Kourmonen system, The Bleak Lands region. On the 18th of May at 20:00 EVE Standard Time the system erupted into a major conflagration.

The battle was fought over the final timer for Did he say Jump [DHSJ]’s staging Fortizar citadel. Siege Green. [SGGRN] and its allies had reinforced the structure at great cost before and were sure to come and finish the job, prompting Did he say Jump to form a 73 pilot Machariel battleship fleet with NullSechnaya Sholupen [-NSH-] and KINAKKA. [KINK.] to defend the structure while calling for more allies.

Siege Green and its ally Shoot First. [SFQAL] formed their own fleet to destroy the structure, gathering 150 pilots in a mixed fleet that included Leshak, Bhaalgorn and Machariel battleships. The force bridged on the Did he say Jump’s Fortizar grid, materializing 250 kilometers from the structure and bringing in two force auxiliaries as well as three dreadnoughts fitted with long range weapons to bash the structure at relative safety. Learning from their experience in the past, the alliance chose to substitute its Phoenix dreadnoughts with Revelations.

Expecting Did he say Jump to have further reinforcements, Siege Green made the decision to call upon Winter coalition (WinterCo) and Providence Bloc for aid. WinterCo had an approximately 130 pilot Eagle heavy assault cruiser fleet while Providence Bloc opted for a 100 pilot Muninn heavy assault cruiser fleet. Both forces made their way to the system independently.

Unknown to both sides, the timer drew plenty of third parties who wished to participate in the possible bloodbath. Spectre Fleet (SF) had drawn a 70 pilot Retribution assault frigate fleet with several command destroyers embedded in it. A small 20 pilot Naga battlecruiser fleet had also arrived to third party. Yet two major third parties turned out to be Snuffed Out [B B C] and WE FOR V0LTA [GLHF].

Snuffed Out had assembled 110 pilot Legion strategic cruiser fleet that included four dreadnought squadrons which it moved into range of the system. The force made its way to the system, jumping in from the Auga system only a couple of minutes ahead of the WinterCo Eagle fleet. Spotting the opportunity to intercept WinterCo, the Legion fleet anchored up near the gate and waited for WinterCo to jump through.

After a few nerve wrecking minutes, WinterCo jumped through and anchored up as well, leading to the two sides colliding on the Auga gate. The two fleets traded fire at close range, the Eagle fleet attempting to pull away and gain range on the strategic cruisers. The Legion fleet in the meantime started burning through the Eagle fleet, taking down several heavy assault cruisers before switching to the logistics wing and thinning it considerably.

The Eagle fleet probed for weaknesses in the Legion fleet, switching fire back and forth to try and break the armor of the strategic cruisers. The Legions’ logistics wing remained on the ball, catching ships at half armor. However not all pilots were lucky. Unable to break the strategic cruisers, the Eagle fleet switched fire to the Guardian logistics cruisers, destroying a couple before using the momentum to break the Legions themselves, scoring two more kills though hemorrhaging ships continuously.

Finally, with a 50 pilot WE FORM V0LTA Cerberus heavy assault cruiser fleet entering the system, the Eagle fleet decided to bail, warping to a perch before joining Siege Green on the Did he say Jump Fortizar grid. Snuffed Out attempted to give chase, the two fleets engaging in a cat and mouse game until finally the Eagle fleet stayed at range of the Siege Green’s battleships. Unable to take on both the Eagle fleet and the Siege Green battleships, Snuffed Out remained at a perch on the field, calculating its next move.

In the meantime more fleets entered the system. RekkingCrew (RC) had answered Did he say Jump’s call and brought a 90 pilot Rattlesnake battleship fleet. The force entered the system and warped to the besieged citadel, tethering to it and waiting for the signal to attack. Did he say Jump warped a couple of long range dreadnoughts to its Fortizar and with aid of the structure tried to break the Siege Green dreadnoughts in an attempt to slow down its destruction but to no avail.

The SF Retribution fleet for its part attempted to spearfish the Siege Green fleet, catching a Leshak but paying for it with several command destroyers. A Secondary skirmish flared up between WE FORM V0LTA, Siege Green and the Naga fleet which resulted in WE FORM V0LTA and the Naga fleet taking a few losses as Providence Bloc entered the system and joined the fray.

The Did he say Jump Fortizar was slowly ground down by Siege Green, half its hull hit points lost to the Revelations. With time running out and Snuffed Out presenting a wild card in the battle, a decision had to be made quickly or the structure would be lost. Finally, communication between Did he say Jump and Snuffed Out was established and the question asked: Would Snuffed Out aid Did he say Jump in the fight? Snuffed Out could not take either side by itself, and with the defenders not seemingly eager to engage the Siege Green forces, who with WinterCo and Providence Bloc had almost 400 pilots between them, there was only one choice realistically that would facilitate a fight; aid Did he say Jump. Thus the die was cast.

