Halmah system, Devoid region. In the early hours of the 20th of April, a long and protracted fight took place in the system which by its end an Aeon super carrier would be destroyed.

The battle was fought over a Yondu Confederation [YONDU] Azbel engineering complex. The structure was set to exit its final reinforcement timer, prompting the alliance to form a defense fleet with other 24th Imperial Crusade (Amarr militia) groups such as Catastrophic Experiment [CTS] which provided many pilots. Together, they managed to gather approximately 30 pilots in a mixed fleet of battleships and cruisers.

Did he say Jump [DHSJ] had noticed the timer and decided to use it to get content, forming a 21 pilot Zealot heavy assault cruiser fleet. The heavy assault cruisers warped to the afflicted structure as it exited its reinforcement mode and were met by the defenders who undocked, the two sides exchanging fire at close range.

The first few volleys saw both sides exchange losses, as Did he say Jump lost a Zealot while the Amarr militia lost several battleships in turn. However the Did he say Jump logistics wing quickly recovered and prevented further losses, its Guardians logistics cruisers keeping the fleet alive as it started tearing into the Amarr militia. It took awhile for the Zealot fleet to annihilate the defending fleet which put up a brave fight but was ultimately outmatched by Did he say Jump.

With the Amarr militia fleet broken, Did he say Jump started targeting the structure. To speed the structure’s demise, a Naglfar dreadnought was brought to the field to expedite matters. It was at this point that the Amarr militia was contacted by Plex Me Now. [P2WIN] who had seen the battle and decided to help the militia. It had a squadron of dreadnoughts organizing to push Did he say Jump out but needed more time to complete its preparations. The Amarr militia decided to buy Plex Me Now that time by warping in a couple of dreadnoughts to the Did he say Jump Naglfar which was still happily bashing the Azbel.

Two Revelation dreadnoughts warped into the field, entered their siege cycles and targeted the Did he say Jump Naglfar. Did he say Jump quickly reacted by bringing in five more dreadnoughts of its own to dispatch the Amarr militia ones. Did he say Jump managed to bring down one Revelation and was about to switch to the second one when suddenly, a new cynosural beacon lit up on the grid, heralding the arrival of Plex Me Now. Did he say Jump immediately reacted to this, firing upon the newcomers but quickly found their dreadnoughts were able to absorb the incoming damage. Destroying the other Amarr militia dreadnought, Did he say Jump attempted to probe the Plex Me Now dreadnoughts for weakness but found itself rebuffed at every turn.

For the next few minutes, Plex Me Now pressed its advantage, bringing down four of the six Did he say Jump dreadnoughts. The remaining two were forced to discontinue their siege cycles and jump out or face destruction. This also allowed the Azbel to finish its self repair cycle, winning the objective for the Amarr militia but at quite a cost.

While Plex Me Now was able to win the dreadnought confrontation, it lacked sub capital support and its capital ships found themselves tackled by the Did he say Jump fleet. Four dreadnoughts did manage to warp off and dock up in the system, but the other four found themselves stranded on the grid. Did he say Jump however, didn’t have enough firepower on the field to break any of the remaining dreadnoughts and thus sought reinforcements, contacting RekkingCrew (RC).

RC hastily threw together a 20 pilot Gila cruiser fleet and raced to the system to aid Did he say Jump. The two fleets descended on the tackled Plex Me Now capitals, opening fire. Without capital support, the two were forced to slowly chip through the shields and armor of the ships, taking many minutes to bring down just a single capital ship.

As the two fleets ground their way through the Plex Me Now capitals, Siege Green. [SGGRN] noticed the commotion. The alliance decided to join the fray as a third party and organized a 30 pilot Machariel battleship fleet. Due to its low numbers, the fleet used a couple of force auxiliaries as its logistics wing and had several high angle weapons dreadnoughts to bolster its damage output. Just as RC and Did he say Jump managed to destroy the last tackled Plex Me Now dreadnought, a cynosural beacon lit up at a perch on the grid to allow the Siege Green fleet to bridge through.

