a semi-permanent hiatus because of a RL relocation of the CEO so I was left in limbo – a game I was loving, but no one to play it with. As I still had very close ties to Agony Unleashed – and this was the obvious new home for me.

Agony Unleashed was something special. It wasn’t just about shooting pixels – obviously that was a large part of it – but it was more about the community – the people, and the fun that we had together.

As with all things, all good things come to an end, and very sadly Agony Unleashed closed its doors for the last time. Once again, I was left in limbo – alone in this beautiful world.

After 9 years in Agony Unleashed, and nearly exactly a year ago to the day, I decided to take the plunge and set up FUN inc / Even Better With Friends.

2. Tell me a bit about your group?

FUN inc / Even Better With Friends [EBWF] was founded in 2018 as a safe haven for small gang pvpers after the demise of Agony Unleashed.

We are a small corporation of predominantly EU TZ small gang PVPers who love roaming, hit and run small gang tactics, and fighting outnumbered, and using our brains to fight, rather than numbers. Leadership is formed 100% of ex-Agony Unleashed members, so whilst we can never replace Agony Unleashed, many of our core values are in alignment. The subtle difference is that we extend our roams to the wider NPSI community, by offering visibility to when we run our fleets so that anyone who joins our discord channel can come out for some small gang action. We also run periodic ‘special events’ such as frigate FFAs, and have more events in the planning stage for the future – indeed, it is our 1 year anniversary roam on 23rd March which you are all invited to attend!

3. How long has your group been around?

We formed around April 2018

4. What is your style of PVP?

We are a PVP corp and community, specialising in nullsec solo and small gang and microgang combat.

5. What do you fly?

Doctrines are kept fairly fluid. As we are still a small corp and NPSI entity, we generally opt for fast kiting gangs, which allow us to engage or disengage when necessary. This could be kitey cruisers, or retributions, however we do sometimes roam in cloaky ships, and have also had the occasional small gang battleship roam.

In the long run, it is my intention to change up fleet styles and fly what people want to fly, so that people want to login and have fun with us. One of the principle aims for me is to have FUN – to take on fights that perhaps we shouldn’t take on, and to not be too risk averse.

6. Who do you cater for?

This is a difficult question – there is no SP threshold, maximum or minimum, and we seek like-minded players to develop, and collaborate together whilst PVPing and having fun. Just so long as people who want to fly with us listen to comms, can follow orders, and come in the right ships everyone is welcome to fly with us. I like to value each other’s ideas, styles and viewpoints, but all I do ask is that people are respectful whilst in fleet with us.

7. Are there any limitations?

The usual doctrines we run are fairly low SP. However the types of gangs we run do require a good level of situational and self-awareness as to your surroundings – something which generally comes after more experience in fleets. I would not want to put a hard cap on who could or shouldn’t come, however, small gang pvp is fairly unforgiving, in that there is a certain level of skill that is needed for it to work. As soon as one person drops the ball, this has a profound impact on the remainder of the fleet, quite often leading to a welp. I do not think we would be the correct group for you if you want to simply jump a gate, lock a target, anchor on the FC, and press F1.

8. How often do you roam?

We roam twice a week – fleets are advertised a few days in advance on our discord channel, and also in game channel “EBWF public”, and generally take place on a Tuesday and Thursdays in EU TZ around 1930 eve time. We also run weekend roams every two or three weeks on a Saturday.

Fleet rally points do vary so it’s worthwhile getting on discord, and to keep an eye out for the pings.

9. Where do you roam?

Planned fleets run out of Orvolle and Berta, and can head to Syndicate, Cloud Ring, Pure Blind, Curse, Catch, Providence, Tenerifis – we are nomadic and try to go where the gud fites are! We have some great in corp skirmishers, and fwends (check out inbetweeners video) that regularly fly with us, and I do always strive to get the guys who login and fly with us content and fights. I can’t always guarantee it, but we do try our best.

10. Why NPSI?

I will be 100% honest with you – NPSI was actually an afterthought for FUN inc / EBWF. As we are actively recruiting in the EU TZ, extending the roams to potential recruits was a way to get potential recruits to come and fly with us, get to see us in action, and to get people on board with some small gang fleets. It was embraced really well by the community, so

I developed this further by creating the fwend status on discord which gave everyone the visibility of when our roams are planned – people can choose to fly with us, or they can choose to be a target in local.

11. What does NPSI mean to you?

NPSI is an opportunity to find new pilots, make new friends, learn new tactics, and have FUN and paint killboards a mixture of colours!

12. How does someone get involved?

Join our discord channel, watch for the ping, get a ship to the fleet rally point, and XUP in “EBWF public” in game for a fleet invite at the start of the fleet. There is also an in-game mailing list at “FUN INC NPSI”.

13. Why choose your group over other NPSI groups?

If you want small gang pvp in a chilled out environment – we are the place for you.

14. What would you like to see CCP do to improve visibility of NPSI communities?

I would love for CCP to develop an interface in game whereby different NPSI groups with a proven track record in delivering events, could apply for ‘partner status’, and advertise fleets in-game.

Currently, FUN inc / EBWF as an NPSI entity has developed by word of mouth alone – off the basis that people have come along to our roams, have had fun, and have told a friend, and then come back for more.

15. How do you see the future of NPSI?

An excellent question! I think NPSI is alive and well. Content from the different NPSI groups is going out daily across all timezones – there is a fantastic variety for newbros, small gangers, and right up to large-scale warfare.

I would love to see NPSI grow even more, and eventually have the ability to take on some of the larger alliances in game.

For FUN inc / EBWF – we are small, but the future is definitely bright.


1. Favourite fight in eve?

The battle of T-RP. Although this fight took place a few years ago, it was a great fight – we formed up Navy Apocs, with a Navy Augoror bait fleet and capital support, where we took a fight against a large Proviblock Battlecruiser gang – 169 ships (19.4b isk) killed for 62 ships (14.5b isk) lost. It was really nice also to meet the opposing FC at fanfest a month later!

2. Favourite type of gang?

Fast roaming sub-battlecruiser shipclass hit and run roaming gangs.

3. Worst welp?

Nothing notable, but I am sure the worst is yet to come!

4. Funniest fight?

I can’t remember the specifics of it, but when I was still in Agony Unleashed, we developed a doctrine called ‘Cheap Fleet’ – it was exactly that. Basically we would YOLO a T1 frigate into Hordes staging system, find a target, escalate, kill or die and rinse and repeat.

More recently when I started FCing we have had numerous fights and roams so picking a specific one is really difficult, but one that sticks in my mind as enjoyable was in PC9 with EVE-UNI. We had about three or four assault frigates, and they had around a half-dozen Feroxes with tackle. Basically we were bouncing grid grabbing targets of opportunity as they were fairly uncoordinated and divided, and although we only eventually killed a I think three or so feroxes, we were outnumbered, and outgunned but left local with our heads held high.

5. Can you describe the problems NPSI face?

I think the principal problem is visibility – currently, a lot of the planning of events that the major NPSI groups do is based out of game – websites, discord and so on – and there is only the outdated chat channels in game to advertise content. Unfortunately, these channels need a lot of micromanagement, updating, and so on to reflect the true status of forthcoming events. As I mentioned earlier, I would love for CCP to develop an interface in game to allow different NPSI groups to apply for ‘partner status’, advertise fleets in-game. I think this would be a fantastic feature for people looking to make new friends, and create new bonds, and enhance the experience of EVE online.

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