On May 2nd, around 1700 in the system of Kinakka, there were over 120 ships destroyed within several hours for an estimated 13.4 billion ISK value. Seeing the potential for a nice story, I decided to head down in my Council Diplomatic Shuttle and try to locate a capsuleer to interview.

When I entered Kinakka, there was about 12 players in system and no bIinking-yellow player names in local. Everything was calm aside from my ship getting combat-probed. I asked around local for anyone who may be able to fill me in on what had taken place. After a few minutes of chatting with the locals and dodging a combat-probing Stratios, I was able to get Alduin DragonBorn, director and Fleet Commander of KINAKKA.[KINK.], to answer a few questions about the incident.

He told me that a Raitaru belonging to the alliance known as Salt Farmers<USUCK> was under attack by members of Snuffed Out<B B C> alliance. He went on to say that Salt Farmers formed a roughly 150 capsuleer fleet to defend their structure. To make things more interesting, Infinity Avenger[AVDOT] corporation dropped 20 carriers to backup Snuffed Out’s dreadnoughts. Even more dreadnoughts were on standby as well.

“They had about 50 dreads ready to reinforce in case we escalated,” he said. “so the Raitaru just died. [THE RUSSIA<RUS>]’s Astrahus was in hull timer from being bashed twice by snuff in the last 3 days by 2 or 3 dreads, 2 supers, and a titan against a sub-capital fleet that failed to defend it. Free Range Chikun<ORGNC> alliance’s Astrahus was attacked and uncontested,” he said. ” and it’s coming out of reinforcement later today.”

He went on to mention that several more citadels from other smaller corporations and alliances were being bashed in the area and many were not being contested at all.

“Snuffed Out needs content and a chance to drop its capitals without any contest. They have complete dominance in Black Rise. And the closest alliance that can fight back is [Initiative Mercenaries<IM>]. But they’re completely blue with Snuff. This allows them to interrupt any fight occurring by dropping cynos around the clock.”

Finally, to wrap things up, I asked Alduin to tell me about his corp and what it does.

“We’re a new-bro friendly low-sec pirate corp. We pretty much shoot anything we can and play the game like it’s meant to be! We don’t blue people because that reduces our content. We got a great mix of new-bros and veterans and we fight pretty much anything that passes through the area- within reason. Black Rise still thrives under their oppressive regime with the hopes that one day it will overthrow its oppressors.”

I would like to thank Alduin Dragonborn for making this article possible. For more information on the Kinakka incident, you can view this Battle Report.