Thakala system, Devoid region. On the 24th of March at 19:56 EVE Standard Time, Providence Bloc and RekkingCrew (RC) clashed over a tackled super carrier.

The events that led to the clash started with a small Providence Bloc task force tracking a RC Nyx. The super carrier pilot had been using the ship to pounce on jump freighters leaving stations in the system, drawing Providence Bloc’s attention.

Providence Bloc assembled a 30 pilot task force to destroy the ship. The fleet included nearly two squadrons of dreadnoughts, a couple of force auxiliaries, heavy interdictors and a Rorqual industrial capital ship to be used as secondary tackle. The fleet waited in Providence Bloc’s staging system to see if the Nyx pilot was active.

Spotting a character the Nyx pilot used to light their cynsoural beacon, Providence Bloc proceeded to jump an Ark jump freighter to the station to bait the Nyx pilot, who took the bait. Lighting their own cynosural beacon near the jump freighter, the RC pilot brought their Nyx into system. With the Nyx landing on grid, the Providence Bloc fleet sprang the trap. A heavy interdictor undocked from the station, used its focused warp scrambler to tackle the ship and lit a cynosural beacon for the task force.

The fleet materialized on the station, the rest of the heavy interdictors quickly secured secondary tackle on the ship as dreadnoughts entered their siege cycles to blast it to smithereens. However the Nyx pilot didn’t panic and using their still lit cynosural beacon, brought in an Apostle force auxiliary to repair the damage and use as a secondary beacon the moment they were tackled. Providence Bloc targeted the Apostle first, dispatching it but not before a 50 pilot RC Leshak battleship fleet managed to bridge on it.

As it turned out, RC had assembled the fleet for another operation but seeing Providence Bloc’s capital movements decided to wait instead and see what the coalition was up to. When their friend got tackled, the fleet quickly secured a titan bridge and jumped to their rescue. The battleships alongside the Nyx targeted the heavy interdictors to free the super carrier while the group started logging in and jumping in their own dreadnoughts to counter Providence Bloc’s.

Providence Bloc was not willing to back down and started calling for reinforcements. Dreadnoughts, combat carriers and force auxiliaries logged in and jumped through the still lit beacon, turning the drop into a full fledged capital brawl. Dreadnoughts landed on the field, entered siege cycles and started blasting each other at close range.

While this was going on, the Leshak fleet succeeded in destroying the initial tackle, leaving only the Rorqual to keep heavy warp scramblers on the Nyx. The ship kept burning away from the Rorqual which had been immobilized as it lit a secondary cynosural beacon for reinforcements, and once it got out of range of the heavy warp scramblers, warped off to safety. Yet losing their prey didn’t matter anymore for Providence Bloc, as it concentrated its attention on the RC dreadnoughts.

The battle quickly devolved into a war of attrition. Dreadnoughts would jump in, enter siege cycles and immediately open fire on their hostile counterparts before getting blown up themselves. They were dropping left and right, neither side managing to develop a clear and distinct advantage in the first few minutes of the battle. However as time went on, Providence Bloc’s fleet numbers swelled and its numerical advantage became more pronounced. The attrition war favored it, as it was able to constantly deploy more and more pilots to the field. Alongside its dreadnoughts and combat carriers, Providence Bloc even started bridging in Machariel battleships to contest the sub capital superiority of RC.

By that point, RC had lost most of its capitals. With Providence Bloc’s dreadnoughts and battleships targeting the Leshak fleet itself, it was time to retreat. The fleet warped off, leaving Providence Bloc in control of the grid. Providence Bloc cleared the remaining stragglers before extracting its own capitals and withdrawing itself, having won the battle but lost the objective.

The battle from the Providence Bloc perspective

Battle report for the Thakala system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 18 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting 210 pilots near the end of the fighting.

RekkingCrew lost 54 ships including 35 dreadnoughts, 6 force auxiliaries, 1 combat carrier and 5 battleships for a total of 98.83 billion ISK damage.

Providence Bloc lost 25 ships, including 20 dreadnoughts for 50.3 billion ISK damage.

Feature image credit: Razorien