On the 21st of April at 0200 EVE time, Legacy Coalition and Winter Coalition forces clashed in the Immensea region in the systems of LK1K-K and Z-H2MA.

The battle was instigated by WinterCo forces under the command of Elo Knight. The coalition sought to reinforce infrastructure hubs belonging to the Federation Uprising alliance in LK1K-K and Z-H2MA, bridging a 130 man Muninn fleet onto their main entosiser in LK1K-K, who was flying an Armageddon as well as beginning the anchoring of a Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor.  Legacy Coalition responded with two Eagle fleets, one formed by TEST Alliance Please Ignore and one formed by all non-TEST Legacy alliances. In addition, Federation Uprising formed a Griffin fleet in an attempt to delay enemy entosisers long enough for friendly fleets to arrive, bringing total Legacy numbers to around 260 pilots.

Due to the efforts of the Federation Uprising Griffin fleet, the TEST Eagle fleet as well as a Hel class supercarrier were able to enter system with only two minutes left on the IHub timer. The entosising Armageddon was quickly dispatched while the WinterCo Muninn fleet warped off. WinterCo made efforts to tackle the Hel, however interdictors were not able to stop the Hel from warping to a nearby friendly structure. The WinterCo Muninn fleet was then able to obtain a favorable warp in on the TEST Eagle fleet, managing to kill 13 Eagles and a handful of support ships while only trading a Muninn and two Tech 1 Frigates.

As the Legacy Voltron Eagle fleet entered into system, the WinterCo Muninn fleet relocated to the connecting system of Z-H2MA, in the hopes of splitting the two enemy fleets. Engaging on the LK1K-K gate, the main engagement began and within the first three minutes of the engagement WinterCo were able kill six Eagles, one Claymore, one Vulture, two Basilisks, and several support ships, while only trading three Muninns, one Scythe, and a couple support ships.

For the next three minutes, Voltron continued to suffer heavy losses, losing 32 Eagles and several other small ships. However, WinterCo did not go unscathed, losing a Scimitar, Scythe, six Muninns, and most notably four command Lokis. Seeing this take place, the call was made by Legacy to bring in a carrier fleet to help stabilize the fight, and now both sides were beginning to trade evenly, however this would be more costly for WinterCo as they were outnumbered significantly.

WinterCo repositioned, warping off grid, and warping back on top of the Voltron Eagle fleet. The fight lasted eight more minutes, with Winter Coalition losing an additional three Scythes, six Scimitars, 14 Muninns, and assorted frigates and destroyers, while killing one Vulture, nine Eagles, and several support ships belonging to the Voltron Eagle fleet. Eventually Legacy dropped a sizeable supercarrier fleet, leading WinterCo to kill off tackle and leave the grid.

The butcher’s bill stands at 31.59 billion ISK lost on the Legacy side and 13.52 bil lost on the Winter Coalition side, with Legacy losing 61 of 147 Eagles that were fielded, and Winter Coalition losing 27 out of 94 Muninns present. The full BR can be found here