The Discourse – Triglavian Capital Shipyards Discovered, Communication Possible

Capsuleer pilots ArcticVoice and Shef Rostov become the first known people to discover and document a mysterious capital construction in tier 5 pockets of Abyssal Deadspace. Are Triglavians still a danger to humainty, or do they plan to fight their war against Azdaja?


  • Hosts: Cyrillian Voth, Elinari Rhodan
  • ARC Logo: Noene Drops
  • Title Animation: Corrin Mor
  • Montage: Jaret Victorian
  • Sound Editing: Cyrillian Voth
  • Camerawork: one anonimous boi
  • Imagery: /u/everbeam
  • Script: Makoto Priano, Cyrillian Voth
  • Eve Online: CCP Games

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