With Snuffed Out coming to its aid, the battle’s prospects changed and Did he say Jump swiftly acted to defend the Fortizar. Six dreadnoughts warped on top of the Siege Green dreadnoughts, entered siege cycles and started blasting them at close range. Siege Green quickly responded, targeting the hostiles and bringing in a counter in the form of a full dreadnought squadron. At the same time, Did he say Jump and RC untethered from the citadel and warped at long range (around 80 kilometers) of the main Siege Green force and opened fire.

The battle turned into a long range slug as Providence Bloc and WinterCo focused fire on the RC Rattlesnake fleet. Providence Bloc targeted the logistics wing of the fleet while WinterCo fired on the battleships themselves. The pressure of the two fleets’ firepower was too much for the Rattlesnake fleet, its logistics wing losing Basilisk logistics cruisers left and right. With the logistics wing thinned out, the battleships themselves started breaking under the guns of the Eagle fleet.

Siege Green in the meantime was focused on the Did he say Jump Machariel fleet, the two sides exchanging artillery barrages. Did he say Jump, with the aid of the RC fleet was able to hit the support wing of the Siege Green fleet hard, destroying Bhaalgorn battleships in rapid succession but losing mainline ships in return volleys. The SF fleet seeing this also pounced on the opportunity and added to the mayhem.

Snuffed Out seeing the battle unfold quickly warped at close range (20 kilometers) of the Siege Green fleet and lit a cynosural beacon while its fleet opened fire on the battleships. Nearly 40 dreadnoughts materialized on the field, entered their siege cycles and targeted the Siege Green dreadnoughts.

In rapid succession, the Siege Green dreadnoughts were brought down by the firepower of the Snuffed Out dreadnought wing. Within a couple of minutes they were annihilated, freeing the dreadnoughts to open fire on the Siege Green battleships. Though fitted for capital warfare, with the aid of the stasis webifiers of the support Loki strategic cruisers, the dreadnoughts were able to apply decent damage to the slow battleships, overwhelming Leshaks in particular.

Having lost its dreadnought squadron and being pummeled on all sides by the defending fleets, Siege Green made the decision to withdraw rather than risk losing its entire fleet. The battleships warped out, leaving its force auxiliaries to be destroyed by the defenders though managing to jump out two dreadnoughts from the original 13 it had on the field. With Siege Green gone, WinterCo and Providence Bloc decided to bail as well, as they became targets for the defenders who were keen on clearing the grid.

WE FORM V0LTA was also forced to leave the system. The alliance kept true to the spirit of third partying, and attacked both sides equally. However with the attacking fleets retreating, its fleet became a target of the Did he say Jump Machariel fleet which managed to destroy a couple of its ships, including its command ship. Deprived of the bonuses the command ship conferred and with the main fight effectively over, WE FORM V0LTA withdrew as well, leaving Did he say Jump, RC and Snuffed Out in command of the field.

With Siege Green gone, Snuffed Out started extracting its dreadnought force, as well as docking its fleet in the system to wait for its dreadnoughts to clear their jump reactivation timers so they may jump out of the system. However one dreadnought was tardy in exiting its siege cycle, and was promptly tackled by some local gangs which still loitered around. This forced Snuffed Out to undock and warp to the afflicted dreadnought, clearing tackle and escorting it back to station.

While this was going on, the Fortizar, heavily damaged, was finally able to initiate self repairs. With the threat of Siege Green gone, the structure was able to fully repair itself, securing the objective for Did he say Jump.

Finally, Snuffed Out and RC forces withdrew from the system as well, bringing major hostilities in the system to a close. However, the SF fleet did remain in the system and would later clash with Did he say Jump in a small battle that would see SF victorious. Thus the siege of Did he say Jump’s Fortizar ended.

The battle from the perspective of the Snuffed Out Legion fleet

Battle report for the Kourmonen system can be found here.

All told the battle lasted 49 minutes with Time Dilation fluctuating throughout the battle, reaching a peak of 20% at one point, with pilots complaining of module lag, late broadcasts and general client unresponsiveness. The system itself hosted 750 pilots at the height of fighting.

Siege Green and its allies lost a combined 124 ships including 11 dreadnoughts, 2 force auxiliaries, 41 battleships and 15 heavy assault cruisers for a total of 88.7 billion ISK.
Did he say Jump and its allies, as well as Snuffed Out lost a combined 37 ships including 5 dreadnoughts, 11 battleships and 3 strategic cruisers for a total of 25.5 billion ISK damage.
Third parties lost 73 ships including 4 battlecruisers, 3 heavy assault cruisers and 4 assault frigates for a total of 7.3 billion ISK.