NER Local News at 7 o’clock. This is Theodred Alabel, Marsha Mallow and CaseyLP. Good evening. Some headlines for today:

  • Conflict Brewing in the South East
  • Multiple TEST Titans and Supercarriers Destroyed in Esoteria
  • PLEX Price Panic
  • Eve Amsterdam Summary
  • Player-Run Tournaments Announced at EVE Amsterdam


The conflict between Fraternity and Legacy Co has been reportedly brewing for some time in the South East. Origin dropped Black Legion on the 10th, and were understood to be joining Fraternity for a spring deployment. The NIP between Legacy Co and Fraternity was due to end on the 22nd of March, but was announced to be over on the 17th by Vily.

The reason for the early reset was stated by Vily as due to Fraternity supporting the anchoring of a hostile structure in Immensea, breaking the terms of the agreement. Previous leaks have been indicating a campaign in the offing for Legacy, with shifts in agreements between entities hostile to the group.

Fraternity attempted to reinforce sov in Immensea back on March 21st and 22nd in the systems of AC-7LZ and LBA-SO. They also tried to reinforce the latter system again just this morning. It is understood by NER that all attempts to reinforce the sov to this point have been unsuccessful.

One of the most recent clashes came on the 25th, when Russian forces started entosising an IHub and TCU, the main conflict went down in FR46-E. Waiting for the alliance to form up, some FRT locals responded and harassed the attacking forces. Ultimately the FRT response force came in and the entosis ships were killed. After the dust settled, just under 45B ISK was destroyed, near 34B ISK of which was lost by attacking forces in the attempt to reinforce the sovereignty structures.

All accounts of the early skirmishes thus far seem to be the two sides trading blows, with some participants likening the conflict thus far to more of a cold war. New Eden Report will keep you informed as the conflict in the South East continues to unfold.


On March 24, in the system of 0-O6XF in Esoteria, multiple TEST Alliance Please Ignore supercapitals were killed by Snuffed Out forces. This was the culmination of a relationship between the two entities deteriorating over the period of the past few months. New Eden Report previously covered the loss of a TEST titan and Nyx supercarrier during a move op in the system of Hrober.

The situation continued to deteriorate further, when TEST showed up to defend the RekkingCrew Keepstar in Camal. The alliance has an affiliation to Panfam, and it presented an awkward moment when Imperium entities showed up to assist SNUFF for the final timer, discovering that TEST was coming to defend the Keepstar.

In an appearance on the Meta Show on March 23, Vily, a TEST Campaign Commander, explained the confusing decision to defend the Keepstar class citadel as a repayment of debt to RekkingCrew for providing their caps safe passage home. It was also during this show that Hy Wanto, the alliance executive for Snuffed Out made commentary to suggest that there would be more content yet to unfold.

Then on March 24, Inner Hell went to work, forming a Loki fleet and setting out to tackle some rorquals in Esoteria. They found some freighters along the way, and proceeded to tackle these defenseless vessels. TEST Alliances responded by jumping in FAX to save them. When this attempt proved futile, they brought in heavier assets in the form of supercarriers. Eventually, Titans were jumped to the grid in an attempt to push off Inner Hell – and the trap was sprung. A neutral character appeared just off the Titans and lit a cyno of its own, bringing in SNUFF Dreads that had been patiently waiting. Notably, two titans, 8 supercarriers, and 15 Force Auxiliaries were destroyed to the tune of nearly 400B ISK. Snuffed Out and its allies lost 74B ISK in springing the trap. Check out NER’s Salivan Harddin’s in-depth analysis of the battle, which can be read on the website.


On March 19th the price of PLEX reportedly hit 2b for 30 days of game time on sell orders in the Forge, at over 4mil per unit. Prices have been gradually rising for some time, with a noticeable recent spike which is widely believed to be deliberate manipulation by traders and stockpilers.

The last major PLEX or pack sale by CCP was some time ago, and despite requests both from players and the CSM – according to recent minutes, – as yet in 2019 there have been no major sales from CCP.

At the point of writing, the price of PLEX price per unit is 4.169m sell price per unit in the Forge, with noticeably low volume available, causing consternation from players and calls for an intervention or sale from CCP.


Last weekend marked the kickoff of the EVE Invasion World Tour in Amsterdam. Some of the big things that were covered in EVE Amsterdam were:

  • Tech 2 Triglavian ships and Mutaplasmids
    • Nergal Assault Frigate
    • Draugur Command Destroyer
    • Ikitursa Heavy Assault Cruiser
  • Station experience interface: potential updates
  • A brief discussion of EVE Aether Wars
  • A look at new jump effects when jumping into different regions and security status
  • A look at how the new flex structures have done since their introduction
  • Introduction of new pirate implants for the summer
  • A brief update on 64-bit client and DirectX 14
  • A brief discussion of Wardecs

One of the funny moments was an audio mishap, with CCP Burger being the culprit of a hot-mic moment, and all of Twitch having a grand old laugh about it. While there were some reports of audio issues, it is understood by the New Eden Report that the cause of the audio issues during EVE Amsterdam were identified and will be resolved going forward for the upcoming EVE Invasion World Tour locations.

In a comment to NER, Ms Moses, a Director for Streamfleet, who was in charge of running the stream for the event had this to say:
Just before day one’s schedule started we found a slight hiccup with the audio side of the stream, which lead to a delay of the stream starting – and for the duration of Day 1 we experienced intermittent audio desync. A fluctuating network that like to challenge us, which we were able to overcome for Sunday.

