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NPSI Spotlight Interview: Spectre Fleet


NPSI is not some underground capsuleers club with secret handshakes, nods or winks.

NSPI is not for l337 pilots with a gazillion skillpoints.

NPSI is here – for everyone.

For many, NPSI introduces capsuleers to PVP, and a whole different spectrum of opportunities within EVE online. Like it or not, NPSI is growing, and is here to stay.

NPSI – or Not Purple Shoot It – quite simply, is fleeting up with the mentality of “if you’re not with me, you’re against me”.

Broadly speaking, in EVE, this means that anyone in your fleet (who by default appear as Purple on your overview & brackets) is your friend, and everything else is a valid target.

There are a number of big-name NPSI groups out there. In this new series of articles called “NPSI: Community Spotlight”, we talk to some of the larger, more established NPSI groups. These organisations engage in large fleet warfare, cloaky high-value target hunter gangs, and those that provide newbro friendly content. In addition to established groups there are new and recent additions to the NPSI fold that provide first class small gang content, and those starting out on the NPSI pathway in setting up an NPSI group.

This series is by no means a be-all-and-end-all of the content available out there – it is a representative selection of a group of entities that are recognisable in the NSPI world. If you would like your group to be featured in this segment, please join the NER Discord and contact the writer or an editor.

This weeks NPSI Spotlight interview is with Maded, Samara & Virion of Spectre Fleet.

  1. Tell me a bit about Spectre Fleets time in eve online?

Well, the answer to this one changes pretty drastically depending on who you ask and it’s fair to say that anyone who was actually there at the very beginning isn’t around to accurately recall it. The idea of NPSI is Ancient. The gist of it is; SF started as a group of friends wanting something new, so they built it. As these early NPSI groups such as Bombers Bar and RVB became more specialized, we looked for something broader, a place where all types of PvP content would be available. Since then, we’ve been to every corner of New Eden, we’ve participated in largest wars and we’ve even fielded Alliance Tournament teams (RIP). Spectre fleet has its roots buried in many places, similarly many places have their roots within Spectre.

  1. Tell me a bit about your group?

NPSI, hard stop. We’ve created a unique community of dedicated, commander driven capsuleers and pilots who are willing to follow them. Spectre, and NPSI in general tends to be a PVP-Focused, a no obligation alternative to empire or bloc-life and because of that player diversity, we’ve been able to achieve some pretty cool and spectacular things. Spectre Fleet is aimed at providing easily accessible PVP to anyone from anywhere, at any time. Over the years we have developed into the “one stop shop” for everything NPSI. We list not only our dedicated community but almost all of EvE’s PvP NPSI fleets. Our discord and management system make the central hub for this community strong with a large team of people focused on providing the best content EvE has to offer.

Through our management system capsuleers are able to apply for specialized roles that give access to new chat channels. We call these Special interest groups (SIGS).  These consist of Scout, Prober, Dictor, Boosher ETC. Similarly, we offer the same for capital ships.

Our ranked FC’s would use your expertise to aid them in their objectives. A true sense of being an important part of the community.

All PvP NPSI Fleets are listed in one easy calendar with a central ping system for upcoming fleets in discord.

  1. How long has your group been around?

Answers to this fairly wildly depending on who you ask. Let’s just say the idea started rolling around in 2007.

  1. What is your style of PVP?

It’s surmising to say, that because of our diverse command team, we have the ability to cover a large portion the PvP spectrum within EvE Online. While the more popular fleets follow the current “Meta’s” within EvE, you never really know when someone is going to take out a bunch of pvp mining barges… or a 100 man Machariel fleet. Each FC brings their own specialties to the community as they climb in ranks and as we have FC’s from every corner of eve, its needles to say our fleets are very diverse.

  1. What does spectre fly?

Anything our command team desires depending on their rank. Our staple is currently Assault Frigates supported by T2 Logistics, Command Destroyer meta play, Krab Hunting and HACS. Every Saturday we have event fleets labelled “Ganked”.  This is honour of our foundations with RvB to highlight the event of the week. These fleets are the big fleets where its usually something expensive and large.

  1. Who do you cater for?

This varies on the particular FC.

Some FC’s pin an “Elite” tag on their fleets which means its high SP intensive or requires good piloting skills.

