Genesis region. On the 28th of March at 16:07 EVE Standard Time, the battle for Genesis supremacy took center stage once again in New Eden.

The war between Shoot First. [SFAQL]/Infinity Avenger [AVDOT] and LowSechnaya Sholupen [-LSH-]/White Sky. [W.SKY] over control of the Genesis region has been going on for months. Though not always at the forefront of the New Eden media, the two sides have continued regardless to clash in their struggle for regional supremacy. That struggle seemingly came to a conclusion on the 28th when the GenesisCrew (Infinity Avenger and other Chinese speaking allies, known as GC for short) with support of Shoot First and Domain Research and Mining Inst. [ART0N] launched an all out assault against LowSechnaya Sholupen/White Sky’s infrastructure, including their two staging Fortizar citadels.

A slew of timers created over the week resulted in the two staging Fortizars of White Sky entering their final reinforcement timer. Their destruction would cripple the two alliances’ operational ability in the area, thus breaking their hold on the region and allowing Shoot First to seize it for itself. Knowing the importance of these timers, both sides prepared for an all-out battle which at its end, only one could stand victorious.


The Battle of Lela

The first flashpoint would be in the system of Lela. The first staging Fortizar for LowSechnaya Sholupen was scheduled to exit its final reinforcement cycle that afternoon, and the two sides prepared accordingly.

GC/Shoot First forces assembled 135 pilots in two fleets, a 52 GC pilot Machariel battleship fleet and a 73 Shoot First/Domain Research and Mining Inst pilot faction battleship fleet, primarily Bhaalgorn and Leshak variants with a few force auxiliaries and dreadnoughts in reserve. Three more squadrons of dreadnoughts were also secured for the battle. Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] had been contacted for further reinforcements and brought a 68 pilot Ferox battlecruiser fleet.

LowSechnaya Sholupen and White Sky. assembled a joint Typhoon battleship fleet estimated at 40 pilots to defend the structure and secured the aid of the Final Reunion coalition (an amalgamation of various Russian speaking alliances such as Red Alliance [RED] and Legion of xXDEATHXx [X.I.X]) which brought an estimated 140 pilot Muninn heavy assault cruiser fleet. The defenders also had a dozen dreadnoughts in case of an escalation.

The battle began with the attacking Machariel fleet entering the system and setting up on the Fortizar, ready for it to exit its invulnerability stage. LowSechnaya Sholupen/White Sky brought in its fleet a few moments later, bridged to a perch on the grid and waited for the Final Reunion fleet to arrive. In the meantime the Bhaalgorn/Leshak fleet came to reinforce the Machariels, landing a mere 60 kilometers from its allies. Once the structure became vulnerable, the two attacking fleets opened fire and started chipping away at its hull.

This caused the Typhoon fleet to warp at 50 kilometers from the attacking fleets and open fire. The two sides exchanged fire briefly, the Bhaalgorn/Leshak fleet using the opportunity to bring in three force auxiliaries to serve as its logistics wing. With the force auxiliaries on the field and being at a huge numerical and firepower disadvantage, the Typhoon fleet broke off, warped back to its ping and waited as the attackers concentrated fire again on the vulnerable citadel.

A few minutes passed with little action when the Typhoon fleet once again warped close to the attackers, landing near their force auxiliaries and opening fire. Before the attackers could push the Typhoons out again, the Final Reunion Muninn fleet entered the system and warped to the citadel, landing around 60 kilometers from the attackers and opening fire. The fight was on.

The two sides traded heavy blows, with the Bhaalgorn/Leshak fleet receiving the brunt of the damage. Even with force auxiliaries on the field, the fleet was unable to hold against the combined firepower, resulting in a constant stream of losses as more and more mainline ships were lost to the Muninn and Typhoon barrages. The two attacking fleets returned fire, managing to destroy a few defending mainline ships but losing much more in the process.

By then the Goonswarm Federation fleet finally arrived at the system and warped at range of the Muninn fleet. The battlecruisers opened fire, targeting and thinning the ranks of the Muninn fleet’s logistics wing. Yet even with the addition of the Goonswarm Federation’s Ferox fleet, it seemed the sub-capital fight was going badly for the GC/Shoot First side.

LowSechnaya Sholupen, seizing the advantage, lit a cynosural beacon near the attackers’ force auxiliaries and brought in a dreadnought to destroy them and further cement its lead. It was at this point that the attackers made a fateful decision. Losing the sub-capital exchange and knowing LowSechnaya Sholupen would have its own capital counter, the attackers decided to focus fire on the dreadnought and bring three more of their own to dispatch it quickly and save their force auxiliaries.

After a few more sub-capital exchanges, LowSechnaya Sholupen dropped the hammer, bringing in its capital reserves to the field. The attackers responded in kind, and a capital brawl ensued on the Fortizar. Dreadnoughts materialized on the field, entered siege cycles and targeted one another, adding to the bloody exchange that was already happening between the sub-capitals. However while the defenders seemed to be winning the sub-capital engagement, drawing more and more blood from the attackers with relatively few losses in return, the same couldn’t be said about the dreadnought brawl.

With their numerical superiority, the attackers were able to trade dreadnoughts far more favorably, destroying two for each one they lost. It didn’t take long for the LowSechnaya Sholupen dreadnought force to be dispatched by the attackers, leaving them in control. With the defending capitals removed, the attackers decided to extract their own capitals as fast as possible, as their sub-capital force continued to be decimated by the defenders. That said, a couple of dreadnoughts were told to continue siege cycles and target the Fortizar to quickly bring it down at all costs, as securing the objective came first.

