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  • Legacy declares war on WinterCo – 4th April
  • Guerilla campaign heating up in the North-East
  • Imperium Titans destroyed in Fountain – 5th April
  • Brisc Rubal removed from CSM 13 – 8th April
  • Lowsec brawls – 1st-7th April


On Thursday 4th April, Progodlegend announced:

Today Legacy Coalition is officially declaring war on Winter Coalition.

As we have previously reported, tensions have been rising between the groups for some time. The NIP between Legacy and WinterCo was rescinded by Legacy a couple of weeks before the formal end date due to disputes between the parties.

The TEST statement indicates that WinterCo are likely to be supported by skill urself, Black Legion (who have recently merged into the Origin corp and joined Fraternity), Siege Green and Pandemic Horde, with possible assistance from Panfam.

Legacy pilots have been ordered to set their death clones, shield supers and titans to 08-N7Q, Immensea. Fraternity are currently based in IAS-I5 (Detorid) and skill urself are in C-J6MT (Insmother). Deployments are anticipated by various parties, opening up potential impromptu battles during move-ops.

Progod wrapped up the address with an instruction to expect a protracted campaign. This opens up a new major front in nullsec with overlapping participants and is already generating fights involving large numbers of pilots inflicting heavy ISK damages.

On 5th April at around 1000 a battle began with over 1k players in Detorid. An AAR for the fight reports that Legacy reinforced 2 ihubs and Fraternity engaged in large numbers during a local national holiday. With over 900 people in system on an unreinforced node, the server performed surprisingly well. Legacy inflicted 130b ISK in damages and sustained 35b, while the ihub timers were successfully defended by WinterCo.

Later the same day at around 1800 Inner Hell tackled some Fraternity Rorquals in VD-8QY, Insmother. When the defenders countered by dropping supers, Inner Hell called in Legacy to assist. Legacy brought a dread fleet and destroyed two titans, 2 supercarriers and 20 FAX, losing 81 dreads in the battle. The final toll stands at 276b lost by WinterCo vs 180b lost by Legacy/Inner Hell for a total of over 450b.

*Apologies in advance here if any groups have been omitted. Now would be a great time to get a comprehensive list from both sides, so feel free to get in touch with corrections.


Unspoken Alliance and Lazerhawks have been attacking Brothers of Tangra space in the Spire, with recent assistance from Goonswarm SIGs deployed in the area.

B0T is the rental arm of Northern Coalition. who temporarily deployed to the area in defence, but have subsequently returned to their Northern base. B0T have lost 41 systems in the Spire in the last 30 days and the situation is reportedly causing tensions between renters and NCdot over unpaid rental bills – although, with 138 remaining systems, renters may be able to relocate. Upcoming timers indicate that Unspoken sov in Etherium Reach is now being reinforced.

Goonswarm have recently announced a new rental initiative in Period Basis which is designed to offer space to renters at steep discounts – with the intention to undercut existing rental empires held by rivals. This conflict is a hybrid involving local residents attacking a distant landlord, and economic warfare targeting income streams.

In addition to sov changes, a significant number of structures have been destroyed by both sides. During their deployment to the area in late March, NCdot destroyed a number of hostile fortizars belonging to Unspoken and Goonswarm in Etherium Reach and Malpais. On the 28th March, they also destroyed a ‘Marginis’ fortizar owned by Unspoken. On the 2nd April in a fight over a fortizar in LXQ2-T over 70b was destroyed and the structure survived a hull timer. Goonswarm lost a Sotiyo in 06-70G on the 3rd. Later that day a brawl in 5LAJ-8 saw over 500 participants and around 36b destroyed – including a B0T Sotiyo – with Horde and allies taking the brunt of the losses. On the 4th April B0T lost 40b in renter member structures in AG-SYG and C6C-K9. Structure operations continue to present, with several destroyed on the 8th in A-J6SN and 4DH-ST.

*If there are any errors/omissions in this section, or if you have intel about this conflict, please get in touch with NER.


On the 5th April, a group of Goonswarm titans and a Nyx were scouted traveling without a support fleet through Fountain by a hostile whaling fleet. Attacking forces included Delve Pest Control Inc, WE FORM V0LTA and allies. An Avatar was tackled in WMH-SO, and the rest of the group cyno’d in to support it. Local defenders formed a defensive fleet, which arrived in time to destroy some of the attacking dreadnoughts, but too late to save the tackled titans and supers.

The Imperium lost four titans, a Nyx and 4 FAX for 375.46b ISK damage vs 80.89b ISK sustained by the attackers. A detailed battlereport of this fight by Salivan can be found on the NER site.


A devblog was released by CCP Dopamine on 8th April titled ‘Brisc Rubal removed from the CSM 13‘.

