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I want to start out by giving a shoutout to Caboosette from Wingspan that made the following video:


The person featured in the video above, Chloe Ocean Murray, is still present in the game under new characters. That person’s new main is Naomi Yazmin and he “runs” a high-sec mercenary alliance called Final Ultimatum. At the time of writing this article, someone else had figured out that Naomi Yazmin = Chloe Ocean Murray and he has come out and admitted it on their alliance’s forum post on the eve forums.


For future clarity, any reference to Enfield or Enfield McLaren is about Naomi Yazmin the leader of Final Ultimatum. Any discussion of alazzar, aka BADINC, is about an alliance member that left the alliance and then spammed the Mercenary forums that Final Ultimatum were scammers, which they are. Below are screenshots/links to various things that he and his new alliance have done. All EULA breaking information has had support tickets created with CCP. All real life names and information have been whited out.

The Start

I started looking at getting a character into the alliance Final Ultimatum after we encountered them in Solitude. I noticed they liked to fly blingy RR fleet fit golems and decided I wanted to see if they were a real cash cow. Once I got a character into the alliance, they didn’t even do ESI or back round check btw, I began to test the waters by trying to see if any of them wanted to buy a titan. Within one month I had the leadership frothing at the mouth to buy a titan from me for 90 bil or 85 bil each for 2 UNFIT. They were going to pay the money up-front so I could get the titan started and then I would deliver it one month later. They eventually backed off as they didn’t have the ISK to buy any titans. Below are some other discord screenshots of them trying to decide if they were going to purchase a titan from me or the “website.”

After a month or two in the alliance I got 2 individual promotions despite only showing up for a few AFK citadel bashes. I was made lead intel and ESI check officer and a little while later I was also made head FC. Upon getting both of these promotions, I found more incompetence. This mercenary corp had never done any ESI checks on any of its members and they had no fleet comps or doctrines. Once they had mothballed the non-working RR golems, they just didn’t get a new fleet comp. How can you do mercenary work if you don’t have a fleet to fly?


Doxxing an ex member and RL stuffI feel like this needs an explanation. This member was in the alliance but didn’t want to submit his ESI so he left. He then demanded that his 500 PLEX loan to the alliance be repaid. Once he learned he wasn’t getting his loan back he started spamming the mercenary eve-o sub forum that Final Ultimatum were scammers. This really got Naomi’s salt flowing and he randomly decided to send me the person’s name, job, address, and contact information. They even put a MOST WANTED section on their site when it got removed by the ISDs on the forums.

These posts are also quite ironic. After I started writing this article I noticed on the eve forums that another person had uncovered that Naomi Yazmin was Chloe Ocean Murray. Trying to say ahead of this revelation, Naomi wrote an apology/admittance on his alliance post in the eve forums that seems to ring false given his actions shown above, “I’ve learned from my past mistakes.”


Their mercenary work was nothing to write home about either, they have only had successful “contracts” when they are shooting unarmed structures or a structure with minimal resistance, aka a gunner. When defending the shield timer of a raitaru for a contract, they piecemeal engaged a drekavac fleet with an odd assortment of ships. Credits to Hunter Roy for the video. Battle Report. They then backed out of the contract because the contractee made some weird forum posts. They also cancelled a 10b contract because the client accidentally killed a T1 fit coercer of all things.


Other related screenshots of them not playing well with clients.    

Other miscellaneous oddities:


The following links are recordings from coms. I apologize if the volume is low or 1 video has BF5 playing for the first few seconds. All recordings were only edited to remove blank time, RL names, or botting/RMT program specifics.


The leader of Final Ultimatum, Naomi Yazmin formerly known as Chloe Ocean Murray, is the leader of a mercenary group who cheats, scams, and lies to clients. On an individual level Naomi Yazmin doxxed and admitted to RMT practices. This group has shown repeatedly that they should not be trusted and will not complete their contracts if there is a whiff of trouble.