The past week has supplied more than enough videos from around New Eden. From ambient videos, fake trailers and some hilarious or tense PvP moments, these are my top picks:

Eve Online | Seddow’s Goku Fleet Overheat Your Belief by Blitz0dyssey

Everyone likes a nice Goku fleet action, especially when that action involves dodging lances!

Rorqual Frenzy [Bombers Bar Compilation] by Let’s Game

On the subject of stealth bombers, here is a video of Bombers Bar blowing up a few Rorquals.

[EVE] Yet Another Night of Bot Hunting by Sorin

With botting remaining an epidemic in EVE Online, its always good to see a compilation of a bot hunt.

A fortnight in Amamake by Mira Chieve

Amamake, where frigates go to die… repeatedly.

Eve online The day of waste by Psyhopoul

A nice video of a fight over a tackled Rorqual in a mining site.

EVE Online – Indutrial ship solo PvP [Nereus & Endurance] by RistGaming

While everyone knows about the bait Nereus, not so many know about the real monster in FW plexes – The Endurance!

EVE Online – Dragon (Conoco) by Pavel Efimov

A nice cinematic recruitment video.

Sabre.mp4 by XtraSquishy

Witness me!

C0-F1S – Let it Bleed by Jake N

Another recruitment video, this time mixing cinematics with other footage.

Do you have any videos that either you have made or watched that you think are particularly good? If so, please feel free to submit them to me on either Twitter (@SalivanHarddin), Gmail ( or via in-game mail (Salivan Harddin). Until next week!