The Dev blog statement includes:

It is with great disappointment that I bring you the following news. Brisc Rubal has been found to be sharing confidential information with a member of his alliance that was later used by another alliance member to conduct illicit in-game transactions. As a result, the following actions have been taken:

  • Brisc Rubal has been removed from his role as a CSM 13 representative effective immediately and will not be able to run in any future CSM elections.
  • All his in-game accounts have been permanently banned from the game.
  • Two other players involved in this incident have received a one-year ban.
  • All the illicit assets and ISK gained from this incident have been confiscated.

To be fully transparent, this misconduct was brought to us by the CSM themselves as an immediate threat to the integrity of the CSM as an institution.

In the feedback thread on the EVE forums, CCP Dopamine confirmed that as the elections for CSM 14 are due shortly, the remaining term for CSM 13 will be completed with 9 members.

Brisc Rubal is a member of the Initiative and the two players involved have been confirmed as Dark Shines and Pandoralica, FCs in the same alliance. In a statement on reddit, Brisc denied the allegations and the subreddit has exploded as players speculate over the incident.


On the 1st April at around 0100 a fight broke out between Snuffed Out and Theran Alliance/Darkness in Olettiers, Sinq Laison. The fight is notable due to the disparity in numbers, with Snuffed and allies successfully destroying a large portion of the hostile fleet. An AAR from the Snuff perspective can be found here. Theran Alliance have subsequently lost a large chunk of their members.

On the 6th of April at 1953, Providence Bloc with support from Snuffed Out and The Initiative engaged RekkingCrew in Hothomouh, Derelik. Provi Bloc was defending a Fortizar reinforced by RekkingCrew. RekkingCrew and Providence Bloc fielded Machariels vs the Initiative in Muninns and Snuffed Out in Legions. The two sides escalated things into a dreadnought brawl, leading to 104 ships lost for a total of 88.13 billion ISK destroyed. Pandemic Horde were supposed to reinforce RekkingCrew but Provi Bloc managed to collapse the wormhole they were using before Horde could enter the system. A detailed report of this fight by Salivan can be found on the NER site.*

On the 6th of April at 1807, Did he say Jump, Smile ‘n’ Wave and Pen Is Out clashed in Huola, the Bleak Lands. Pen Is Out had reinforced Smile ‘n’ Wave’s Astrahus, while Did he say Jump spotted the fight and joined in as a third party, only to later temporarily ally with Smile ‘n’ Wave to defeat Pen Is Out. Both Pen Is Out and Did he say Jump fielded Bhaalgorns while Smile ‘n’ Wave brought Machariels. The fight escalated into a full on capital brawl resulting in 65 ships lost for 83.43 billion ISK damage. A detailed report of this fight by Salivan is also available on the NER site.*

The battle for Genesis supremacy seems to be nearing its end as Shoot First and the GenesisCrew (a collection of Chinese speaking corporations and alliances) have steadfastly pushed White Sky and their ally LowSechnaya Sholupen from the region, wrestling control of valuable moons and destroying infrastructure in the process. Though the fight is not over yet, most signs indicate White Sky may be forced to accept defeat. A series of articles covering this campaign is available on the NER site.*

*Additional reporting by Salivan Harddin

Local News:


Tora Bushido posted an announcement on the EVE forums stating that Marmite Collective will be disbanding on the 1st April, with the members merging into P I R A T.


Triumvirate are continuing skirmishing with local residents in Pure Blind as they establish a foothold in the region, destroying a Banderlogs Nyx on the 2nd April in L-TS8S. As the locals continue to trade structures the area appears reasonably active for smaller entities, although it remains to be seen if Tri can counter the combined forces of Pure Blind Madness coalition and Snuffed Out.


An Ansiblex Jump Gate owned by Northern Coalition. was destroyed by NPCs on 28th March in 15W-GC, Tribute. This is understood to be the result of a NPC Sotiyo spawning in system, which generates aggressive rats, operating under a new AI designed to be more aggressive and less predictable.

On 30th March in a trap gone slightly wrong, NCdot and allies baited Rekrab Sivart – a well known titan pilot – in RZ8A-P, Perrigen Falls. The Erebus pilot was reportedly inside a POS bubble and inched out of it when a bait Erebus, piloted by Vinni Kion, jumped into system. When Rekrab exited the POS shield, the attacking forces jumped in their fleet and accidentally primaried the allied Erebus, although they were also able to destroy the target titan. This brings the total number of titans lost by this Rekrab to eight – with over a trillion in losses.

On 30th March a Revenant piloted by Roger Dodger was destroyed by a group of Ivana/Verge of Collapse pilots in Egbinger, Molden Heath.

Four pilots from Odin’s Call destroyed an X-Large Ship Maintenance Array on April 1st owned by Pan-Intergalatic Business Community in VWES-Y, Perrigen Falls. The structure dropped a fully fit Erebus, prompting hilarity.

A four day old character named Holiness of Pandemic Horde lost a Leviathan in Geminate to Snuffed Out on 3rd April.

That’s the news in New Eden. Thanks for reading.

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