WMH-SO system, Fountain region. On the 5th of April at 19:25 a small super capital convoy belonging to Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] was ambushed in the system by forces belonging to Delve Pest Control Inc [DPCI] and their myriad of allies.

The incident started when Delve Pest Control Inc discovered a mining operation in the Fountain region. Around 8 Rorqual industrial capital ships, as well as a Ragnarok titan, were spotted in anomalies by the alliance, prompting them to call allies such as WE FORM V0LTA [GLHF] who formed a 40 pilot Legion strategic cruiser fleet in order to destroy them. Capital assistance was also hastily secured from a variety of groups living in and near the region.

Scouting a route through wormhole space to the area, the alliance hurried to the system only to discover the ships gone, having finished their operation and departed. Preparing to travel back to its staging system, the Legion fleet was alerted to an Avatar titan traveling through gates from the Delve region. Interdictors were quickly sent to nab it as it traveled through the Basilisk constellation which forms a pipeline from Delve into Fountain.

According to sources, a Goonswarm Federation corporation was moving super capital assets to the area in order to settle down in the region. These included four titans, a super carrier and only a few force auxiliaries which traveled via gates from Delve to Fountain. Neither Imperium high command or The Initiative. [INIT.] who live in the area were informed of this.

The Avatar was caught in the WMH-SO system as it uncloaked, trapped on the LGBI-2 gate. The Legion fleet quickly pounced on it, lighting a cynosural beacon for a squadron of dreadnoughts as more groups were contacted for further reinforcements. The dreadnoughts materialized on the field, entered siege cycles and started to blast the tackled titan, slowly taking chunks of armor off of it.

Before the Legion fleet could dispatch the Avatar it lit a cynosural beacon allowing a Ragnarok titan to jump into the system, alongside an Apostle force auxiliary. Both ships were quickly tackled by the disbelieving Legion fleet which proceeded to apply energy neutralizers to the force auxiliary, shutting it down and preventing it from activating its remote armor repairs. By then, the fleet had around 40 dreadnoughts on the field as groups such as GaNg BaNg TeAm [U MAD] and LowSechnaya Sholupen [-LSH-] joined the fray with their capitals.

The dreadnoughts switched targets from the afflicted Avatar to the Ragnarok which presented a squishier target, bringing it down quickly. With the Ragnarok destroyed, the dreadnoughts went back to finish the Avatar, dispatching it as well. The titans did return fire, managing to destroy a few dreadnoughts in the process but by this point, it didn’t matter.

Before the Legion fleet could turn their attention to the Apostle, two more titans jumped into the system, an Avatar and Ragnarok accompanied by two force auxiliaries and a Nyx super carrier. All five ships were tackled as well as the dreadnoughts continued their siege cycles and focused on the new arrivals. The titans attempted to use bosonic field generators to clear the sub-capitals from the field but missed their shots, only hitting a single Legion and a Falcon force recon which promptly exploded.

By this point, the Imperium became aware of the situation as kill feeds started showing the losses in the system. The Initiative was quickly contacted and organized a super capital rescue fleet which hurried a cynosural beacon to the system in order to jump in and save the stricken titans as well as destroy the ambushers.

However, it was too late. The Legion fleet and their dreadnoughts, further reinforced by a 30 pilot Pandemic Horde [REKTD] stealth bomber gang which spotted the commotion, had little problem destroying the super capitals and their few force auxiliaries. The Legions proved invaluable as their energy neutralizers kept all the force auxiliaries dry of energy and thus completely ineffective. The dreadnoughts and stealth bombers at the same time kept bombarding the titans and super carrier, destroying them with little resistance.

Finally, a cynosural beacon lit up near the gate, heralding the arrival of Initiative forces. Titans, super carriers and capital ships materialized on the field, targeting the immobilized dreadnoughts of the Legion fleet. Since most of the dreadnoughts were still in their siege cycles, there was little they could do to escape, a fact which the Initiative exploited well. Doomsday weapons and fighter bombers descended upon them destroying a good portion of the ships within the first couple of minutes.

The defensive fleet was too late; the titans and super carrier had already been destroyed, allowing the ambushers to achieve their goal. Those dreadnoughts that could, quickly jumped out or warped off but the vast majority would be destroyed by the Initiative, though their pilots knew this beforehand. The Legion and stealth bomber fleets used the opportunity to beat a hasty retreat, leaving the Initiative to clear the grid of stragglers and immobilized dreadnoughts.

Once the few remaining attackers were destroyed, the Initiative was left in control of the field, as well as the wrecks of four titans and a super carrier. The rescue operation a failure, the alliance and its allies extracted their own fleet, bringing an end to the fighting.

The battle from the perspective of the Legion fleet

The battle report for the WMH-SO system can be found here.

All told the battle 21 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting 260 pilots near the end of the fighting.

The Imperium lost 19 ships in the engagement, including 4 titans, 1 super carrier and 4 force auxiliaries for a total of 375.46 billion ISK damage.

Delve Pest Control Inc, WE FORM V0LTA and their allies lost a combined 54 ships, including 38 dreadnoughts, 1 combat carrier and 1 strategic cruiser for a total of 80.89 billion ISK damage.

Featured image credit: razorien