KI-TL0 system, Pure Blind region. On the 17th of April at 14:00 EVE Standard Time, Snuffed Out [B B C] and Triumvirate. [TRI] forces clashed in the system.

The battle was instigated by Snuffed Out forces. The alliance sought to provoke Triumvirate into a fight by anchoring an Astrahus citadel on its staging Fortizar citadel grid. Triumvirate responded by hastily organizing a Machariel battleship fleet to destroy the structure, managing to gather 40 pilots using a couple of Minokawa force auxiliaries as logistics support. A couple of combat carriers also joined the fleet, though they remained at the Fortizar and lent the fleet their fighters’ firepower.

Before the fleet could properly organize and dispatch the structure, Snuffed Out arrived to the system in a Legion strategic cruiser fleet numbering 26 pilots. The strategic cruisers warped to the structure and waited for Triumvirate to undock. Triumvirate responded by activating its system wide cynosural jammer, accurately predicting Snuffed Out would attempt a capital escalation.

This complicated things for Snuffed Out, which had 12 dreadnoughts and an Apostle force auxiliary en route to the system. Unable to escalate directly, the capital ships were forced to jump into the neighboring system of D7T-C0 on the KI-TL0 gate. This caused some of the capital ships to bump, which further slowed down their progress as Triumvirate interdictors swooped in to launch interdiction probes on both sides of the gate, effectively trapping some of the ships.

In the meantime, the Triumvirate Machariel fleet finished organizing and warped to the grid. The two fleets opened fire at close range; the battle was on. However it quickly became clear neither side possessed the needed firepower to break the other. The strategic cruisers were able to track the larger battleships, but their beam lasers could hardly penetrate their shields, with the force auxiliaries quickly transferring shields to stricken ships. The Machariels on the other hand, were unable to track the fast moving strategic cruisers, missing most of their shots and thus applying very little damage which the Legion fleet’s logistics wing was able to easily handle.

This stalemate continued for a few minutes, neither side managing to inflict any losses. In the meantime some of the Snuffed Out capital ships managed to warp to a ping to gather, but still a third was stuck in interdiction probes, the Triumvirate interdictors working continuously to trap them. In the end, realizing that without intervention their dreadnoughts will remain trapped on the gate, the Legion fleet warped to the D7T-C0 gate to chase away the interdictors.

However as it warped away, a couple of dreadnoughts that managed to extract themselves from the interdiction probe cover, warped to the wrong location and landed at the stricken citadel. Triumvirate jumped at the opportunity, tackling the ships and firing on them. The alliance had managed to muster 13 dreadnoughts of its own and warped them to its fleet. Together, the Triumvirate force easily dispatched the two tackled ships.

Snuffed Out at the same time extracted its last dreadnoughts from the D7T-C0 gate and warped them alongside its strategic cruisers to a ping where the rest of the capital force had assembled. Together, the ships aligned to the Astrahus as the fleet worked to secure a warp in near the Triumvirate fleet.

Triumvirate chose to focus on the Astrahus, its Machariels and dreadnoughts pummeling the structure. With the aid of the dreadnoughts, the structure was quickly disposed of, the capital ships cycling their siege modules. Snuffed Out attempted to pounce on the opportunity and warped in, landing 70 kilometers away from the bulk of the Triumvirate force. The strategic cruisers dove in to tackle the dreadnoughts but they managed to exit their siege cycles in time and warp back to the Fortizar, leaving the strategic cruisers to contend with the Machariel fleet again.

Once more the two fleets exchanged fire, this time the Snuffed Out fleet reinforced by its dreadnoughts, attempted to take down Triumvirate’s force auxiliaries. The fleet concentrated its firepower on a Minokawa, burning through parts of its shields. Yet the ship managed to shrug off the attack, thanks partly to the Snuffed Out dreadnoughts being out of optimal range due to the fleet warp in. Whatsmore, the ships had been fitted for a close range capital engagement, which further affected their damage application.

Instead, the Legion fleet switched its focus to the battleships. This time, the fleet used its dreadnoughts to bolster its firepower, using the stasis webifiers of its support Loki strategic cruisers to slow down the battleships to a crawl thus aiding in the dreadnoughts’ guns tracking. Together with the constant fire from the Legions, the Triumvirate Machariel fleet started to break. Battleship after battleship went down as the Legion fleet pressed its advantage.

It didn’t take long for Triumvirate to retaliate, its dreadnoughts returned to the field and warped to the Snuffed Out dreadnoughts. The ships entered siege cycles and targeted their hostile counterparts, opening fire. The battle had become a capital brawl. The two dreadnought groups pummeled each other at close, trading blows. The opposing sub capital fleets quickly rushed in to aid their respective dreadnoughts, adding their firepower to the mix.

It quickly became clear that Triumvirate had the upper hand. Both in terms of slight numerical superiority and sheer firepower. It didn’t take it long to dispatch most of the Snuffed Out dreadnought squadron while trading only four ships in return. The Snuffed Out Legion fleet however, managed to exact some more toll, taking down a couple of Triumvirate dreadnoughts in the aftermath of the capital exchange.

The Machariel fleet on the other hand was busy disposing of the last remaining Snuffed Out capital ships, Destroying the lone Apostle while its combat carriers sent fighters after a dreadnought that had bumped away from the main fight.

The remaining Triumvirate dreadnoughts exited their siege cycles and warped back to the Fortizar, leaving the grid. Having lost their dreadnoughts and with the enemy dreadnoughts gone, the Snuffed Out fleet had no chance of breaking the Machariel fleet or snagging another capital kill. Thus the strategic cruisers pulled range from the Machariel fleet, clearing tackle and prepared to warp off. The Machariel fleet showed no signs of chasing, allowing the Legion fleet to warp off and depart the system.

With the Legion fleet gone, Triumvirate set about looting the field having won both the objective and the battle. With this the battle of KI-TL0 came to a close.

Battle report for the KI-TL0 system can be found here.

The battle lasted 1 hour with Time Dilation not present and the system hosting 110 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Triumvirate lost 26 ships in the fighting, including 6 dreadnoughts and 10 battleships for a total of 19.34 billion ISK damage.
Snuffed Out lost 20 ships in the fighting, including 10 dreadnoughts and 1 force auxiliary for a total of 28 billion ISK damage.