B-WPLZ system, Providence region. In the late hours of the 20th of April, Providence Bloc forces clashed with RekkingCrew (RC)/NullSechnaya Sholupen [-NSH-] fleets in the system.

The battle was fought over the previously reinforced XHQ-7V system’s infrastructure hub. Providence Bloc forces mustered a 100 pilot Machariel battleship fleet in order to defend entosis operations in the constellation to secure the infrastructure hub.

Predicting this, NullSechnaya Sholupen and RC formed fleets to intercept the fleet, setting up a roadblock in the B-WPLZ system on the KBP7-G gate. NullSechnaya had an estimated 30 pilot Loki strategic cruiser fleet which set up at medium (50 kilometer) range while RC formed a 65 pilot Gila cruiser fleet which remained near the gate itself. The two had also anchored mobile cynosural inhibitors to prevent Providence Bloc from further escalating with capital ships.

Providence Bloc scouts reported it, and the the fleet halted on the B-WPLZ gate in KBP7-G system in order to wait for an Apostle force auxiliary to arrive in order to aid its logistics wing. Once the ship had warped to the gate, the fleet jumped through to confront NullSechnaya Sholupen and RC.

The Machariel fleet anchored up and opened fire on the two hostile fleets beginning the battle. However from the start Providence Bloc was having difficulty applying damage, its artillery cannons unable to track well the fast moving cruisers. The Loki and Gila fleets took advantage of the fact and quickly targeted the logistics wing of the Machariel fleet, decimating it in the span of minutes.

The battleships did manage to destroy a few cruisers at the start but the Gila fleet responded by decreasing distance between the two, effectively getting beneath the battleships guns, thus making it near impossible to bombard the cruisers. The Loki fleet also started closing distance but was less lucky as the Machariel fleet’s barrages tore apart several strategic cruisers, forcing it to withdraw in order to reposition.

With the logistics wing of Providence Bloc destroyed, the Gila fleet switched targets, hitting its support wing. Providence Bloc’s support wing turned out to be rather weak, having only one Loki ship for stasis webification as well as several Bhaalgorn battleships. These ships were targeted and taken down by the Gila fleet.

Its support wing gone, the Machariel fleet was unable to apply any damage to the Gila fleet, which took advantage of the fact to target the battleships themselves. Providence Bloc hastily tried to bring in a second force auxiliary to compensate for the loss of its logistics wing but it still couldn’t stabilize. Whatsmore, with the Loki fleet returning to the field, the rate of losses was accelerating.

At this point Providence Bloc fleet commanders knew the battle was lost. The fleet attempted to align and warp to a safe citadel in the system but found itself trapped by warp interdiction probes launched by NullSechnaya Sholupen and RC interdictors. It tried thinning the ranks of the interdictors but the enemy kept bringing new ones to bear.

The addition of an estimated 40 pilot Spectre Fleet Retribution assault frigate fleet to the mix only served to make things worse for Providence Bloc. Realizing they could not warp off the field, Providence Bloc fleet commanders decided to go back to the KBP7-G gate and jump out their remaining battleships. That is exactly what happened, the Gila, Loki and Retribution fleets using the opportunity to destroy as many ships as possible before their aggression timers ran out and they were cleared to jump.

The remaining battleships jumped out, leaving the force auxiliaries to be destroyed by the victorious enemy fleets. With Providence Bloc fleet in retreat, RC, NullSechnaya Sholupen and Spectre Fleet each went their separate way, bringing an end to the fighting.

While all of this was going, Providence Bloc was able to capture nodes and secure its infrastructure hub, completing its main objective.

Battle report for the B-WPLZ system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 31 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 300 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Providence Bloc lost 67 ships including 2 force auxiliaries and 32 battleships for a total of 27.62 billion ISK damage.
RekkingCrew and NullSechnaya Sholupen lost a combined 16 ships including 3 strategic cruisers and 4 cruisers for a total of 5.01 billion ISK damage.