The best general answer is for the majority FC’s; quite literally anyone looking to learn, or engage in, consensual player on player mayhem.

New player? awesome, let us know and we’ll try and ease you into the shakes.

Bittervet? Play me a song, Mr. Piano Man.

We have a robust FC training system that allows pilots to try their hand in the command seat and experienced senior staff to guide you through.

  1. Are there any limitations to joining fleets or FCing?

For pilots; No. Respect the EULA and your fellow pilots and we’re all going to have a good time.

For leadership; sorta maybe. Our command team is structured in such a way that we can accommodate players looking to hone their leadership skills from across a wide variety of experience levels. Easiest way to find out if you’re a good fit is to apply to the command team and have an interview with one of our experienced staff members.

  1. How often does spectre roam?

Very often, multiple times daily. Our in-game MOTD is updated constantly with the fleet listings of our commanders. Our management system shows all of NPSI PVP content and our discord links all these fleets. Once you go NPSI you don’t go back. More content than you can keep up with! In fact we challenge anyone to make every single fleet in 1 month that do not cross over times.

  1. Where does spectre roam?

Wherever our little hearts desire. Drifter wormhole to deep-null ratting grounds? Why not. Lowsec romp through FW? Oh yeah! Hisec gank fleets…. nahh, we’ll leave that to Code.

  1. Why NPSI?

Beyond CCP’s highly structured and restrictive Alliance/Corporation system lies an entire universe for you to harass. True Freedom. Why be concerned with who you can and cannot shoot, whiney alliance leadership declaring you can only pvp within it’s tiny vision, etc; NPSI is the way EVE was meant to be played.

  1. What does NPSI mean to you?


  1. How does someone get involved?

Join our in game channel ‘ SF Spectre Fleet ‘ and check out the MOTD for things like fleet listings, active fleets and a link to our Discord! Drop by and give @virion a ping twice for prosperity.

  1. Why choose your group over other NPSI groups?

No need to choose. We list everyone’s!

We all offer various qualities and quantity of fleet activities; Join them all! Find the FC’s and fleet concepts you love and enjoy, wherever that may be.

  1. What would you like to see CCP do to improve visibility of NPSI communities?

I think the new ‘public fleet’ feature coming out with the agency is a step in the right direction and we truly hope they continue making steps down that path. CCP need to recognize public groups a little more, rather than just alliances, as we’re often able to achieve the same goals and are the bread and butter of CCP’s new bro influx that don’t just get recruited outward into the big blocs. We wouldn’t say no to a partner program. We are making steps to communicate with CCP about these issues and so far it has been somewhat positive.

  1. How do you see the future of NPSI?

As bright as Caroline’s Star. The future of NPSI will be as varied, difficult and potentially rewarding as the future of EVE Online and we’re excited to see where exactly that takes all of us.


  1. Favourite spectre fight in eve?

We beat Goons. But the list is very long, check out our youtube! There is not much Spectre can’t say that “we were not there” for.

  1. Favourite type of gang?

Samara, “15 good capsuleers.”

Virion, “Just for the sheer amusement: A fleet of nothing but command destroyers. It’s just hilarious, and absolute chaotic hell.”

Maded, “Fish… That is all.”

  1. Worst spectre welp?

FC XackAttack was leading a large Maelstrom fleet through nullsec. On that day we learned that not only can Xack not count bombers effectively, he’s also terrible at math! His famous last words happened to be “Don’t worry guys, just sit still, turn your hardeners on and wait for our stragglers” as a full squad of stealth bombers proceed to drop their loads and scurry off. There were no survivors.

  1. Funniest spectre fight?

Revenge of the Miners. They actually got plenty of kills thanks to lush krabbing grounds.

  1. Can you describe the problems NPSI face?

The principal problem is visibility. Our groups rely heavily on word of mouth and as we lack the distinct draw of afk mining or ratting, it can be hard for us to really get our message out using the antiquated, or broken, in-game systems. As such, we’ve created amazing systems out of game, and recently, have started relying on opensource tools like SeAT and Alliance Auth to help manage our communities. With the addition of ‘Public Fleets’ coming to the Agency, we truly hope CCP furthers this to include a more NPSI focused tool for NPSI groups to actively foster their communities in-game.

Community website: – Subject to change with upcoming development