Did he say Jump and RC remained on the grid, waiting for Siege Green to make its move. Its fleet warped in and the two sides clashed in another close range battle. This time, Did he say Jump suffered losses, the Machariel fleet blasting a Bhaalgorn battleship and a Guardian, forcing it and RC to increase range and skirmish at medium (around 50-70 kilometer) range as the Machariel fleet was basically limited by the range of its force auxiliaries’ remote armor repairers.

At this point, Did he say Jump called for further reinforcements. Plex Me Now was contacted to give the support of its remaining dreadnoughts against Siege Green, which both sides saw as the bigger enemy. NullSechnaya Sholupen [-NSH-] was also contacted and thought to bring a small sub capital fleet. This would later change as the battle continued to develop.

Plex Me Now undocked its four remaining dreadnoughts and had Did he say Jump secure it a warp in on the field. The dreadnoughts warped in, entered siege cycles and started targeting its Siege Green counterparts. Siege Green’s dreadnoughts were not equipped for capital warfare and started dropping one by one, prompting the alliance to bring in reinforcements. A new cynosural beacon lit up near the remaining Siege Green capitals, allowing its dreadnought squadron to take the field.

Even with reinforcements, Siege Green was struggling to break the tank of the Plex Me Now dreadnoughts. Worse yet, it was losing capitals to the combined RC/Did he say Jump/Plex Me Now force which, though had troubles coordinating, was still able to inflict losses on the Siege Green fleet. Losing the capital fight, Siege Green had one last option; escalate further.

Thus a new cynosural beacon lit up at distance from the brawling capitals, allowing a squadron of Siege Green super carriers to take the field. The super carriers materialized on the grid and launched their scores of fighter bombers, targeting the Plex Me Now dreadnoughts. Did he say Jump and RC quickly switched targets to the fighter bombers, trying to lessen the Siege Green damage output.

In the end, it wasn’t enough and the Plex Me Now dreadnoughts finally succumbed to the Siege Green firepower. NullSechnaya Sholupen was informed of the escalation and quickly changed its plans. It had amassed 20 dreadnoughts and raced them to a midpoint in order to get in range of Halmah. All it needed was to burn through the jump reactivation timer and have Did he say Jump and RC light a cynosural beacon for its capitals.

This is what happened as the Did he say Jump and RC fleets flew over to the Siege Green super carriers and managed to land tackle on an Aeon. Cynosural beacon went up and NullSechnaya Sholupen dreadnoughts landed on top of the Siege Green super carriers. The ships entered siege cycles and started pummeling the Siege Green super capitals.

Siege Green had its super carriers already aligned from the moment they jumped through. Whatsmore, Did he say Jump and RC had very few heavy interdictors between them. Thus most of the Siege Green super carriers managed to warp off, only the Aeon remaining behind, tackled. Against the onslaught of dreadnoughts, there was nothing the ship could do, especially as Did he say Jump piled in its own dreadnoughts and a RC Rorqual industrial capital ship to further secure the tackle.

The Aeon quickly went down, allowing the combined capital force to target the remaining Siege Green capitals. Seeing this, Siege Green decided to disengage and jump out as many capitals as it could. Most of its surviving dreadnoughts managed to escape, but a couple as well as the force auxiliaries, were unable to. Did he say Jump/RC/NullSechnaya Sholupen quickly disposed of the stranded capitals while the Siege Green battleships warped off, leaving the field to the victors.

Having won the fight, Did he say Jump and NullSechnaya Sholupen worked to extract their capital ships and loot the field, having secured their victory. Once all capitals were off the field, the sub capitals fleet withdrew as well, bringing an end to the fighting.

Battle report for the Halmah system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted three hours, with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 150 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Did he say Jump, RekkingCrew and NullSechnaya Sholupen lost a combined 19 ships including 5 dreadnoughts, 1 battleship, 1 heavy assault cruiser and 1 cruiser for a total of 14.17 billion ISK damage.
The Amarr militia and Plex Me Now lost a combined 108 ships including 10 dreadnoughts, 4 battleships and 16 cruisers for a total of 55.27 billion ISK damage.
Siege Green lost 24 ships including 1 super carrier, 6 dreadnoughts, 3 force auxiliaries and 1 battleship for a total of 46.84 billion ISK damage.