52G-NZ system, Branch region. On the 27th of April at 18:16 EVE Standard Time the system erupted in violence as Blood Demons Alliance [BD] forces sought to repel a WE FORM V0LTA [GLHF] attack.

The entire battle began with WE FORM V0LTA forces scouting wormholes for possible targets. One such wormhole led them to the Branch region, next door to the 52G-NZ system. WE FORM V0LTA hunters quickly set to work, finding and locating a Rorqual industrial capital ship mining blissfully in an anomaly in 52G-NZ. Interdictors swiftly tackled the ship while a fleet organized to dispatch the vessel.

40 pilots assembled in a Drekavac battlecruiser fleet and emerged from the wormhole to assault the ship only to be greeted by a cynosural beacon. Into the system starting piling in Blood Demons Alliance combat carriers, force auxiliaries and even the odd dreadnought. The Drekavac fleet quickly found itself outnumbered and outgunned by the response fleet which launched fighters at the assailants.

The fighters started overwhelming the battlecruisers, taking a couple down in the opening minutes. WE FORM V0LTA wasn’t deterred and started targeting the fighters, destroying a few while using command destroyers to teleport time and again away from the fighter swarm. Interdictors in the meantime were scrambled to try and hold the capital force on the field as allies were called to aid.

Pandemic Legion [-10.0] and Snuffed Out [B B C] answered the call. Pandemic Legion rushed their Stuka fleet variant of Kikimora destroyers and stealth bombers, gathering 100 pilots while Snuffed Out had a 50 pilot Legion strategic cruiser fleet. Both forces managed to arrive on the field relatively close to each other and joined the fray.

In the meantime, the Blood Demons Alliance capital force had reached nearly 50 capitals and was busy trying to free itself, the Rorqual itself managing to escape in the chaos. Fighters roamed around, taking down countless interdictors while smartbombs were activated to clear existing interdiction probes. However WE FORM V0LTA kept bringing in more interdictors, pinning the fleet on the grid.

Even with reinforcements arriving in the shape of Pandemic Legion and Snuffed Out fleets, the task of decimating the capital force proved challenging. With almost 40 combat carriers present on the field, their combined fighter swarm proved deadly as all three attacking fleets quickly learned. WE FORM V0LTA kept hemorrhaging mainline ships as its logistics wing was simply overwhelmed by the fighters’ firepower. Snuffed Out two lost a couple of mainline ships as the fighters chewed through the Legions’ armor. The Kikimora fleet was the one of the least hardly hit, losing only a Kikimora and a stealth bomber to the fighters.

This forced the attackers to continuously reposition on the field, the Drekavac and Kikimora fleet in particularly using their command destroyers to great effect to escape the cloud of fighters. The Legion fleet itself had to warp a couple of times to avoid the cloud of death, but was mostly ignored by the combat carriers which seemed to focus most of their attention on the Drekavac fleet when not dispatching interdictors.

Thus the attackers focused much of their firepower on clearing fighters, destroying countless drones as they struggled to remain on the field. As Blood Demons Alliance’s fighter swarm lost its size, the alliance realized it was at risk of losing its capital force and shifted most of its attention to killing interdictors and jumping out capitals. A slow trickle of capitals started to jump out of the system, as interdictors struggled to keep the entire capital force under interdiction probe cover with the combat carriers in particular burning away in every direction.

With the fighter swarm trimmed down in size and capitals jumping out, lessening it even further, the attackers targeted the capital ships themselves. One by one, combat carriers and force auxiliaries were brought down by the combined firepower of the three fleets. The combat carriers’ only recourse was to destroy interdictors and interdiction probes in hopes of escaping, forcing the attackers to use the few interceptors and heavy interdictors they possessed to tackle individual ships that emerged from the interdiction probe cover.

This went on for long minutes as half of Blood Demons Alliance’s capital force was systematically destroyed. With only a couple capital ships remaining, Snuffed Out decided to depart the field first, warping its fleet out and leaving the system. This left the Drekavac and Kikimora fleets to destroy the last remaining capital ships, then any support ships that had filtered into the system in order to help the tackled ships. Once the last capital ship was destroyed, Pandemic Legion left as well, allowing WE FORM V0LTA to take possession of the field and loot the wrecks. With this, the battle of 52G-NZ came to a close.

The battle from the perspective of the Snuffed Out Legion fleet.

Battle report for the 52G-NZ system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 2 hours, with most of the heavy fighting spanning 74 minutes though the system kept seeing violence for half an hour more. Around 250 pilots were present in the system, with Time Dilation not reported by combatants.

Blood Demons Alliance lost 39 ships in the engagement, including 21 combat carriers, 4 force auxiliaries and 1 dreadnought for a total of 47.39 billion ISK damage.
WE FORM V0LTA, Pandemic Legion and Snuffed Out lost a combined 74 ships including 9 battlecruisers, 3 strategic cruisers and 1 destroyer for a total of 16.9 billion ISK damage.