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NPSI Spotlight Interview: Bombers Bar


NPSI is not some underground capsuleers club with secret handshakes, nods or winks. 

NSPI is not for l337 pilots with a gazillion skillpoints.

NPSI is here – for everyone.

For many, NPSI introduces capsuleers to PVP, and a whole different spectrum of opportunities within EVE online. Like it or not, NPSI is growing, and is here to stay.

NPSI – or Not Purple Shoot It – quite simply, is fleeting up with the mentality of “if you’re not with me, you’re against me”.

Broadly speaking, in EVE, this means that anyone in your fleet (who by default appear as Purple on your overview & brackets) is your friend, and everything else is a valid target.

There are a number of big-name NPSI groups out there. In this new series of articles called “NPSI: Community Spotlight”, we talk to some of the larger, more established NPSI groups. These organisations engage in large fleet warfare, cloaky high-value target hunter gangs, and those that provide newbro friendly content. In addition to established groups there are new and recent additions to the NPSI fold that provide first class small gang content, and those starting out on the NPSI pathway in setting up an NPSI group.

This series is by no means a be-all-and-end-all of the content available out there – it is a representative selection of a group of entities that are recognisable in the NSPI world. If you would like your group to be featured in this segment, please join the NER Discord and contact the writer or an editor.

This weeks NPSI Spotlight interview is with Nova Valentis of Bombers Bar.

  1. Tell me a bit about your group?

We are a community of people that like to fly cloaky ships and blow things up!

  1. How long has your group been around?

The Channel was created in 2009. So approximately 10 years. It was created in an effort to exchange experiences with bombers, but soon turned to be the first NPSI channel as we know them today. There used to be some other NPSI fleets before that, but not on a daily basis. Out of the Bombers Bar channel grew spin offs like “condor bar” and “Spectre Fleet”.

  1. What is your style of PVP?

We use a mixture of hit and run tactics and to certain extend grid control via ewar and longer engagements with logistics. Used to also do gate and jump bridge camping.

  1. What do you fly?

We fly mostly cloaky ships. Bombers, Recons, T3Cs, SoE ships, Interdictors (with cloak) Blockade Runners etc.

  1. Who do you cater for?

Everyone. And it shows that all types of players join. People from HS, LS, NS and wormhole space. We have a special place in our hearts for newbros tho.

  1. Are there any limitations?

Yes, covert ops cloaking device. That’s the base requirement.

  1. How often do you roam?

From a few times per week to several times per day, it is fluctuating.

  1. Where do you roam?

Almost all fleets form up in HS, but we mostly hunt and engage in Nullsec. That means no standing loss for anyone, no issues if someone is criminal. Sometimes we take targets of opportunities in lowsec and some fleets almost only hunt in wormhole space.

  1. Why NPSI?

That is the principle spirit of our channel. Everyone is welcome to join, just to have fun.

  1. What does NPSI mean to you?

A more casual playstyle without any obligations. More real life friendly since you can come and go whenever you want.

  1. How does someone get involved?

Join the in game channel: “Bombers Bar
All necessary information should be linked there. Only requirement is a cov. ops cloak.

  1. Why choose your group over other NPSI groups?

If you’re interested in cloaky warfare (bombing, whaling etc) it’s definitely the place to be.
-Most & biggest capital kills.
-Variety of fleet types, from small scale to big fleets.
-High fun per hour.
-Obombercare™ (a ship replacement program sponsored by the loot of our victims).

  1. What would you like to see CCP do to improve visibility of NPSI communities?

Bombers Bar ship skins! We don’t really have a problem with visibility, but a bigger community team would be nice, since it was great to work with them before the PA acquisition layoffs. Bombers Bar ship skins!

  1. How do you see the future of NPSI?

I think it will be more or less as it has always been. It’s growing with some ups and downs along the way, but generally NPSI groups seem to grow. New are the bigger amount of “one-man-shows” mostly revolving around streamers.


  1. Favourite fight in eve?

There is a lot of really great fights that come to mind. Some were with 10 bombers and recons, some with 100 or more like the epic M-O Keepstar bombing runs that broke all records. It really just depends on how much fun you had.

  1. Favourite type of gang?

Underdog, whatever type, it’s awesome when a few bombers wreck a 200 man fleet. Or when there is a lot of capitals on grid and you’re really not supposed to win on paper but manage to get that one super down before you have to leave.

  1. Worst welp?

We had a bunch of funny whelps, not sure which one was the funniest. Probably when the FC is raging a lot afterwards. Compared to what we kill a bomber fleet is not expensive, plus we got Obombercare™ for that.

  1. Funniest fight?

So many! Once a 11 year old newbro got a final blow on a goon “sky marshal”. Or a first time pvp pilot, never been on any fleet who got to kill a supercarrier and a couple of rorquals on his first fleet. Those reactions just stick in your head.

  1. Can you describe the problems NPSI face?

I think in terms of nullsec stuff a lot of groups, not only NPSI, have the issue that there is a lot of empty space and a few regions that have massive capital umbrellas. It used to be much more spread out and people were more hesitant to drop 20 Titans on a 10 man Frigate gang. Even tho Bombers Bar has less of an issue with it than other groups it’s not good for the game.

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