NPSI is not some underground capsuleers club with secret handshakes, nods or winks.

NSPI is not for l337 pilots with a gazillion skillpoints.

NPSI is here – for everyone.

For many, NPSI introduces capsuleers to PVP, and a whole different spectrum of opportunities within EVE online. Like it or not, NPSI is growing, and is here to stay.

NPSI – or Not Purple Shoot It – quite simply, is fleeting up with the mentality of “if you’re not with me, you’re against me”.

Broadly speaking, in EVE, this means that anyone in your fleet (who by default appear as Purple on your overview & brackets) is your friend, and everything else is a valid target.

There are a number of big-name NPSI groups out there. In this new series of articles called “NPSI: Community Spotlight”, we talk to some of the larger, more established NPSI groups. These organisations engage in large fleet warfare, cloaky high-value target hunter gangs, and those that provide newbro friendly content. In addition to established groups there are new and recent additions to the NPSI fold that provide first class small gang content, and those starting out on the NPSI pathway in setting up an NPSI group.

This series is by no means a be-all-and-end-all of the content available out there – it is a representative selection of a group of entities that are recognisable in the NSPI world. If you would like your group to be featured in this segment, please join the NER Discord and contact the writer or an editor.

This weeks NPSI Spotlight interview is with Dian Lung of Hellcats Reloaded.

1. Tell me a bit about your time in EVE Online?

I started playing EVE in late 2007, and spent the first couple of years running missions in highsec. My PVP career started in 2009 when I joined the Caldari militia. I made a brief foray into piracy (or as we call it nowadays, NPSI) in 2011, then went into it full-time in 2012 and haven’t looked back, aside from a few hiatuses from EVE.

2. Tell me a bit about your group?

Hellcats Reloaded is an all-women lowsec pirate corp. We trace our origins back to the original Hellcats corp that Mynxee founded in 2008.

3. How long has your group been around?

About four and a half years, starting in December of 2014.

4. What is your style of PVP?

Informal small-gang (or “micro-gang”, I guess) engagements in lowsec. Lots of fighting in FW plexes.

5. What do you fly?

Mainly frigate and destroyer hulls, due to ship size restrictions in FW plexes. We’re actively trying to branch out from that, though, and include cruiser and battlecruiser hulls.

6. Who do you cater for?

Our public roams are open to anyone who wants to enjoy small-gang PVP without having to worry about diplo issues and doesn’t mind losing sec status to do so. The corp is the same, but specifically for women.

7. Are there any limitations?

Not for the public roams, although someone who’s brand-new to PVP might find it a little hard to follow along if things get hectic mid-fight. For the corp, membership is restricted to women, obviously (since that’s kind of the whole point).

8. How often do you roam?

Our public roams happen on the first and last Saturdays of each month, with EUTZ on the first week and USTZ on the last. We’re also trying to arrange women’s-only roams Soon™.

9. Where do you roam?

Typically the Amarr-Minmatar warzone, but we had a lot of fun on our last roam through Providence, so we might start doing more nullsec roams.

10. Why NPSI?

Although I first started PVP in factional warfare, the largest influences in getting me interested in it were the lowsec bloggers of yore: people like Wensley, Mynxee, Ka Jolo, Sard Caid, Flashfresh, Kane Rizzel, the two Kiriths… I’m sure there are others I’ve forgotten, and I’ll probably hear about it later! Ironically, I’ve never been much for solo PVP, but there was a certain gritty romance to lowsec piracy that really captured my imagination. (See also: Miura Bull’s portrayals of the Black Rebel Rifter Club as a biker gang IN SPAAAAAAAACE!) I started flying in NPSI gangs in a period where I was bored of FW PVP and sick of FW politics, and it ended up being a case of “everything I like with none of what I don’t”.

11. What does NPSI mean to you?

In a word, freedom. I often tell people that the best thing about flying NPSI is the ability to just undock and shoot shit—no CTAs, no diplo drama, just EVE as a multiplayer space combat simulator, which is my preferred way to play the game.

12. How does someone get involved?

Just show up! Come hang out with us on Discord, join a few roams, and get some dank killmails—or go down in a blaze of glory!

13. Why choose your group over other NPSI groups?

It’s a much more personal, low-key environment. Our roams tend to be small, so there’s more space to PVP as a social activity instead of as an EVE job. For women, the corp offers a place to hang out with other women who share your interests.

14. What would you like to see CCP do to improve visibility of NPSI communities?

Ideally, some bandwidth in dev blogs or on Twitter would be ideal. Maybe some kind of events calendar where we can advertise public roams, although the community itself has a pretty good handle on that already.

15. How do you see the future of NPSI?

It’s going to rely a lot on the community’s willingness to create content for ourselves, through things like creating more accessible fights. Whether we’re going to have enough coordination to pull that off, I don’t know—trying to get NPSI pilots aimed in the same direction has always been like herding cats.


1. Favourite fight in EVE?

The most recent one was either myself and a corpmate in Merlins against a Cynabal, or a few of us in frigates against a Barghest we managed to tackle on a gate, when he went criminal on the one person in fleet who wasn’t a pirate.

2. Favourite type of gang?

Old-school nano arty Hurricanes. Nowadays it takes a Hurricane Fleet Issue or Sleipnir to use the fit, but I’ve had a lot of fun playing whack-a-frig in a Cane with a full rack of 720s.

3. Worst welp?

ISK-wise, none of my welps are particularly bad. I’ve made some dumb decisions as an FC, though, like trickling frigates into a factional warfare plex where a Coercer was set up inside.

4. Funniest fight?

Either the Barghest mentioned above, or a Caracal we caught on a roam by warping to Amamake top belt at 0, just for the sheer 2009-flavoured novelty.

5. Can you describe the problems NPSI face?

As a community, NPSI’s biggest problems have always been visibility and lack of coordination. There aren’t enough of us to get more than token representation on the CSM, and a group of people who are all determined to fight everyone else (including each other) isn’t good at cooperating on things like major events.

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