EWOK-K system, Pure Blind region. In the early hours of the 7th of May, a battle was fought in the system between the combined forces of Snuffed Out [B B C]/The Initiative. [INIT.] and Triumvirate. [TRI]/United Federation of Conifers [U.F.C]/G0N3 F1SS10N [G0F1S] forces.

The battle was fought over the final invulnerability phase of a Triumvirate Athanor refinery. The structure had been reinforced by Snuffed Out forces who, with The Initiative’s aid, intended to destroy the structure. For this purpose, Snuffed Out formed a 30 pilot Nightmare battleship fleet which included a force auxiliary serving as its logistics wing as well as a squadron of dreadnoughts waiting in reserve. The Initiative had a 50 pilot Ferox battlecruiser fleet which included a dreadnought squadron as well on standby in case of an escalation.

Both fleets made it to the system and set up at range of the structure, waiting for it to exit its invulnerability phase. Once the refinery became vulnerable, the two fleets started chipping away at its hull, The Initiative bringing in a lone Phoenix dreadnought 300 kilometers away from the structure to further expedite matters.

The defenders formed a 45 pilot Raven battleship fleet which included a force auxiliary to serve as logistics wing and 16 dreadnoughts for escalation. The force gathered in range of the system to bridge in, securing a beacon 100 kilometers from the Phoenix and around 150 kilometers from the Nightmares. Once the battleships materialized, they targeted the attackers and let loose barrage after barrage of cruise missiles.

The attackers quickly reacted and fired upon the defenders, leaving the Phoenix to bash the structure while they focused their firepower on the Raven fleet. A long range skirmish unfolded as both the Raven and Nightmare fleets were effectively tied down by their force auxiliaries. The two sides exchanged losses in the opening shots, seeing Snuffed Out losing a Nightmare that didn’t broadcast for remote shield transfers and was quickly dispatched by the Ravens’ missiles. In return, two Ravens were brought down by the attackers but the Raven fleet had shifted its attention to The Initiative Ferox fleet. Battlecruiser after battlecruiser was brought down by the cruise missiles.

The Initiative’s logistics wing struggled to soak the damage partly due to the Athanor which employed electronic warfare, disrupting and jamming the ability of the logistics cruisers to lock up afflicted ships and transfer shields. This led to a string of losses that forced the fleet to warp to a perch before attempting to return, choosing to land at close range (30 kilometers) from the Raven fleet and employ short range, high damage ammunition to overcome the force auxiliary’s remote shield transfers.

As the two sides continued to trade blows, the Athanor finally succumbed the the Phoenix’ bombardment, securing the objective for the attackers and alleviating the pressure on the Ferox fleet’s logistics wing.

Deciding to further escalate, the Raven fleet secured a cynosural beacon on the immobile dreadnought and brought a couple of its own. The dreadnoughts materialized near their hostile counterpart, entered siege cycles and opened fire. However the Phoenix proved resilient, tanking the incoming damage and dishing some in return. Realizing they’d need more dreadnoughts to break its tank, the Raven fleet brought two more dreadnoughts to the field.

At this point the Nightmare fleet re-positioned on the grid near the hostile dreadnoughts and targeted the ship which lit the cynosural beacon, a Sabre interdictor. The ship, immobilized by the beacon, was quickly dispatched causing the beacon to disperse. The fleet then lit a cynosural beacon of its own and brought in its dreadnought squadron. The dreadnoughts jumped in, activated their siege cycles and started blasting the four hostile dreadnoughts on the field.

With the cynosural beacon gone, the Raven fleet couldn’t bring in the rest of its dreadnought force through. It took a few moments of confusion until one of the dreadnoughts present on the field confirmed they had a cynosural field generator fitted on their ship and lit a new beacon for the rest of the Raven fleet’s dreadnoughts to jump in.

This cost the Raven fleet precious time which allowed the Snuffed Out dreadnoughts to destroy the four initial dreadnoughts without losses, something which would give it and The Initiative an edge as the Raven fleet’s dreadnoughts materialized on the grid and returned fire. The Initiative brought in its dreadnoughts as well and a full fledged dreadnought brawl unfolded on the grid.

Both the Ferox and Raven fleets added their firepower to the mix as a savage capital brawl ensued, the two sides trading losses back and forth. However the Nightmare fleet used the opportunity to fire upon the Raven fleet, using the chaos to inflict loss after loss on the hostile battleships. In the meantime, the dreadnought exchange seemed evenly matched. Yet Snuffed Out and The Initiative outnumbered the defenders both in the number of dreadnoughts and sub capitals, a factor which would come into play as the battle dragged on.

A few minutes into the capital brawl, the defenders’ dreadnought numbers dwindled to such a degree that they could no longer bring down hostile capitals. The Initiative and Snuffed Out took advantage of this and pressed on the attack, obliterating the remaining defending dreadnoughts. With the objective lost and both the capital and sub capital exchange seemingly lost, the defending fleet commanders decided to sound the retreat. Those dreadnoughts that could disengage their siege cycles, would do so and jump out or warp off to safety. The Raven fleet and its force auxiliary did as well, conceding the field to Snuffed Out and The Initiative.

With the battle won, Snuffed Out and The Initiative extracted their surviving capital ships, unable to pursue the defenders. Instead the fleets looted the grid for all it was worth and departed the system as well, bringing an end to the fighting.

Battle report for the EWOK-K system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 30 minutes with Time Dilation not reported and the system hosting an estimated 150 pilots at the peak of the fighting.

Triumvirate./United Federation of Conifers/G0NE F1SS10N lost 25 ships in the exchange, including 14 dreadnoughts and 7 battleships for a total of 33.81 billion ISK damage.
Snuffed Out/The Initiative. Lost 24 ships in the exchange, including 8 dreadnoughts, 1 battleship and 9 combat battlecruisers for a total of 18.82.