Villasen system, Black Rise region. On the 23rd of March at 20:21 EVE Standard Time, Caldari and Gallente militias violently clashed in the system.

Villore Accords [GMVA], a member alliance of the Federal Defense Union (known as the Gallente militia) had sought to provoke a fight from Salt Farmers [USUCK] which belongs to the rival State Protectorate (known as the Caldari militia). With Salt Farmers owning much infrastructure in the system of Villasen, Villore Accords set about to reinforce it in order to create a slew of timers which would preferably result in a fight.

The structures were mainly planetary customs offices and a couple of Athanor refineries which were scheduled to exit their invulnerability timers during the evening of the 23rd. Villore Accords along with Free Range Chikuns [ORGNC] formed a joint 30 pilot Leshak battleship fleet and traveled to the system. The Weekend Warriors [WKEND] was also informed of the timers in case of a capital escalation, as Salt Farmers had contacts with larger groups such as NullSechnaya Sholupen [-NSH-].

For a while the fleet encountered no resistance and was able to destroy several planetary customs offices and push the first Athanor into its second reinforcement cycle. By the time the fleet had warped to the second Athanor that was coming out of its invulnerability phase, Salt Farmers had assembled their response fleet and were moving to intercept the Leshak fleet.

Salt Farmers had read Villore Accords’ actions as preparation to flip the system from the control of the State to that of the Federation. Since the start of the year the system had already changed hands three times. Thus with Villore Accords hitting its infrastructure, Salt Farmers saw this as a precursor to an invasion and reacted appropriately. The alliance with a few allies managed to gather a 20 pilot Typhoon battleship fleet with force auxiliary support. It had also contacted NullSechnaya Sholupen for aid. NullSechnaya Sholupen responded by gathering 24 pilots, mostly in dreadnoughts and started moving them in range of the system.

The Typhoon fleet warped at range of the Leshak fleet, landing 80 kilometers off and lighting a cynosural beacon to let through its force auxiliaries. The Leshak fleet responded quickly, burning towards the Typhoons and engaging at medium range (40 kilometers). Both sides quickly traded blows, the Leshak fleet managing to destroy a single Typhoon before the force auxiliaries entered their triage mode but afterwards was unable to break through their remote repair cycles.

The Typhoon fleet on the other hand was able to tear through the logistics wing of the Leshaks. With the aid of a high angle weapons dreadnought and a couple of combat carriers, the Typhoon fleet was able to annihilate the Guardian logistics cruisers forming the Leshak fleet’s logistics backbone. This was aided by copious amounts of electronic warfare employed by the refinery itself which disrupted the Guardians’ ability to lock on targets and maintain capacitor transfer chains, leading to many of the ships shutting down due to a lack of available energy. With mounting losses, the Leshak fleet was forced to bring in a force auxiliary to compensate.

Even with the force auxiliary on the field, the Leshak fleet was hemorrhaging mainline ships as Salt Farmers kept bringing in more and more combat carriers, most of them belonging to NullSechnaya Sholupen. The alliance believed the increased capital pressure would force Villore Accords to deploy dreadnoughts of its own, at which point its allies could bring in their dreadnoughts to counter it. Yet the escalation didn’t come as Villore Accords and Free Range Chikuns were hard pressed for pilots. Unable to staunch the bleeding or inflict any damage on their opponents, the Leshak fleet retreated, conceding the field to Salt Farmers.

Salt Farmers having won, started withdrawing their fleet as well. The combat carriers and dreadnought warped off to either dock up or tether in the system. As the Typhoon fleet itself left, only a single force auxiliary remained behind. The ship had lit a cynosural beacon for capital reinforcements and was immobilized for the duration of the cynosural beacon generator’s cycle. Having defeated the Leshak fleet, Salt Farmers didn’t think there was much risk for the ship.

It was proven wrong as a The Weekend Warriors 40 pilot Loki strategic cruiser fleet with force auxiliary support materialized in the system. The strategic cruisers warped to a perch above the battlefield before warping to the stranded force auxiliary and tackling it. Salt Farmers tried to intervene, bringing back its Typhoon fleet as well as its combat carriers.

With the combat carriers entering the fray, Villore Accords and Free Range Chikuns quickly reformed their fleet to aid The Weekend Warriors. With the addition of United Federation of Conifers [.UFC.] the reformed fleet substituted its battleships for dreadnoughts. A cynosural beacon was secured on top of the hostile force auxiliaries and through it came two squadrons of dreadnoughts. Villore Accords and Free Range Chikuns had come back for revenge.

The dreadnoughts materialized on top of the hostile capital ships and entered their siege cycles, opening fire and concentrating on the force auxiliaries. NullSechnaya Sholupen retaliated, bringing in its own dreadnoughts and the battle quickly descended into a capital brawl.

Though NullSechnaya Sholupen had a slight edge in capital numbers, The Weekend Warriors and its myriad of allies held the sub capital advantage. With their sub capitals, the combined Villore Accords/Free Range Chikuns/United Federation of Conifers/The Weekend Warriors force destroyed the Salt Farmers/NullSechnaya Sholupen force auxiliaries. Once the force auxiliaries were gone, the dreadnoughts traded blows while the strategic cruisers aided them by targeting and destroying fighters, thus negating some of the hostile firepower.

The combined fleet continued to receive reinforcements, as The Grey Eagles [-GE.] joined in with 20 more strategic cruisers. Salt Farmers, unable to bring more reinforcements to the field, having lost its logistics backbone and losing fighters, chose to retreat, leaving NullSechnaya Sholupen to continue the fight. NullSechnaya Sholupen decided against retreating, choosing to fight to the bitter end. Thus the dreadnought exchange continued unabated, both sides sticking to their guns for an all or nothing brawl.

The capital exchange however was far from equal. As the battle dragged on, Villore Accords/Free Range Chikuns/United Federation of Conifers lead became more clear. While they kept losing dreadnoughts, they more than made up for it, often destroying two or three in return. Whats more, The Weekend Warriors managed to assemble five more dreadnoughts and bring them to the field. With this, the Villore Accord/Free Range Chikuns/United Federation of Conifers/The Weekend Warriors/The Grey Eagles fleet sealed its victory. Overwhelming the surviving NullSechnaya Sholupen dreadnoughts, the combined fleet dispatched them before turning to the combat carriers.

The few remaining combat carriers retreated, letting the combined fleet to clear the grid of stragglers. With the battle won, the combined fleet extracted its surviving capital ships before withdrawing as well, bringing the battle to a close.

In all the commotion, the Athanor managed to initiate self repairs, thus securing the objective for Salt Farmers.

Battle report for the Villasen system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 36 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 200 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Villore Accords, Free Range Chikuns, United Federation of Conifers, The Weekend Warriors and The Grey Eagles lost a combined 74 ships including but not limited to 12 dreadnoughts, 2 force auxiliaries, 5 battleships and 3 strategic cruisers for a total of 41.92 billion ISK damage.
Salt Farmers and NullSechnaya Sholupen lost a combined 34 ships including 15 dreadnoughts, 2 force auxiliaries, 4 combat carriers and 3 battleships for a total of 48.3 billion ISK damage.