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  • The Evictions War Shifts to Malpais
  • An Update on the Ongoing War between TEST, Frat and FIRE Co.
  • Northern Coalition resets Dead Coalition renters
  • PIBC Announce Move to TQ Server

The Evictions War Shifts to Malpais

In recent weeks, The Spire has come under serious pressure from the Etherium Breach Coalition and Lazerhawks along with multiple Imperium SIG deployments. Brothers of Tangra have struggled to retain control of the region, losing multiple IHubs and TCUs to attackers’ efforts with the most notable loss being the IHub in the Keepstar system of L7-BLT. The Skeleton Crew have been working in the area with Northern Coalition to harass the attackers, though it remains to be seen how effective their attempt at damage mitigation will be.

With the violence in the region rendering it virtually uninhabitable for renters, many of the local corps have pulled back to the region of Malpais. Attackers have set their eyes on this region too, looking to continue the pressure they had previously applied in The Spire. However, in a corresponding move, Northern Coalition have gone on temporary deployment to the system of P3X-TN in the region, considerably driving up the costs of any potential disruptive incursion. New Eden Report will keep you informed as the situation in The Evictions War progresses.

An Update on the War Between Frat and FIRE Co./TEST

For weeks, the war between Fraternity and FIRE Coalition/TEST has been raging on. The sides have been exchanging blows with neither making much headway in their struggle for dominance. Most recently, the two sides have been getting into numerous skirmishes across multiple regions, creating the potential for a multi-front war.

On the 18th of April, around 02:39 EVE time, fighting broke out in the system of WYF8-8 in Immensea between WinterCo and Legacy forces over six tackled rorquals. It is understood by New Eden Report that a ping went out a half-hour prior to the Rorquals being tackled, stating that several fleets were heading in their direction. The WinterCo fleet was formed of Munnins, while the second fleet consisted of Pandemic Horde/Legion Munnins.

Legacy forces flashformed a Harpy Fleet in an attempt to clear tackle off the field but were unsuccessful as Rorquals ultimately started dying. After successfully killing a mobile cynosural inhibitor that was on the field, preventing aid from jumping directly into the field, TEST Alliance Please Ignore decided to drop the hammer, bringing in multiple titans, including a Komodo faction titan. The battle lasted about 24 minutes, and when the dust settled, 5 Rorquals had been destroyed. Over 44b ISK was destroyed in the battle, with only 640m accounting for losses by the attacking forces.

On April 19th, Legacy and WinterCo clashed again, this time in the system of RT-9WL in Detorid over an anchoring Legacy Astrahus in the system. Legacy formed up in Eagles, Talwars and Harpies, while WinterCo formed up in Munnins. The fight lasted over 60 minutes, however, due to an error by one of the Legacy FC’s, they lost a substantial portion of their Eagle fleet in their effort to defend the structure. Ultimately, Legacy withdrew from the field, and the Astrahus died. Over 58b ISK was destroyed in the battle, nearly 42b ISK of which was lost by TEST and Legacy forces in the attempt to defend the structure.

Northern Coalition Resets Dead Coalition Renters

Early on the 20th of April, multiple sources confirmed that Northern Coalition has reset the Dead Coalition’s renters and nullified any prior arrangements they may have had with the groups. This comes as no surprise, being only the culmination of a deteriorating relationship over the months between the two groups. New Eden Report will keep you informed as the situation continues to develop.

PIBC Announce Move to TQ

On April 17th, it became public knowledge that Pan-Intergalactic Business Community (PIBC), the dominant power on the Serenity server, announced its intentions to join the Tranquility server. In their Alliance meeting notes, they preached anti-botting and RMT, though it remains to be seen how committed to this effort the new alliance will be. They also stated how they felt that while they were not going to force corps to make the move to TQ, that was where they felt their future focus should lie.

The group will start off around Jita, and then proceed to work their way into low-sec. It has to be noted, however, that the new alliance will not be known as PIBC on the Tranquility server, as that name was already taken by skill urself’s rental alliance. Instead, they will be known on TQ as The Army of Mango Alliance, which already has 18 corporation members as they prepare to welcome their members on the TQ cluster. New Eden Report will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed as developments arise.

Local News:

7th of April > 15th of April

Dopamine. [100MG] of WE FORM V0LTA [GLHF] finished a week long siege of the wormhole system J153001, also known as Aphelion. The defenders, Wormlife [WORM] could do little to stop Dopamine from destroying the work of years, leading to more than 300 billion ISK looted by the attackers, though leaving the system still in the hands of Wormlife.

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13th of April

Russian Thunder Squad [RTSQ] and WE FORM V0LTA [GLHF] tackle a Hel supercarrier belonging to Hard Knocks Associates [HKASS] in the 5ED-4E system of Cobalt Edge. The gank turns into a long and protracted battle as Hard Knocks Associates escalates with more super carriers and other parties join the fight, including Space Violence and Pandemic Legion [-10.0]. In the end 7 super carriers fall after an hour of fighting.

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17th of April

Snuffed Out [B B C] and Triumvirate. [TRI] clash in the KI-TL0 system of Pure Blind after Snuffed Out attempted to anchor an Astrahus citadel on the staging Fortizar citadel grid of Triumvirate. The two alliances quickly squared off over the anchoring structure, both sides escalating to a dreadnought brawl.

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Featured Kill:

On April 19th, Naarii Lagamaar lost a viator in the system of WD-TVT in Catch. The viator loss came in at over 20b, as Naarii was carrying a whole set of BPO’s, including a Megathron and Tempest BPO. If any of the BPO’s were researched at all, their value would exceed well over the listed value on zkill.


In a post to the forums, CCP issued an interim statement regarding the decision to permanently ban Brisc Rubal from game. They stated they were looking into the situation further and expect to have a full statement at some point next week.

On April 17th, CCP Rise announced upcoming changes to Trivglavian Industry and its exact mode of operation. Most notably, they are introducing Triglavian invention skills as well as new material requirements for T2 ships. Additionally, CCP will be changing the way the ammo BPCs work in an effort to address the inconsistent pricing between T1 and T2 charges for Triglavian weaponry.

The EVE Invasion World Tour’s next stop is in the city of St. Petersburg, if you are going, remember to take some photos and share them with us! If you have questions you want to ask the devs, feel free to poke an NER director.


On April 25-28th, there is a EVE Retreat going on at the Wilderness resort, be sure to visit their website and get yourself sorted if you have not done so yet.

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