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  • Fraternity Corp Gets Evicted by Hard Knocks
  • The Army of Mango Alliance Market Impact
  • Signal Cartel Change in Leadership
  • Dread Brawl Erupts in Etherium Reach

Fraternity Corp Gets Evicted by Hard Knocks

On the 22nd of April in the system of J164025, the Setcreasea Pallida Corporation was successfully evicted from their wormhole by Hard Knocks Inc. Primarily a target of opportunity, the Fraternity corp in question had previously also tried to hunt for an HK super fleet, which attracted attention from HK due to the corp’s conspicuous hunting methods. Additionally, it is understood by NER that during past clashes between the two corps, the now-evicted corp had blatantly been using isboxer, a multiboxing software, with input broadcasting enabled. These factors taken together seem to have contributed to HK’s decision to evict the corp. When the dust settled, over 145b ISK in assets were destroyed, not including any loot Hard Knocks may have walked away with.  

Signal Cartel Change in Leadership

On April 23rd, in a post to Reddit, Signal Cartel issued a public announcement stating that Mynxee would be stepping down from the role of corp CEO. The new CEO of Signal Cartel will be Thrice Hapus. We wish Mynxee the best of luck on her future endeavors and best of luck to Thrice in his new role.

The Army of Mango Alliance Market Impact

In the last 1900, New Eden Report covered the formation of The Army of Mango Alliance, an alliance formed to welcome in players from the Serenity server’s PIBC bloc. The alliance has grown substantially in the days since, counting over 50 corporations and more than 850 members overall. The massive influx of players into the TQ server has also had a secondary effect on the skill injector market with prices rising sharply, hitting over 1b ISK/injector.

Dread Brawl Erupts in Etherium Reach

On April 25th around 0200 in the system of F9-FUV in Etherium Reach, fighting broke out over an Ansiblex jump gate that had come out of reinforcement. Unspoken Alliance formed up Leshaks to defend, while the Imperium came to assist in an Eagle fleet as well as a bomber support wing. As the battle progressed, Unspoken Alliance escalated with dropping dreads. Panfam countered by dropping dreads of their own. It is understood by NER that Goonswarm did have dreads sitting in LXQ, but ultimately decided in the last seconds not to commit those assets to the fight. Without the extra capital forces to mitigate incoming damage, the Unspoken Dread fleet and Leshaks were dispatched with relative ease.

Alphastarpilot, an FC for Pandemic Horde, decided to flashform a Ferox fleet to cut off Imperium reinforcements that were coming from Uemon. He set up on the gate to Paala in the system and engaged with the Goonswarm fleet after they entered the system. As the fighting in that system continued, the Pandemic Horde fleet was reinforced by the original Panfam Eagle fleet that was out in Etherium Reach. Eventually, Goonswarm decided to pull off the grid and retreat back to their staging system. The battle lasted a little over an hour, with just under 80b ISK destroyed, with a notable loss on the side of Unspoken Alliance amounting to 38b ISK due to the loss of multiple dreads and Leshaks.

In a ping sent out to the alliance, Brothuhbob called the fleet a spanking, and that it was a good win for the group. With Panfam’s counter-offensive being mostly effective, it sets the stage for many more battles to come across the regions around ER. New Eden Report will keep you informed as the war continues to unfold.

Local News:

19th of April

Providence Bloc and NullSechnaya Sholupen [-NSH-] clash in XHQ-7V system in Providence after the latter started entosis operations on the infrastructure hub with a Machariel battleship fleet. Providence Bloc responded by mustering a small Machariel battleship fleet of its own and a dreadnought squadron which it dropped on NullSechnaya Sholupen’s Minokawa force auxiliary. However due to error the dreadnoughts entered a second siege cycle, allowing NullSechnaya Sholupen’s allies, RekkingCrew (RC) to bring a small super capital fleet into the system. The result was defeat for Providence Bloc as the NullSechnaya Sholupen and RC fleets annihilated its fleet.

Battle report can be found here.

