Ishomilken system, The Citadel region. On the 2nd of May at 15:25 EVE Standard Time Pen Is Out [WANGS] and SE7EN-SINS [SIN7] forces found themselves embroiled in a long and exhausting capital brawl.

The battle started with Victory or Whatever [VWUT], a member corporation in Pen Is Out, bashing a SE7EN-SINS Astrahus in the system. The corporation, mainly known for its pilots using multiple characters often in capital ships, had been on a spree reinforcing structures in the area to create content. The SE7EN-SINS Astrahus was one of its victims. The structure was exiting its first invulnerability phase when Victory or Whatever brought a Revelation dreadnought to the structure to push it into its second reinforcement timer, followed by an Apostle force auxiliary.

SE7EN-SINS was acquainted with the corporation’s antics and decided to answer the provocation. The alliance formed a Legion strategic cruiser fleet with Bhaalgorn battleships to provide capacitor warfare capability as Victory or Whatever was known to use dreadnoughts with active armor repair capability. All told the alliance gathered 30 pilots, including a force auxiliary and a full (10 pilot) squadron of dreadnoughts.

The sub capitals undocked from the besieged structure and quickly swarmed the Victory or Whatever dreadnought. SE7EN-SINS’ own capitals in the meantime jumped to a station in the system then warped to the grid and landed next to the hostile dreadnought and opened fire.

Victory or Whatever was ready to escalate, having prepared nearly two squadrons of dreadnoughts with Plex Me Now. [P2WIN]. It first bridged in a couple of battleships in order to aid its dreadnought in hitting the fast moving SE7EN-SINS sub capital fleet, though with little success. Once the SE7EN-SINS capitals landed on the grid and started engaging the Revelation, the corporation and its allies attempted to light a new cynosural beacon to bring in their capital reinforcements.

However, it seems due to a mishap that the second cynosural beacon wasn’t ready in time, forcing the attackers to use their backup. A cynosural beacon lit up on the Astrahus, allowing the Plex Me Now dreadnoughts to jump into the system. Another beacon lit a few moments later, allowing the Victory or Whatever dreadnoughts to materialize as well. Both beacons were purposefully positioned some 80 kilometers from the mass of SE7EN-SINS capitals.

SE7EN-SINS kept its attention on the Revelation. Under the pressure of the Bhaalgorns’ energy neutralizers as well as the firepower of a full dreadnought squadron, the ship tried to resist as best it could but ultimately succumbed to the incoming damage. Its armor repairers shutting down as its capacitor was drained completely by the battleships. Its two accompanying battleships soon fell prey as well to the strategic cruisers.

Victory or Whatever and Plex Me Now’s dreadnoughts entered their siege cycles and started bombarding their hostile counterparts from a distance. SE7EN-SINS tried to retaliate but was unable to apply well due to the range, its capital ships fitted for a close capital engagement. Plex Me Now and Victory or Whatever didn’t have such issues, their ships having been specifically fitted for such an engagement. Thus they were able to burn through the ranks of the SE7EN-SINS dreadnoughts who were immobile on the field due to their siege cycles.

SE7EN-SINS lost six dreadnoughts in the exchange, but by then the rest of its dreadnoughts managed to exit their siege cycles and warp off. The strategic cruiser fleet in the meantime swarmed the Plex Me Now dreadnoughts, applying heavy energy neutralizer pressure as well as securing tackle on the ships. The surviving SE7EN-SINS dreadnoughts landed at a station in the system and aligned back to the battlefield. They warped back on top of the Plex Me Now dreadnoughts to resume the capital fight.

Under the pressure of the energy neutralizers and the surviving SE7EN-SINS dreadnoughts, the Plex Me Now dreadnoughts broke. That said, they didn’t go down without a fight, destroying most of the remaining SE7EN-SINS dreadnoughts in the process with help of the Victory or Whatever dreadnoughts which attempted to aid though the engagement range was far from optimal for them. The corporation even bridged in a second Vindicator to apply stasis webifiers to some of the Bhaalgorns, aiding the dreadnoughts to better apply damage and thus lessen the capacitor warfare ability of SE7EN-SINS.

Though destroying several of the battleships and most of the remaining SE7EN-SINS dreadnoughts, the Plex Me Now capitals succumbed to the defenders’ onslaught. The lone remaining SE7EN-SINS dreadnought quickly extracted, leaving the sub capital fleet to contend with the second dreadnought group of Victory or Whatever. The strategic cruisers decided to regroup for a moment, leaving the grid in order to replenish some of their losses before returning to the field and continuing the fight.

Using command destroyers, SE7EN-SINS targeted and dispatched several of the Victory or Whatever sub capital ships which had bridged in to aid the capital ships, forcing them off the field completely. Many of the remaining dreadnoughts as well as the force auxiliary were also starting to get low on fuel as the fighting was dragging on. Victory or Whatever decided to bring in reinforcements, jumping in a couple of combat carriers to supplement its sub capital ships. SE7EN-SINS for its part tried to focus on the Victory or Whatever capital ships that had bumped away from the main fleet, destroying a Revelation, a Thanatos combat carrier and then focusing on the Apostle.

Victory or Whatever decided to withdraw its remaining dreadnoughts, as they were useless without sub capital support which it couldn’t use due to the presence of the SE7EN-SINS command destroyers. Outside the Revelation which had been destroyed by SE7EN-SINS, the rest of the Victory or Whatever dreadnoughts managed to jump out of the system, leaving just a few combat carriers and a force auxiliary which was now under attack by the SE7EN-SINS Legion fleet.

With the Victory or Whatever dreadnoughts gone and the Apostle resisting its firepower, SE7EN-SINS decided to bring in a squadron of combat carriers at range of the fight. The combat carriers warped in and landed at 100 kilometers of the remaining Victory or Whatever capitals. Once on the grid, they launched their fighters and targeted the Apostle, managing to finally overwhelm it.

Victory or Whatever turned to its alliance for reinforcements and three more combat carriers with a fresh force auxiliary materialized on the field. The combat carriers launched their own flights of fighters and started targeting the SE7EN-SINS forces, destroying a Drekavac battlecruiser in the opening shots. This forced SE7EN-SINS to focus its firepower on hostile fighters as the two sides started engaging in a space superiority fight. However SE7EN-SINS saw more and more Pen Is Out allies filtering into the field, including a couple of Snuffed Out [B B C] combat carriers which jumped in and joined the fray with their own fighters.

Fearing an escalation and having suffered multiple losses throughout the fight, SE7EN-SINS conceded the field, warping out its sub capital fleet with the combat carriers following suit, though a single Nidhoggur combat carrier did get tackled by the attackers which promptly dispatched it. With the field won, Victory or Whatever, Pen Is Out and other allies looted the field before extracting their surviving capital ships, bringing an end to a long and grueling fight.

In all the commotion, the Astrahus had been forgotten, allowing the citadel to repair itself in the chaos of the battlefield and secure the objective for SE7EN-SINS.

Battle report for the Ishomilken system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 85 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 100 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Victory or Whatever and its myriad allies lost a combined 22 ships including 10 dreadnoughts, 1 force auxiliary, 1 combat carrier and 2 battleships for a total of 55.32 billion ISK damage.
SE7EN-SINS lost 27 ships including 10 dreadnoughts, 1 combat carrier, 5 battleships and 1 strategic cruiser for a total of 31.37 billion ISK damage.