Streamfleet also wrote an article reflecting on their experiences at EVE Amsterdam. It is a good read and I recommend you check it out.

The next stop on the EVE Invasion World Tour bus is in Saint Petersburg in Russia. If you will be there, take lots of photos and share them with us!

Images taken during the EVE Invasion World Tour in Amsterdam, Photos provided by the Official EVE Online Twitter Account.


Streamfleet Showdown Invitational 2: April 20th and 27th were announced, if you want more details surrounding the event, you need to get in touch with Jintaan via discord dm or twitter.

Legends of Eve Tournament: A forthcoming 1v1 battleship tournament that is going to be run at some point in the summer! Run by NER’s own Yaar’s Revenge, creator of The Panic Podcast, this tournament will feature 32 capsuleers engaging in mano y mano battleship elimination games. Only one can emerge victoriously and become the first Legend of EVE Tournament victor. If you want to get more information and/or partake in the action: Join their discord, visit their website and register today.  Below is the teaser trailer that was aired during EVE Amsterdam.


Local News:


When the last 1900s were written, New Eden Report discussed the end of the Quiet War in Etherium Reach. It did not take long for conflict to replace the 18-month long war between Unspoken Alliance and Prothean Alliance. Etherium Breach Coalition (Unspoken, Just a Game, Bow Down) has taken to reinforcing the sov in The Spire owned by Brothers of Tangra. Coupled with efforts from Lazerhawks, who have been entosising and blopsing in The Spire and Malpais has brought significant pressure to the regions. Goonswarm Federation and Imperium entities have been reported in the regions lately. However, while the two groups do not have standings, they will generally focus on shooting BOT and Panfam entities over each other. This has drawn the ire of Northern Coalition, who have deployed along with PanFam coalition to the area in an effort to protect their renters from the aggression from the groups.

Simultaneously, Panfam has been reinforcing Unspoken Alliance infrastructure in Etherium Reach, most recently killing a Fortizar in the system of 1ACJ-6. Early on the 28th, Panfam forces proceeded to kill a Marginis Faction Fortizar in the system of SAH-AD owned by Unspoken Alliance. The structure came in valued at 62.5b ISK. Historically, a full eviction of a small group like this has proven to be extraordinarily difficult, and a full fledged eviction of the region seems unlikely at the moment. New Eden Report will keep you informed as the situation in the Dronelands continues to develop.


On March 9th, Katia Sae of Signal Cartel announced her completion of a circumnavigation of all known space in New Eden. On the 20th March CCP arranged for a special visit to the Polaris system, CCP’s home in Jove space, which is normally inaccessible to players. Congratulations to Katia on the accomplishment and the conclusion of a ten-year-long journey.


Streamer Zarvox Toral has announced he is taking a break from regular streaming to the disappointment of many fans. He is not leaving the game permanently and will hopefully return in the future to stream. His previous videos can be found here.


DRONE WALKERS have disbanded and merged into Requiem Eternal.

Caldari Armed Forces. has disbanded, with the main corporation of over 4000 members joining Literally Triggered on March 20th.

Federation Uprising have gained over 350 members with the addition of Thug. and Helghast Empire on March 8th.


March has been a month of big losses in terms of unique/rare ships on Tranquility.

On the 20th a Virtuoso Alliance Tournament ship belonging to MajorJenkins of Goonswarm was destroyed by three members of Greater D.U.S.K. Coalition in Querious. The killmail is notable as the top damage was done by a Procurer, with the pilot reporting it was bait.

The first Virtuoso was piloted by Illyria Mimikry of Literally the Worst Community and destroyed in Stain on March 6th. This kill is also noteworthy because the pilots who killed the ship had also destroyed a Gold Magnate belonging to Jalep Malukker of Ganja Labs the day before in Placid.

Euqebrab Tsoluoy lost an officer fit Nestor in Tama on the 19th. This would not normally be a notable kill, but the pilot appears to fly highly valued ships in areas known for gate-camping, and later the same day lost a Marshall. The pilot appears to be taking the loss well and will continue to try to get into the game.

Wrecking Machine. Pilots destroyed a ‘Prometheus’ Fortizar in Eust, Metropolis, on the 16th. This is the eleventh destroyed on Tranquility and the first of 2019.

On March 7th a Whiptail piloted by bigsharkbait of LEGIO ASTARTES ARCANUM was destroyed in HY-RWO, Catch. The pilot posted a memorial to the ship – which was named Bigsharkbait’s Crow. This is the seventh Whiptail destroyed on Tranquility and the first in 2019. 

On March 5th an Ark piloted by LINKIN HY of Fraternity University was destroyed by PornMaker of Snuffed Out in Ignoitton, Sinq Laison. The Ark contained two Vanquisher blueprints – the faction Erebus – and neither dropped as loot. Only three Vanquishers have been destroyed on Tranquility since 2017, and as yet, none in 2019. The Ark pilot is reported to have lost 14 Jump Freighters and has a zkill loss of over 400b ISK (not including the value of the Vanquisher prints).

On the 3rd of March a Komodo belonging to Gallant Ronuken of TEST Alliance was destroyed. This is the first Komodo – a faction Leviathan – destroyed on Tranquility, although a Komodo in build is thought to have been destroyed whilst in build.

That’s the news in New Eden. Thanks for reading.

If there are inaccuracies in any of the above, please let us know so that they can be fixed.


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