Huola system, the Bleak Lands region. On the 6th of April at 18:07 EVE Standard Time, the system erupted into violence as Pen Is Out [WANGS] and Did he say Jump [DHSJ] clashed over a citadel.

The citadel in question was an Astrahus belonging to Smile ‘n’ Wave [WAVE], a Tribal Liberation Force (Minmatar militia) member alliance. Pen Is Out had previously reinforced the structure in order to illicit a fight from the alliance and had a sub capital squadron of Bhaalgorn battleships with an Apostle force auxiliary serving as the logistics wing. The force set up near the citadel and waited for Smile ‘n’ Wave to appear.

Smile ‘n’ Wave mustered an estimated 20 pilot Machariel battleship fleet. The force warped to a perch away from the Pen Is Out force. Remaining at long range, the Smile ‘n’ Wave Machariels started firing on the Pen Is Out battleships. However thanks to the force auxiliary they were unable to break the tank of the ships.

Did he say Jump spotted the fight and quickly formed their own fleet. They managed to gather 20 pilots in a Bhaalgorn fleet and made haste to the system. Upon entering, they warped on top of the Pen Is Out force and opened fire. The two fleets brawled for a bit, neither side managing to break the other. Finally Pen Is Out brought three Revelation dreadnoughts armed with high angle weapons. The ships materialized on the grid, entered their siege cycle and started targeting Did he say Jump and Smile ‘n’ Wave ships.

With the dreadnoughts entering the equation, Did he say Jump started suffering losses as the high angle weapons tracked and hit the battleships, causing immense damage. As several battleships fell to the capitals’ barrages, Did he say Jump decided to retreat, warping its fleet out with Smile ‘n’ Wave following suit, losing a Machariel as well to the dreadnoughts. Pen Is Out remained on the grid, waiting for the two to return and continue the fight.

In the meantime the citadel exited its invulnerability phase and initiated self repairs. Pen Is Out allowed it to repair itself, as they were more interested in a fight.

Did he say Jump re-organized, getting more pilots as well as dreadnoughts ready. Once they had the necessary pilots, they returned to the grid. Working with Smile ‘n’ Wave which returned to the grid as well, the two confroning Pen Is Out head on. The Did he say Jump fleet warped back on top of the Pen Is Out fleet and lit a cynosural beacon, bringing in nine dreadnoughts to counter Pen Is Out’s force auxiliary and high angle weapon dreadnoughts.

Pen Is Out reacted immediately, bringing in a dreadnought squadron of their own to the field as the battle descended to a capital brawl. Capital ships jumped in, activated siege cycles then opened fire on their hostile counterparts.

The dreadnought exchange proved bloody as both sides traded ships, neither managing to achieve superiority as they kept funneling more ships into the battle. Pilots would either log in or having lost their ship, re-ship to a new dreadnought and jump back into the fray. This continued for a few minutes as losses mounted, the grid becoming littered with the wrecks of capitals.

However as the minutes wore on, Did he say Jump began to emerge as the winner. They were able to dispatch more of Pen Is Out’s dreadnoughts and finally gain a numerical advantage against their adversary. Realizing that they were losing ground, Pen Is Out decided to retreat, warping out their remaining ships as Did he say Jump and Smile ‘n’ Wave pressed their advantage.

With Pen Is Out in retreat, Did he say Jump and Smile ‘n’ Wave quickly dispatched the few stragglers that remained before extracting their capital ships and busying themselves with looting the grid. Once all capital assets had been safely evacuated and the wrecks salvaged, Did he say Jump departed, closing the curtain on the battle.

Battle report for the Huola system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 42 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 150 pilots at the height of the fighting.

Did he say Jump and Smile ‘n’ Wave lost 35 ships in the engagement, including 10 dreadnoughts and 8 battleships for a total of 30.38 billion ISK damage.

Pen Is Out lost 28 ships in the engagement, including 13 dreadnoughts, 2 force auxiliaries and 3 battleships for a total of 47.06 billion ISK damage.

No Vacancies [NVACA] lost 2 dreadnoughts in the engagement for a total of 5.99 billion ISK damage. Though Pen Is Out claims they were not with their fleet, thus acting as a third party, Did he say Jump maintain they shot only Did he say Jump capitals.

Featured image credit: razorien