Thus, the dreadnoughts kept pummeling the structure while the sub-capital battle raged on. Thanks to the intervention of the Ferox fleet, the tide of losses seemed to have shifted slightly, with the Muninn fleet hemorrhaging logistics cruisers and mainline ships at a growing pace. That said, the Bhaalgorn/Leshak fleet was in tatters, though losing ships at a much slower pace compared to the defenders, it was still bleeding ships and had lost much of its firepower in the exchange. It was on the verge of annihilation.

Finally, the Fortizar caved into the combined firepower of the attackers and exploded, allowing GC/Shoot First to secure the objective. With the Fortizar destroyed and losses mounting, the attackers decided to retreat, trying to extract as many capitals as they could while under constant fire from the defenders who were pressing their advantage fully and tackling some of the capital ships. The attackers managed to withdraw the bulk of their surviving capital ships, leaving a few dreadnoughts and force auxiliaries behind as acceptable losses. Thus they withdrew, allowing LowSechnaya Sholupen, White Sky and its allies to take control of the field.

With the attacking battleship fleets in full retreat, the defending fleets turned their attention to the Ferox fleet. After a few bruising losses, the battlecruisers withdrew as well, allowing the defenders to secure the field. Thus the first of the two flashpoints in the war for Genesis supremacy ended.

The battle from the perspective of the Shoot First capitals.

Battle report for the Lela system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 41 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 480 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

LowSechnaya Sholupen, White Sky and the Final Reunion coalition lost a combined 65 ships including 10 dreadnoughts, 2 combat carriers, 2 battleships and 18 heavy assault cruisers for a total of 49.43 billion ISK damage.
GenesisCrew, Shoot First and their myriad of allies lost a combined 76 ships including but not limited to 13 dreadnoughts, 2 force auxiliaries, 33 battleships and 18 battlecruisers for a total of 57.34 billion ISK damage.

The Battle of Chej

The second flashpoint would be in the system of Chej. The last White Sky staging Fortizar in the region was set to exit its final invulnerability period. Its destruction could mean the end of LowSechnaya Sholupen/White Sky’s hold on the region.

The citadel itself, however, would come out of its reinforced mode merely a couple of hours after the major battle of Lela, where both sides had exhausted themselves in a lengthy and bloody battle. Worse yet for the attackers, while the Lela Fortizar was unfitted, the Chej one had been configured against capital ships, meaning any capital advantage the coalition held would be negated by the structure itself.

Thus, the GC/Shoot First crew decided on a change of tactics, gathering 80 pilots in Rokh battleships. Scouts were sent ahead of time to bookmark pings and perches around the structure for the battleships to use. Goonswarm Federation was also notified and prepared a 70 pilot Hurricane battlecruiser fleet to aid GC/Shoot First forces.

LowSechnaya Sholupen and White Sky prepared their own defensive fleet, gathering a 60 pilot Loki strategic fleet. They also secured several dreadnoughts fitted with high angle weapons to counter GC/Shoot First’s numerical superiority.

The two attacking fleets were the first in the system, setting up near the Fortizar and waiting for it to exit its invulnerability phase. Once the structure became vulnerable, they opened fire and slowly chipped at its hitpoints. By the time the Fortizar was in half structure, LowSechnaya Sholupen forces entered the system and landed on the Hurricane fleet.

What happened next was a game of cat and mouse as the two attacking fleets kept skirmishing with the strategic cruisers, never committing and forcing the defenders to keep chasing them. After several attempts by the strategic cruisers to force an engagement, it seemed like both the Hurricane and Rokh fleets were ready to commit, warping at medium range of the strategic cruisers and opening fire.

LowSechnaya Sholupen decided to respond quickly, bringing a force auxiliary and a couple of high angle weapon dreadnoughts to the field. However, this turned out to be a rouse by the attackers, who wanted to immobilize the defenders. With the strategic cruisers forced to remain by their capitals, the two fleets warped away to new perches and resumed firing at the Fortizar.

After a constant barrage from the Rokhs and Hurricanes, the structure gave in and exploded, securing the objective for the attackers. Having lost the structure, LowSechnaya Sholupen/White Sky forces decided to withdraw rather than continue the engagement, leaving the grid in the hands of Shoot First/GC and Goonswarm Federation, who used the opportunity to loot the field before extracting, thus bringing a close to hostilities in the region.

The battle of Chej from the perspective of the GC/Shoot First fleet

Battle report for the Chej system can be found here.

All told, the battle lasted 27 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 250 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

LowSechnaya Sholupen and allies lost 22 ships combined, including 4 strategic cruisers for a total of 6.6 billion ISK damage.
GC and Goonswarm Federation lost a combined 23 ships including 6 battleships and 2 battlecruisers for a total of 2.14 billion ISK.


All told, it seems GC/Shoot First forces have managed to win their final push against White Sky and LowSechnaya Sholupen in Genesis, destroying their staging citadels though at a steep price. Besides the two Fortizars, GC/Shoot First forces also managed to destroy two refineries, push four more into their final reinforcement timer and dispatch two engineering complexes, further crippling White Sky infrastructure in the region. All of these were uncontested by LowSechnaya Sholupen and White Sky forces.

Whether White Sky and its ally LowSechnaya Sholupen abandon the Genesis region or regroup and launch a counter attack is unknown, but from what it seems so far, GC/Shoot First forces are poised to take possession of the region.

New Eden Report will keep you posted on further developments in the war for Genesis supremacy.