Report – Legacy Fail to Secure Multiple IHUBs in Detorid

Video & Footage by Adan Dimaloun
Writing by Horus Klingensang & Adan Dimaloun
Narration by Chiimera


On April the 7th, the first major timer in the new eastern theatre took the form of multiple skirmishes in multiple systems throughout the 4SRW-B constellation in Detorid, the current home of Fraternity. After a capital engagement in VD-8QY Imperial Legacy attempted to headshot Fraternity’s staging system by reinforcing the IHUB of IAS-I5. The ihub timer was set to go off at downtime where both coalitions understood what was at stake and as such pinged accordingly.

Imperial Legacy and Final Reunion or Fi.Re Coalition formed up in Nightmare, Eagle and TFI fleets supported by a mixed fleet of Lokis, carriers, Machariels, and a Baltec fleet. WinterCo brought a mix of Eagles, Muninns, carriers, bombers, and a small dreadnought wing.

With the Legacy and Fi.Re fleets proving not to be enough to break the WinterCo fortifications, they called on TEST for aid which had formed in Nightmares. Due to TiDi the Nightmare fleet got stuck in traffic control which made them easy prey for the Volta Bomber wing that was waiting.

In the final engagement, TEST Alliance’s Nightmare fleet suffered heavy casualties, accounting for 44.9 billion ISK of the total losses.

The remaining Imperial Legacy and Fi.Re forces were unable to achieve their goal of taking down the IHUB. They then switched their focus to cause as much damage to the WinterCo fleets as they could. When the dust in the six systems had settled, a little over 201 billion ISK was destroyed, with Imperial Legacy accounting for roughly 150 billion of that total.

The second offensive by Legacy occurred on April 14 for the RZ-PIY & FR46-E IHUBS, the compositions fielded by both sides were relatively unchanged from the previous timer with the exception of TEST which decided to bring a fleet of dreads this time. While gating these capital vessels, Skill Urself decided to take advantage and bubble them on their way as well as picking off targets of opportunity while the other Winterco fleets secured the IHUB timers. In the end, this second round saw both IHUB timers successfully defended by Winterco as well as 93 billion ISK destroyed, with Winterco accounting for a little over 34 billion of that total.