20th of April

A Pandemic Legion [-10.0] titan is destroyed by Snuffed Out [B B C] in the M-OEE8 system of Tribute. The titan attempted to destroy a small Banderlogs Alliance [.RU] Talwar destroyer fleet on the E-OGL4 gate unsuccessfully. Snuffed Out was contacted about the titan and flash formed a small dreadnought force which dropped on the helpless titan, killing it quickly. Northern Coalition. [NC] and Pandemic Legion attempted to retaliate by bringing in a Muninn heavy assault cruiser fleet to destroy the dreadnoughts but only managed to capture two and a few stragglers in sub capitals. However, the rest of the fleet managed to escape.

Battle report can be found here:


20th of April

Providence Bloc squared off again against RekkingCrew (RC) in the B-WPLZ system in Providence. Providence Bloc fielded a Machariel battleship fleet to defend an infrastructure hub from an RC fleet of Loki strategic cruisers and Gila cruisers. The two sides clashed on the KBP7-G gate as the Machariel fleet jumped into the waiting RC fleets. The result was a meat grinder as Providence Bloc forces were annihilated by the RC fleets. Regardless, Providence Bloc did manage to secure its infrastructure hub through the exchange, winning the objective.

Battle report can be found here:

24th of April

Snuffed Out [B B C] and Banderlogs Alliance [.RU] confront Triumvirate. [TRI]/Ranger Regiment [RR]/Siege Green. [SGGRN] in the J-OK0C system of Pure Blind. The battle was fought over an anchoring Triumvirate Athanor. Triumvirate had a Machariel fleet supported by a Siege Green Brutix navy issue fleet and a Rangers Regiment Ishtar fleet. Snuffed Out had a Legion fleet and Banderlogs Alliance brought a Maelstrom fleet. Both sides clashed over the structure and proceeded to escalate to a dreadnought brawl.

Read more at:

24th of April

Snuffed Out [B B C] and Infinity Avenger [AVDOT] fought Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG) over a Theran Alliance [ALLYT] Tatara shield reinforcement timer. Snuffed Out and Infinity Avenger formed a combined Legion/Zealot fleet against GotG’s Eagle fleet which was further reinforced by a small Siberian Squads [SB-SQ] Eagle fleet that attempted to spearfish the Legion/Zealot fleet with no success. The battle was long with GotG suffering casualties while inflicting only one in return. Snuffed Out/Infinity Avenger managed to push the structure into its second and last reinforcement timer. Suffering casualties and losing the objective, GotG and Siberian Squads both left the system, allowing Snuffed Out/Infinity Avenger to claim full victory.

Battle report can be found here:

24th of April

Triumvirate. [TRI] managed to tackle a Solyaris Chtonium [SLYCE] Rorqual in the S-DN5M system of Deklein. Triumvirate formed a Drekavac fleet to destroy the ship, as Solyaris Chtonium organized a small Ferox fleet to free the ship, unsuccessfully. A Hel also warped in to aid the efforts only to get tackled and destroyed by Triumvirate forces. The fighting attracted Snuffed Out [B B C]’s attention which formed a Nightmare fleet with a couple of dreadnoughts for support. The force bridged in and exchange fire with Triumvirate’s fleet, pushing it out before destroying the tackled Rorqual itself and ending the fight.

Battle report can be found here:


26th of April

Did he say Jump [DHSJ] and NullSechnaya Sholupen [-NSH-] clash over a Yondu Confederation Azbel shield reinforcement timer. NullSechnaya Sholupen fielded a Leshak fleet while Did he say Jump had a Bhaalgorn fleet. Both sides resorted to a full dreadnought brawl over the structure.

Read more at:

Featured Kill:

On April 22nd Radakos lost a Moracha, an alliance tournament ship, in the system of PF-346 in Syndicate. It is the first Moracha loss in 2019, and the ship was valued 500b. This is not the first time Radakos has lost an alliance tournament ship, as he also lost a Caedes back in 2017. The last time a Moracha had been successfully killed was back in 2016.


On April 25th, CCP issued its final statement on the Brisc Rubal investigation. Ultimately, they determined that Brisc had not violated the NDA, and that he had wrongfully been banned on insufficiently substantiated evidence. CCP are, according to the statement, in the process of restoring access to the accounts and assets that were seized as a result of the original ban announcement. Despite his name being cleared, Brisc issued a statement via his twitter account, stating that he was resigning from the CSM due to the events that transpired coupled with the fact that there was not much time left on the current CSM term. He did not rule out a potential run for CSM in the future.

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